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7 trends you need to keep an eye out for

Last year had challenges for the tech world but this new year brings a golden opportunity to change the scenario. The transformation in the tech industry progresses at an extremely fast pace, and 2018 was a great illustration of this. A great chance i.e. CES 2019, the world’s largest tech show, is near. CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, has its portion of exaggerated gadgets, unintelligible concepts, and dumb ideas, but generally the vibe tends to be optimistic. The tech trends of 2019 will witness the transition shift of the technology. A major technology shift is the transition to 5G networks that has outcomes for the tech industry. Consequently, progressive advances are adding to the areas of the smart home and health technology. The tech trends of 2019 that CES will be known for is given below.

1. 5G comes to existent

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5G is here, but we’re still weeks if not months away from smartphones that can take an edge over them. Even if those phones arrive, the transition is not simple.

Nonetheless, 2019 is addressed to be the year of 5G. If all goes well, CES 2019 will show the world what 5G can do for us apart from giving us faster smartphones. More secure smart-home devices, battery-operated remote sensors, and reliable tele-health apps are all good, but seeing is believing.

2. Google constructs momentum in the smart home

The past year Google made a large splash at CES, revealing to the world its Home speakers and Google Assistant. According to the industry stats from Canalys and others, Google has it all but ended the gap with Amazon in the sales of smart speakers, still it has work to do. Alexa had a long head beginning, the platform has more skills and Amazon’s assistant is a huge existence on third-party devices.

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This is certainly why Google is tripling the amount of floorspace for its existence at CES 2019. Amazon never had an official booth at CES, so Google has a golden chance to fill this space by promoting its Assistant, which is being constructed at a fast speed this year with services like Duplex and Call Screen.

3. TVs move towards 8K

TV technology has not peaked, but it has declined the previous couple of years. The industry has resolved, currently being on OLED and LCD panels, and 4K and HDR technology. Smart TV’s have always been a hot subject at CES and are still inapplicable as the TV is always supported by the sticks, dongles, and boxes which are used to connect to them.

The only thing that consumers always recognize, is pixels. That’s why we are going to make out a lot about 8K at CES 2019. However, 8K will come in the end but the content pipeline is catching up to 4K. CES 2019 will be remembered for progressive approach of the panels.

4. Fitness technology

Step counters and smartwatches were used to be all over CES. Yes, the health-wearable market has shaken out, but all those sensors and “smart” technology has developed to a large and wide health technology category that is beyond wearable devices.

Sleep technology, for an instance, encloses everything from mattresses to white noise gadgets to dedicated sleep wearables. Air purifiers are holding new form of factors to prove more people to make them a part of their life. Technology for better health is changing from specialized medical devices for specific conditions to consumer lifestyle products. Everyone can benefit from them.

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5. Laptops are getting more compact and begin to leave Intel

The days of people thinking that tablets and phones were killing laptop are way behind and this continues to evolve. Biometrics like fingerprints and facial recognition are common and form factors that look to contract even more, as more companies introduce designs with an ultra-thin bezels and begin to move from full-size USB ports to USB-C.

Laptops begin to move away from at CES 2019: Intel and x86 chip architecture. Qualcomm’s 8cx chip launched in December, will begin appearing in real products which will bring more laptops with native LTE connectivity. It also portends a transfer towards ARM-based chips among laptops, Apple is awaited to debut a MacBook with a mobile chip in 2020.

6. Self-driving cars obtain a support network

CES has become an experiment for self-driving technology, but the advancement with the essential technology is prone to be progressive, better than LiDAR, smaller circuit boards, algorithms to create an effortless ride. Now, the fascinating discussion is about everything exterior to the car that is affected by the shift to self-driving.

Power of 5G, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) the communication systems is becoming realistic and the centre of attention is how the self-driving cars will drastically alter the delivery vehicles and tractors.

7. AR ages by moving niche

Augmented reality receives a criticism. However, AR has an aging existence. We must appreciate its effectiveness in a few leading areas i.e. car/helmet heads-up-displays (HUDs), enterprise smart glasses, and AR-guided healthcare systems are all proceeding to be great at CES 2019.

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