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20 funny black movies

20 Funny Black Movies

‘Black movies’ are movies featuring persons (either crew or cast) of African, African-American or Black British descent. These categories of persons are called ‘black people’. Most of the hilarious and comic movies ever made have had an array of its casts made up of talented funny black people. Notable African-American actors and actresses that have featured in funny black movies include Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Queen Lateefah, Regina Hall and a host of many others. We take a look briefly at some funny black movies. The selection of these few is like ‘picking out a needle from a haystack’ telling you how difficult it was making the selections.

20 Funny Black Movies

Booty call

Booty call was released in 1997 and it featured a lot of top actors and actresses like Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson, Wiley Moore, Vivica A. Fox, Tamala Jones, Bernie Mac and lots of others. It was written by Takashi Bufford and J. Stanford Parker. It was directed by Jeff Pollack. The movie tells the story of a unmarried couple who feel it’s time to turn the heat up in their relationship.

Cooley High

The movie written by Eric Monte sets in 1964 on the North side of Chicago portraying lives of a group of friends in high school who love the social live and how things change for them when two of the friends get arrested after hooking up with some career. Cooley High is a comedy, drama and romance thriller directed by Micheal Schultz.

Coming to America

This funny black movie tells a fictional story of an African prince in search of a suitable woman to marry in America. The 1988 movie was directed by John Landis and written by Eddie Murphy, David Sheffield and Barry Blaustein. The movie received many nominations and awards including 2 Oscar nominations and an American movie award.

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Harlem Nights

This was a 1989 comedy and crime drama written and directed by Eddie Murphy. The movie featured Richard Pryor, Micheal Lerner, Redd Foxx, Della Reese and a host of others. It was released and distributed by Paramount Pictures on November 17, 1989.

House Party

This award winning movie was written and directed by Reginald Hudlin. The movie starred Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Christopher Reid, Robin Harris and a host of other popular acts. It featured popular dances like The Kid’n’play dance and the new jack swing. It tells the story of a kid sneaking out to attend a friend’s house party and how it ended up becoming a wild night for him.

Rush Hour

This is comedy, action and crime at its best. It tells the story of two policeman with very different personalities who team up to fight crime. It was directed by Brett Ratner featuring Chris tucker and Jackie Chan as lead actors. It has gone on to win six awards including a Golden Screen award in Germany and has received several other nominations.

Undercover Brother

This action and comedy thriller was released in 2002 and was directed by Malcolm D. Lee. It featured actors and actresses like Eddie Griffin, Chris Kattan, Aunjanue Ellis, Denise Richards and many others.


This Pg-13 rated movie was released in 2006 featuring the likes Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Kerry Washington, Tracy Morgan and many others. This multiple award winning movie was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. ‘Littleman’ tells the story of a robbery gone bad where one of the robbers has to pose as an infant in order to recover his lost stolen diamond.

The Wood

‘The Wood’ tells the story of a writer on the day of a friend’s wedding who shares tales from his growing up days to ensure his friend goes along with the wedding. The movie was directed by Rick Famuyiwa and featured Omar Epps, Sean Nelson, Elayn J. Taylor, Taye Diggs, Tamala Jones and many others.

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This 90-minutes thriller featuring Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, Nia long, and Tommy Lister amongst others was released in 1995. It tells the story of how two buddies smoke the weed belonging to a dealer and how they intend finding a way to pay him back the worth of the weed by 10pm that same day. It was directed by F. Gary Gray and was written by Ice cube and DJ Pooh. The movie won the ‘All Def Movie Award 2016’ for most quoted movie.

Death at Funeral

This funny black movie, written by Dean Craig, speaks of how a funeral ceremony turned into a exposition into family secrets. The movie starred various black actors and actresses like Keith David, Loretha Devine, Danny Glover, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, and Martin Lawrence. It was directed by Neil Labrute and was released in 2010.

Sister Act

Oscar award winning Caryn Elaine Johnson popularly known as Whoopi Goldberg got the lead role on this one. She played the role of ‘Deloris’, a secular singer, who unfortunately becomes a star witness to a crime committed by a mob and ends up in witness protection but this time in a convent. It was written by Paul Rudnick and directed by Emile Ardolino.

Big Momma’s House

This comedy thriller was released on 2 June 2000 and was filmed in California USA. It won the BMI Film Music Award in 2001 and has received several nominations. The movie featured the likes of Martin Lawrence, Nia Long, Paul Giamatti, Terrence Howard and many more top acts. This funny black movie was directed by Raja Gosnell.

A Thin Line between Love and Hate

A comedy and romantic movie spiced up with suspense. It was directed and co-written by Martin Lawrence who also featured in the movie. The movie tells the story of a ladies’ man who becomes the target of an unhinged lady he had an affair with.

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Soul Men

An award musical comedy drama featuring veteran black actor Samuel L. Jackson and comedian Bernie Mac. It was directed by Malcolm D. Lee and was initially released on November 7th 2008 and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The Nutty Professor

Eddie Murphy takes on the role of Professor Sherman Klump, an overweight character, who becomes very unpleasant and slim due to a chemical mixture he took. The Oscar Award winning movie was directed by Tom Shadyac. It also had amongst its cast asides Eddie Murphy, popular acts like Jada Pinkett, James Corburn, Jamal Mixon, and Nichole McAuley amongst others.

The Players Club

This comedy drama tells the story of a single mum who becomes a stripper in order to provide a better life for her son and pay her college fees. It was written and directed by Ice Cube. It featured an array of stars like Bernie Mac, Monica Calhoun, Jamie Foxx, Terrence Howard, A.J Johnson, LisaRaye.

Breakin’ All the Rules

This funny black movie had duration of 1hr 35m and it starred amongst others the likes of Jamie Foxx, Bianca Lawson, Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union and Jennifer Esposito. The film was written and directed by Daniel Taplitz. It was produced Lisa Tornell and was released on May 14th 2004 in the United States.

I Think I love My Wife

Chris Rock, who also starred in the movie as the lead act alongside Kerry Washington, co-wrote the movie with C.K Louis. He produced and directed the movie also. It was released in 2007


Finally, we take a critical look at this highly rated comedy drama. ‘Dope’ was written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa. It received a lot of positive reviews and was a commercial success too grossing over $11 million in profits. It starred Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, Chanel Iman, Kimberly Elise amongst others. It was produced by Forest Whitaker and Nina Yang Bongiovi.

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