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4 ways going on vacation increases your productivity

Do you know that working for up to 18hrs in a day, 6 to 7 days in a week make you less productive? Atleast according to science. Many people today believe that putting in more hours or overworking themselves makes them more successful. The truth is, it only affects your productivity level.

Some people don’t like taking breaks or vacation especially a large no of the people US for example, as over 55% of them don’t take vacation time.

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Foregoing vacation as an entrepreneur or employee doesn’t make you better. According to science it only brings out the opposite. It says the human body and mind occasionally needs a break. Vacations provides lots of benefits and a greater influence on your happiness and success overtime.

Here’s why

1. Sleep is Vital

Research studies has it that, regular sleep has a no 1 impact in our happiness and productivity. Some people get surprised by this but it’s the truth atleast according to science.

You can’t enjoy enjoy anything when you’re always feeling exhausted. That’s why you need sleep. Lack of sleep affects us negatively as it could result in poor decision making, slow alertness and low cognitive processes.

2. Nature helps us focus

Do you know that your environment has a huge role to play in your performance?. Taking a change in serenity for a vacation can play a role in making you more productive.

Spending time out of your work environment can significantly improve your performance and focus.

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3. Novelty Sparks Creativity

Having to do the same routine over and over again can stifle your desire to understand and explore. The more you get exposed things as an individual, the less you respond. Vacations helps get you exposed to some novel and new things. It helps your heighten your reaction as it causes you to explore thereby sparkling creativity.

Creativity has to do with the ability to spur and connect with several ideas. To achieve this sometimes, you need to explore some experiences. Going on vacation occasionally provides you with the novelty to bring out your creativity.

4. It changes your perspective

Been around the same place or people everytime makes your thinking the same. That actually isn’t a bad thing, it’s sometimes good but if its everytime, it isn’t. Going for a vacation helps clear your mind and gives you a new perspective on how you see life as you get to immerse yourself with new cultures and surroundings.

It also makes your more valuable for work or office as you’re now able to relate and have a view about various life experiences compared to what you had before you left.

Working yourself out won’t make you the likely to succeed the more. The only thing it does, it results in low quality or performance at work and having a negative impact on your happiness. Go on vacations when you’ve the chance to relax or look for a vacation spot that is exciting

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