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4 actions you need to take when someone harms your child


Harm is a physical injury especially that which is deliberately inflicted. Parents don’t stay with their children all the time, they have to go to work so that they may get some income to continue meeting their needs. This means that they may not know what is happening to their children all the time.

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A child is a person whose brain is still developing and therefore cannot be compared to that of an adult so when they are hurt, it becomes very difficult for them to recover and it may also cause a lot of confusion because forgetting what happened during one’s childhood is not easy.

Parents and guardians play a major role in children’s lives and when they are harmed it is up to them to take action. Here are 4 major actions to take:

1. Have a listening ear first- this means that even though it is your child that has been hurt, take time to listen even to the person who has hurt them. It may be their fellow mate or maybe he or she was punished at school for a certain mistake they did. Some things don’t happen because it is anyone’s fault so one should not start judging around without knowing exactly what happened.

2. Show love to your child- do not tell your child or in other words show them that people are bad. Assure them that even though they have been hurt, you still love them and you will do all you can to make sure that they recover from what happened. Find time to communicate with your child every day so that they can be sure of their safety.

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3. Provide your child with alternatives- this involves telling your child that no matter what they have gone through, life has to continue. Remind them of their strong points and their future dreams. Tell them to concentrate more on what they want to become rather than hold grudges with other people.

4. Seek help from experts- many experts say that forced apology will cause more harm to a child so it is therefore not good for a parent to be harsh. They should go visit a guidance and counselling Centre so that they can be taken through on the do’s and don’ts.

Remember while doing all of the above you are avoiding BRAIN INJURY IN CHILDREN which is a very serious condition that any child can ever have. It affects the child in very many ways such as:

-it lowers their self- esteem in the sense that they don’t do what they are supposed to do with the courage that is required

-it causes restlessness

-they lack motivation

-it becomes difficult for them to control their emotions

Let’s all bear in mind that children are a gift from God and therefore we should raise them in a way that we will never regret our actions in future. Let’s love them unconditionally by helping them forget the kind of harm that was caused to them.

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