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9 everything you need for a summer road trip

Holiday planning can be violent, especially if you are traveling with young children. Whether you are going to a camping trip or just visiting relatives, you can be helpful in making yourself a pre-road trip packing checklist to ensure that the whole family can travel as comfortable as possible.

We went ahead and listed our top travel and car interior accessories to make your trip easy. The items below are certainly best suited for your enjoyment and are ideal for most budgets. We suggest you to order today to ensure your new goodies before hitting your bird.

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9 road trip essential checklist

Waterproof SUV Trunk Organizer

Waterproof trunk organizer: Ideal for your SUV or van, this big trunk organizer stores 3-feet more space to keep your gear accessible on the road. It is very hard to keep things different from food and beverages in sports equipment. Made of durable IPX2 rated waterproof components, this trunk organizer is easy to install and clean. You can use removable cools for your outdoor adventures because it is thick, padded with safer jeep closures. Extensive side storage pockets are great for anything you want to grab quickly, such as extra water bottles or sunscreen. After all, on the way to your destination, eat food and stuff you bring with you. Your organizer falls just for any fuss storage that saves the room for your memorabilia.

Bamboo lapdesk – Suppose you need to do some work or find a fixed spot to use your laptop. This echo-friendly laptop stand and cooling station fits perfectly on your cradle because it is 24 inches long Of course, you’ll be able to use your tablet and smartphone in this easy portable lap desk. Depending on the size of your car, depending on the size of your room you will be able to work from your front and back seats. Your kids may want to borrow it for tablets gaming to go.

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Pumpkin Pillow Memory Foam Car Cushion – Back Pain Back? You could provide a lumbar pillow relief while running. It fastens near your car seat and places in places in the long distance. Ventilated soft mesh cover prevents moisture from synthesizing your back in the summer heat. Plus promotes better posture of your new pillow. Once you are where you are going, leave the cottage on your car seat with the straps in the hotel or campusite.

Water Resistant Pet Sitter Cover – Traveling with your dog (s) should not be restricted to a cage for the time of your foster baby visit. Protect your backseat from dog hair, scratches, and accidents with these durable polyester covers. Most cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans fit as well as small, medium and large dogs. Your pet seat cover machine is washable, too, in case you need to clean it in the car travel.

Travel holes pillow memory foam – If you want to rest on your road trip, this u-shaped comfortable foam pillow provides even neck support even when you are sitting directly. Put your head on this pillow above your shoulders to reduce the pressure on your neck. The shape of your neck includes high density foam mold and a shiny pillow cover. Fits Men or Women; Probably too small for children.

Emergency Kit Solar Powered Torchlight – This road trip accessory is really a brainer. You never know that you may need flashlight and you do not want to rely on your smartphone that can die on you. Hold this compact, solar powered flashlight with convenient suction cups that will be stuck with your windshield, windows, or sunroof. Drag it to your glove box, purse, backpack, or leave it with other emergency supplies in your trunk. Black, blue, and green are available.

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Dashboard Smartphone Car Mount- If you are navigating through your phone’s GPS, then mount this smartphone car for you. Hands-free design keeps your iPhone or Android device in the iPhone. Adjustable side grip to keep a secure 5.5-inch screen. Mounting suction cups allows you to activate your touch screen where your dashboard or windshield fits. Now you and your passenger can relax without worrying about watching the GPS.

Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount – The passengers are saying, the backseat may bored your little ones when you’re cruising. Of course you’ll pack your loyal tablet for movies, games, and music for your kids entertainment. At the same time, your precious machine does not want to be destroyed by accidental accidents such as broken, dropping etc. To mount your safe tablet car headstest, select to keep your device safe from being harmless and accidentally damaged. Most iPads, iPad Minis and Samsung Galaxy Models to fit tablets from 7 inches.

4 port USB car charger – Naturally you will need to get your smartphones and tablets in the street. No problem because this USB car charger has four high powered ports for your hungry digital devices. Each USB port provides 2.4 MPs and you can use all four ports at once. That means no dispute over who gets the charge. The road trip sounds like joy

Now you are equipped to handle everything just about your journey. You are willing to travel safely!

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