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10 things i hate about you (film)

1. Mr. Stratford doesn’t allow his daughters to date because he is a gynecologist. During his job time, he meets a lot of young pregnant women, who are unable to bear their responsibilities towards their children. They are still too young for that and he doesn’t want to see one of his daughters in the same situation, suffering of the same pregnant difficulties that other young females have. He gave an example of delivering a set of twins for a 15-year-old girl, who’s regretted of her mistake that she did and which was too late to change. So the whole purpose of not dating is the panic of pregnancy before the right age. The father simply wanted to make sure that Kat and Bianca are not going to get pregnant and he also needed to relieve his anxiety that they may get pregnant too early. All that made him make this rule of not letting his daughter date.

2. Bianca’s father forces her to wear the belly because he wants to remind her of how it feels to be pregnant. The belly is similar to how exhausting it is of being a pregnant teen. So the father wants her to understand the full weight of her decisions. He basically wants her to be perfectly aware before she thinks of kissing a boy. He thinks that the belly will help her to image or picture in her head the consequences of her mistakes.

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3. Basically, Kat and Joey didn’t feel confident with each other. They broke up because they had sex together when Kat’s mother left her. Kat didn’t want to have sex with him, but she felt pressured because everyone was doing it. Afterward, she told him that she doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore because she wasn’t ready for that. She had done it once and she is determined that she will never be pressured by anyone again.

4. The party was advertised as a free beer party. The party was planned without the place-owner know. Bogie Levenstein, the owner has originally a party on Friday night. Michael and Cameron thought that bogie’s party is the perfect opportunity for Patrick to take out Kat. They discussed clearly how they are going to arrange it and decided to change some small things in the party invitation to make it more enjoyable. They replaced it from “a wine and cheese party” to “a free beer party. Don’t call and just show up”. Michael and Cameron copied a pile of fliers and dropped them down of the stairwell of the school so the students could grab them while they were falling. Almost all the students knew about it by the fliers or by word of mouth.

Teenagers talked to each other that they would be able to drink alcohol there. That was the reason for that huge amount of people that went to the party.

5. Bianca feels like she is imprisoned because her father doesn’t allow her to date, while other girls at her school are dating. Bianca believes that it’s unfair. Why doesn’t she has the right to be able to experience anything for herself? Why would she be different than everyone else? and why would she always be controlled by her father? She simply feels so frustrated.

6. Kat’s attitude toward teen culture is totally separated from the other teenagers, especially her sister, Bianca’s attitude. Kat likes to be as unique as she is, however she is a rebel and she does the things that she deems are right. She tries to not be affected by anyone for anything as complete as possible. Kat is directly not part of that teen culture, she stays away from it because she hates to follow the crowd. She is easily independent and has the ability to resist this teen culture. She lives in her own world where she follows her own rules. Mostly everyone agrees that she has a twisted mind.

7. It may be deeper than solely one reason that made Kat drink tequila at the party. The first possibility could be that she got mad when she saw Joey chasing her sister Bianca. She probably had bad memories when she saw them, which made her angry because they reminded her of her personal faults with him. She perhaps didn’t want her sister to be in the same situation as she was in before, so her sister doesn’t repeat the same mistakes. The second possibility could be that Kat felt that she had responsibility for her sister as long as she was hanging out with Joey on account of changing her mind and agreeing for letting Bianca go to this party. When Kat saw them together she felt helpless. She couldn’t change her sister’s judgment on Joey. Kat knew that Joey is an untrustable person because Joey and Kat were together but it didn’t end well. when she tried to warn her sister at the party. It was ineffective because Bianca started arguing and said that she is busy enjoying her adolescence and followed Joey. At that moment Kat possibly felt remorse and incapable, and all that made her horribly angry so she got drunk. The third and most likely possibility is peer pressure. When Kat was at the party she felt pressured that nearly everyone around her was drinking, except her. So she started drinking until she got drunk regardless that she always tries to resist the impact that comes by other people around her. She thought surely that is how she supposed to behave at a party.

