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7 portable gadgets that make every day living fun and easy

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that technology is man’s best friend. Right from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, technology accompanies us, take for instance the smartphone. Listed below are 7 portable gadgets that make every day living fun and easy. Simple to use and handy in size, you can carry them around anytime, anywhere! 1. Panasonic Ergofit earbuds With over 50″,000 Amazon reviews, the classic Panasonic Ergofit earbuds are indispensable if you’re one of those who are cannot do without music and entertainment. What’s fine about these earbuds is that they’re less pricey as compared to wireless earphones like the AirPods, in addition to being available in a wide range of flamboyant colours. Courtesy: eBay 2. Tophome earbud holder and cord organizer If you’re constantly on the move, you know the feeling of dealing with the tangled cable of earbuds. The bad news is that no matter how organized you try to keep your earbuds, their cord is sure to get twisted. And the good news is that with the Tophome earbud holder and cord organizer, you’d never have to deal with that hassle again. The perfect buy for travel techies, right? Courtesy: eBay 3. Amir clip-on smartphone camera lenses Bid adieu to the poor camera quality of your smartphone with the Amir clip-on smartphone camera lenses. Featuring a premium aluminum and glass body that is water and dust resistant, the lenses offer a brilliant 180-degree view, 0.4x super wide-angle lens, and 10x macro zoom detail for close-up shots. Also, it is equally compatible with both Android and Apple. Courtesy: akinger 4. Jelly Comb folding Bluetooth keyboard This model of a folding keyboard houses metal and polymer construction. What’s striking about this keyboard is its compact size – once folded, it is roughly the size of a large smartphone, making it one of the best pocket-friendly gear out there in the market. The keyboard is available in different shades and is the perfect buy for capable Android, Apple, and Windows phones. Courtesy: Amazon UK 5. 8Bitdo mini zero Bluetooth gamepad If you were into computer gaming as a child, would you have imagined that one day, you would be carrying around phones and iPads capable of playing 3D games? The 8Bitdo mini zero Bluetooth gamepad levels up your gaming experience even further. It’s sleek, compact, and features a Famicom-inspired colour scheme. Housing 12 buttons, this retro gamepad is the size of a keychain! Courtesy: 8Bitdo 6. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Bluetooth smartwatch This smartwatch is the perfect buy if you’re new to the world of smartwatches. It offers features like heart rate monitoring, GPS, footsteps walked in the day, and sleep tracker. What’s more, the display is easy on the eye, and the internal battery can last for as long as one month before you put it on a complete 2.5-hour recharge cycle. It’s one of the best gadgets in the price-versus-performance chart. Courtesy: AliExpress 7. EWA A109 Bluetooth speaker Latest technology updates have enabled us to carry music on our feet, delivering a fine sound experience through the medium of wireless speakers. The EWA A109 Bluetooth speaker measures less than 2-inches on each side. Something that comfortably fits in your palm, it’s cool, funky, and houses a 6-hour battery life. Though it’s not as great as Alexa, it’s one big bang for the bucks you spend. Courtesy: Amazon For more tech news, stay tuned!

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