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10 information that many people do not know about the davos economic forum

For almost half a century, in January/January each year, leaders of countries and heads of major companies from various countries of the world meet to attend the economic Forum at the Swiss resort of Davos, and just before the launch of its activities today, BBC published ten information that many do not know about the event.

10 information that many people do not know about the Davos global forum:

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The name is not Davos.

Although everyone calls it the Davos forum, this annual gathering is a global economic forum, while Davos is the mountain resort where the forum is held.

Not just a conference.

The World Economic Forum does not meet for the profitable purposes of a country with ambitious goals to improve its situation, but it is replete with speeches, statements and meetings that are relevant to almost everything, whether it be economy, climate or administrative pressures.

Decisions about meetings may result

The founder of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab began this annual forum in 1971 to discuss global management practices, but the forum is currently debating many broader issues.

The Forum may represent an opportunity to be held in order to hold meetings away from international attention and may also take important decisions and actions. In 1989, North and South Korean ministerial officials held meetings for the first time.

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Last year, the prime ministers of Greece and Macedonia met face to face for the first time in seven years, paving the way towards ending a 27-year conflict over the name of the Macedonian state.

Companies pay a lot to attend

Only companies are paid to attend the economic forum, while other attendees are invited free of charge, and the per capita cost of the company is estimated at 27″,000 Swiss francs (about 27.1 thousand dollars).

Not only this, but those who come from the companies should get membership of the global forum, and there are memberships starting from 60″,000 francs (60.1 thousand dollars) up to 600″,000 francs (601.4 thousand dollars) annually.

Meetings are color-disaggregated

Debates are usually held within the forum about inequality, and meetings are held in Davos in colour, so even if there is a high-level presence of personalities as head of state or prime minister, this does not mean that they can go to them and talk to them freely.

High-level guests place white stickers on their clothes so they can enter any meeting or panel, and there are posters in other colors for the wives of the attendees and journalists.

The lowest degree of posters is the “hotel” poster which means you cannot attend the Forum Events Center but only attend concerts or ski.

A heavy presence of men

For 49 years since the launch of Davos, men have had more than enough attendees to outnumber women in all the forums despite the existence of a quota system for ladies from large companies.

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The organizers of Davos were criticized for being present only for the men and the elite of rich and powerful personalities and far from the world stage.

This year, the organizers of Davos indicated that 22% of the attendees were women, a doubling rate compared to the 2001 forum.

Not a youth forum

Each year, analysts say the forum shows a high turnout of large figures in terms of average ages, with the average reaching 54 years for men and 49 for women, which is why everyone sees it as a non-youth forum.

Special language

One of the most prominent features of the Davos forum is the complex language of the congresses, so that it is difficult for many even seasoned attendees to understand, and the current public forum speaks of “Globalization 4.0: Shaping Global Architecture in the era of the fourth industrial Revolution”

Security tightening

This year, Japanese prime minister “Shinzo Abe”, his New Zealand counterpart Jakinda Ardaren, Prince William of the United Kingdom and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are among the attendees.

Bearing in mind the importance of this character, strict security must be imposed, with snipers on each roof and high place of insurance, and in every place where the person enters, he must remove his coat and the laptops and bags are checked in his possession, so it is like the atmosphere of the airports. But no trips.

Free Hats

Attendees may be wealthy and senior corporate officials, but that does not preclude their desire to wear free blue caps offered by the company “Zurich Insurance” yearly insurance, and when the person wears it after the end of the forum, everyone knows that he was among the attendees because of their distinctiveness.

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