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8. When Patrick said that Bianca is “without”, he meant that Bianca lacks something that Kat has. He maybe thinks that Bianca is acting her personality, she is pretending who she is, while Kat is truly real. Bianca is actually controlled by peer pressure. Patrick fairly meant that Kat is better than Bianca. He knows that everyone digs her sister but he sees the beauty of Kat by her self confidence. Patrick is that kind of person who likes real and not fake people, who can make own choices in life, exactly like Kat.

9. I consider education as the best way to persuade Bianca & Kat to be careful instead of being forbidden to date. Kat’s and Bianca’s father is a gynecologist. He definitely knows how to use birth control and which one of the methods is the most useful, safe and harmless. He can use his knowledge to educate them, like how they can get safe during a sexual relationship. He can have a small conversation with them about different struggles that they can get if they become pregnant. He can include several effective examples of consequences that can happen and if he finds them helpful and necessary to support his point. Their father can describe some of his observations of teen pregnancy and why it is typically often to see them at his work. He can also give them some pieces of advice, for example, that not everybody is trustable and if they think about a long love relationship, and their partner is not planning for that, the breakup will be painful and it’s honestly going to hurt them directly.

10. Mr. Stratford’s profession does decidedly influence his decisions. He is extremely fearful that one of his daughters may become pregnant and start suffering, as other teenage moms do at his job place. Seeing a lot of teen pregnant women every day, made him concerned and it influenced his decisions different than other parents. He mainly doesn’t allow his daughters to date, while usually, all the other parents have no problem with letting their daughters date. That is only because of his fear for their daughters becoming pregnant too early. If he wasn’t a gynecologist, he would have limited knowledge about this field and be less worried about the dating issues. He would probably give them the right to date.

11. Yes, it does! The absence of Kat’s and Bianca’s mother does influence their father’s protective behavior. He has a higher responsibility and it’s obviously clear from his actions. He feels that he needs to have double look at them because he is as a father and mother at the same time. If their mom stayed with them, it wouldn’t be the same because she would have spoken to her daughters and she could also see it from her perspective as a woman.

12. If Bianca wasn’t allowed to date, then she wouldn’t maintain her position, because she is a person who doesn’t have a position. When her father said that she will date if her sister does, she wasn’t hopeless because she felt like she had a small chance to persuade her sister so she can start dating. With no chance of her being allowed to date, she would possibly be mocked.

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13. The advantages of Kat’s indirect help assist the father are that Kat tries to put a stop to Bianca from dating so she doesn’t repeat Kat’s earlier mistakes. Bianca wants to date and experiment things for herself, even if she knows that her father thinks that she shouldn’t do that. For example when the father prevents Bianca of doing something that she wants to do, like dating. Kat is in involved in the discussion and she always disagrees. Bianca is always in conversation with her father about dating. In one of the conversations they had, Bianca said that she is the only one who’s not dating at school. At that moment the father could take Kat as an example and said that Kat is not dating either so you are not alone. The father took advantage of Kat at that moment to persuade Bianca. Even tho Bianca thinks that her sister is abnormal. The father is indirectly considering Kat as a role model at the house and he also wished that Bianca could follow what Kat is doing. Another example is that the father could even say that Bianca will be able to date if her sister does.

14. The sexual intention that Kat had with Joey influenced Kat maturation because she recognized following the crowd wasn’t the right thing to do and she shouldn’t do it anymore. Kat had sex with Joey when her mother left her and her family, not because she wanted but because everyone did. She wasn’t happy about it and she didn’t want to do it again. She decided that she will stop following the crowd and she will be as unique as she is. She determined to be truly who she is. That probably changed her personality because she started to say what she thinks directly without being scared of what others will think about her. Her point of view was against all boys. These things influenced her maturation.

15. After the party, Kat learned some notice that made her change mainly her judgment on Patrick. She found out that they had things in common for example he likes the same band as her and that Patrick doesn’t smoke and Kat doesn’t either. All the things he said, wasn’t the honesty, he just knew some of the things that Kat likes and dislikes. He started acting that he likes the same things as her. She thought that they really had common things together. She didn’t know that he was pretending and everything was a lie. Kat also learned that Patrick is not as vile as she thought he was. She further discovered that he cares about her and he is a real friend because he took care of her after the party.

