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3/20/2019 apple inc. Case study

3/20/2019 Apple INC. case study

Apple inc. case study

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Omar Shika 141210125 Ramy Eslam 151220046 MGT 405 – strategic management Professor: Dr. Rabeb Ben Abdallah Spring 2018-2019 College of business administration

Mission statement (objective/goal of the company):

Apple INC. designs laptops, macs, personal computers, tables, and iphones. The company is relatively very good at producing high-end technology with outstanding performance and that was the main goal/vision of the CEO of the company, steve jobs, may he rest in peace! Moreover, It has a very known/popular and big music industry with the leading Itunes platform and the devices they had produced before like the ipods; however, most versions were discontinued whatsoever because of the growing success of the IPhone and Ipad. Along with the Tablets and phones came apps that could be downloaded through the well-known app store which is one of the most remarkable things that apple had ever done throughout its pursuing career

Mission Components /building blocks of the company(Objectives, vision, and goal are primary):

1. Self-idea: Apple expressed their unmistakable capability and how it is the fate of portable media and figuring gadgets. Despite everything we can characterize it as a self-idea course of the organization.

2. Product/administration: Iphones, tablets, Ipods, mac, laptops, personal computers, earphones. OS X, iLife, Macintosh, macOS, mac OS X, Icloud, and app store as services.

3. Technological advancements: they referenced their progressive new App and programming which has an idea of innovation usage. Not to mention what their devices offer for customers from high-end performance

4. Market/business/globalization: they referenced that their items are accessible everywhere throughout the world which clarifies their worldwide market. Almost 25%-30% of phone users nowadays have an Iphone in their hand

We can infer that the apple statement of purpose does not meet the ordinary statement of purpose norms. We accept that apple knows about how there is statement of purpose, and we can say that the reason of referencing just a few parts above is on the grounds that they are the most associated components to the sort of the business they are in, or the kind of clients they perform duties for. Likewise we can say that the company Is an item arranged organization where their first picture are the items they produce and the highlights that they center around and how the usefulness buy process is higher than the enthusiastic procedure.

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Competitive Profile Matrix(CPM):

The table is utilized to pick up a superior comprehension about the outside condition and the rivals in the business. It examinations the organization’s qualities and shortcomings against its rivals dependent on its basic achievement factors. They are key regions that will decide how fruitful an organization is doing in the world. The W distinguishes the dimension of significance of the basic achievement tool, we can quantify on a scale from 0 to1, where 0 implies not essential and 1 is critical. The rating characterizes how each factor adds to the accomplishment of the organization dependent on their qualities and shortcomings, which we can gauge on a scale from 1 to 4. 1 = noteworthy shortcoming, 2 = minor shortcoming, 3 = minor quality and 4 = noteworthy solidarity to the organization. In the wake of leading the investigation, we discovered the accompanying:

· Store areas/identification is the not most important part critical achievement tool with a weight of 0.04, utilized successfully with a rating of 4 which is a noteworthy quality. While Samsung with a rating of 2 which is minor shortcoming and Lenovo with a rating of 1 which is real shortcoming.

· The lowest factor advanced mobile phone piece of the overall industry achievement factor is additionally a standout amongst the most essential elements with a weight of 0.15″,

however there is scarcely any reaction from Apple with a rating of 1 which is a noteworthy shortcoming. Be that as it may, Lenovo is actualizing this thing/number with a rating of 3 which is a less quality, improving it. Not at all like Samsung which is reacting all around adequately with a rating of 4 which is a noteworthy quality and places it in a far superior position than both Apple and Lenovo.

· The top of the line advanced mobile phone piece of the overall industry achievement number/contradiction is the most vital number/tool with the most noteworthy load of 0.15, yet Apple is executing with a rating of 3 which makes it a less quality, Samsung is actualizing this number/tool with a rating of 4 = noteworthy quality. While Lenovo is in a flimsier situation as they’re not successfully actualizing this achievement factor with high significance, since they have a level of 1 which makes it a noteworthy shortcoming. Samsung comes first, then Apple second, then Lenovo last(Third)

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Taking everything into account, Apple has an all out result of 2.49, which can be appraised as a “less” shortcoming, since they are not executing the achievement numbers/tools adequately in contrast with Samsung that has an all out result of 3.63, which is thought of as a quality, which means they are looking for their chances effectively. Tragically, Lenovo with an all out result of 2.19 isn’t executing its prosperity numbers/tools as appropriately as the previous organizations seem to be. Lenovo taking an end leap, while Samsung is taking hold of everything by having a high score.

External Factor Evaluation Matrix(EFE):

The table = factors(pestel) such as: (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal) factors which are known as the outer components, distinguished as dangers or openings beside the inward factors, for example, qualities and shortcomings.

The weight recognizes how vital every outside number/contradiction is. Quantifying the W from 0 to 1, where the higher the W, the higher the significance of the outside number/contradiction is. 0 signifies “Not essential by any stretch of the imagination” and 1 signify “Imperative”. The rating arranges how successfully the organization is reacting to the outside factor, and on the off chance that they are really completing an activity to catch or acquire the chances and maintain a strategic distance from the dangers. We can quantify the measure from 1 to 4, where 1 implies they are not reacting successfully to the number/contradiction while 4 implies the organization is viably reacting to the number/contradiction and complete an activity. In the wake of leading the investigation, we discovered the accompanying:


· #2 and #3 has the highest importance with a weight of 0.08 and 0.12 while not responding effectively with a rating of 2

· #6 has the lowest importance with a weight of 0.02 while responding somehow effectively with a rating of 2

· – This grid demonstrates that Apple is reacting more to the risk factors with less significance (low weight).


· #8 has the lowest importance with a weight of 0.01 while responding somehow effectively with a rating of 2

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· #5 has the lowest importance with a weight of 0.03 while not responding effectively with a rating of 1

· #10 has the lowest importance with a weight of 0.01 while not responding effectively with a rating of 1

· #9 has the highest importance with a weight of 0.08 while responding effectively with a rating of 3

· This grid demonstrates that Apple is indicating high reaction to circumstances with less significance (low weight), while indicating low reaction to circumstances with high significance.

The score of 2.63 is normal since the company is concentrating on reacting viably to numbers/contradictions that are to a smaller extent essential than different elements that are increasingly critical and need a progressively compelling reaction. This demonstrates how the company is portraying their needs off-base and should focus on balancing both the weight and response effectiveness at the same time. Balance needs to be set out because simply what has a lower weight has more response and the more the response the lower the weight. Apple needs to focus on both the factors that include weight and response at the same time in order to improve on their product/service effectiveness/efficiency. In comparison to Lenovo and Samsung the company is doing comparatively good; however, I think that Samsung is outtopping it on various standards and that Apple should follow up on the trends/standards. Looks like the EFE matrix has a better score than the competitive profile matrix. It is always noteworthy for the company to reach out to customers and review their feedbacks in order to improve on their methods and technological advancements and not just the Apple company but any company as well. Apple needs to utilize and perform better on taking control and looking out for solutions to the jail-breaking problem, while, it needs to focus on the performance and response of smart-wear products and to keep up with the demand for touch screen laptops to customers and to improve on their micro SD technology for the very least!

Partly summarization above with score explanation!

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