16. After the brief relationship between Bianca and Joey and Bianca finally learned that Joey wasn’t the best boyfriend for her. He wasn’t as good as she considered. He never loved her and was just behaving that. Bianca hardly discovered that what Cameron thinks about her, and he is a better partner, compared to Joey. She gave Cameron a chance to be with her because she thought that he deserved it and she even loved him enormously more. She lastly broke up with Joey and she started to appreciate Cameron as himself.

17. Kat’s refusal to follow the crowd is the main reason for her being unaccepted in any group. This made her less popular and social. People normally follow the crowd or at least they pretend that. No one does understand Kat’s attitude, people think that she is weird because they never know the reason for her decisions.

18. The consequences of Kat’s dancing at the table and drinking too much tequila is that Kat felt frustrated about what she did. she wished that she didn’t drink too much or dance. When she came back to school after the weekend, many people were mocking her of what she did and they even thought that she was low.

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19. Peer pressure is the cause of struggles in the family. One of the daughters wants to fit into this culture while the other sister doesn’t. The siblings, Kat and Bianca are constantly quarreling about dating with their father in different ways. Bianca wants to behave in a certain way that her father doesn’t like. She just wants to do as other people do, she doesn’t want to be different than the other people at school but her father is not allowing her. Otherwise, they are a calm family with no issues. Peer pressure is the main reason for the conflicts in any family. It’s normally making harm relations between the parents and the child. Almost all the teenager doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong and they want just to live their life without thinking about the consequences. When their parents try to warn them because they want their children’s best, their children start thinking that their parents hate them, and they can not understand them and that build a problem in the family, for both children who believe that no one loves them, and for the parents that don’t want their children to fall in troubles. Sometimes parents are also included in peer pressure, för example when everyone has something or is doing something but not their children. They will feel sorry for their children and let them do whatever they want.

20. The reason for being a nerd is anyone who’s addicted to something and is extremely good at one special thing, or someone who is not a part of the cool kids, for example, Michael and Cameron. The consequence of this is that people make fun of them and normally think that all nerds are unusual. No one treats them seriously.

21. Peer pressure is one of the topics that the film explains. Nearly all the teenagers are vulnerable to it because it’s one of the conflicts that any youth can struggle of it. There were clearly some examples of peer pressure in the film, for example dating, drinking alcohol, following the crowd as Bianca does and acting things to be accepted, pretending unreal personalities, smoking Patrick, love and sexual relationships and bullying. All these things are hanging and causing each other. Dating: Bianca wanted to be allowed to date because she thought everyone was able to date, why would she be different? She wanted to date Joey not because she loved him, she just wanted to be with the popular model in her school and date as her friends. Drinking alcohol, love and sexual relationships: When Kat was at the party she got drunk because of believing that what she supposed to do. Kat had a sexual relationship as well because she was affected by other people who did it. Following the crowd and doing things that they hate just to be accepted: That exactly what Bianca is doing she is always acting in a certain way to be as popular as she could. There also some small examples of positive peer pressure in the movie, for example, smoking: Patric was forced to be forbidden himself of smoking as long as he was with Kat, hoping that she will accept him as a friend. The other example is when Cameron gave up and decided to let Bianca be with Joey because Bianca went to Joey in the party, after all the difficult work that Cameron did. Patrick told him that he should never feel like doesn’t deserve want he wants and if Cameron is a greatly better man than Joey he shouldn’t let Bianca. At that moment Patrick pressured but helped Cameron as well to have better self-confident. In the movie, Kat was trying to set a stop to peer pressure and to be as unique as she is. That was great and bad at the same time. Kat could do her own choices without thinking about others opinions which were an excellent thing. The consequences were her social relationships, she was more alone and an outsider. She was shortly not accepted by anyone.

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