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9 secrets to actually wake up early

hey guys what’s up and welcome back to

my channel today’s video I’m gonna be

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sharing with you guys 9 tips on how to

wake up early and actually be a morning

person so I am actually a very morning

person I wake up at 5 in the morning

pretty much every single day of the week

give or take one day because I have to

teach at 5:40 in the morning so I’m up

and ready to go by 5:00 in the morning

and you guys genuinely really liked my 5

a.m. morning routines so I thought I

would share with you guys some tips and

ways in which you can wake up a little

bit earlier to give yourself a more

productive and mindful day I’ve always

been a morning person

I love the mornings but the reason I

like the mornings is because you wake up

in that super bright and sunny out and

when I wake up now at 5 in the morning

it’s still dark which took me a while to

kind of get used to because it was dark

I was just and that mind set up I need

to be sleeping right now I wasn’t much

of a morning person as if I was like

waking up with the Sun all bright and

sunny these nine tips definitely helps

me change that around and actually enjoy

waking up at 5 in the morning every

single day so I’m gonna be going through

things that you can do the night before

things you could do when you actually

have to wake up as well as the morning

of so the first tip that I have for you

guys is to do a 10 to 15 minute clean up

the night before so the night before is

really important to ensure that you’re

having a good morning because you’re

kind of setting up being able to wake up

in a happier mindset so doing a 10 to 15

minute clean will ensure that your

environment is nice and clean and all

declutter so that when you’re waking up

you don’t wake up to a cluttered mess

and just want to crawl back into your

bed I always say this but cleaning is

something that honestly is so

therapeutic to me and when I clean and

there’s no clutter in my house and

almost mindfully decoders me as well and

you feel more inspired to wake up

because everything is in its place you

don’t feel like that kind of grogginess

that like clutter brings you and it’s

just really really important in order to

have the motivation to actually wake up

because you’ve had such a motivated


you’re more easily to flow into more of

a motivated morning so something else

that you can do

the night before is to set your goals or

setup plan your day the night before so

this is really really important because

not only have you cleaned your

environment and declutter that but

you’re also mindfully decluttering we

have so many different thoughts and so

many different emotions and things that

we want to accomplish the day before

when you wake up with all that clutter

in your mind again it’s so much easier

to just huddle back into your bed and go

to bed and not wake up because you don’t

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want to deal with it right now because

we’re just in that really tired groggy

mindset when we wake up so when you sit

there and plan out your day not only do

you have something to look forward to

but you’ve already decluttered your mind

so you’re waking up with a clean

environment you’re waking up with a

clean mind and you are ready to start

the day because you’re more inspired and

you have your day already planned and

you’re ready to just tackle the day so

when it comes to actually waking up the

third tip that I have for you guys is to

set your alarm away from you like

actually having to get up to set off

your alarm and not only will you pitch

news less but you are already up and

awake you are more likely to stay up and

awake when you set your alarm and you’re

sleeping and your phone is right there

and your alarm goes off it’s so easy to

just turn that off and turn back around

because you’re already sleeping you’ve

had literally one second to wake up to

turn off your alarm so you’re still in

that like again groggy tired mindset

whereas if you set your alarm farther

away from your bed you have to actually

get up to go turn it off you have jolted

your mind because you’re standing up

you’ve walked around a little bit so

you’re more awake and have had time to

wake up more than just having your alarm

like right next to you so the fourth tip

that I have for you guys is to get rid

of your mental sabotage when you wake up

the first thought you have is oh my gosh

it’s so dark out oh my gosh I can’t

believe I’m waking up this early this

sex like all this negativity and it’s

just reasons and excuses that you give

yourself to give you a reason of why you

shouldn’t be up at this time whereas

instead of just sitting there mentally

sabotaging yourself why don’t you enjoy

the process and build yourself up like I

can’t believe I just woke up this early

this is amazing I can start my day

before everyone else’s

this is so productive and I feel so

happy like give yourself more positive

Burbage in the morning when you wake up

really a lot of the times you sit there

and literally bitch about it and that’s

not gonna make it fun or enjoyable for

anyone when you wake up make sure that

you’re saying positive things to

yourself if you do say something

negative catch it and switch it over to

positive for example instead of saying I

have to wake up we’re always say I get

to wake up early this is really nice

this is definitely a luxury so the fifth

tip that I have for you guys is to set

your atmosphere so you have a

decluttered little space you kind of

cleared out your mind you’re ready to

start the day you’re up and ready to go

but then you look around and everything

is just like so dark and eerie you know

turn on some lights put some twinkle

lights on light a candle put on some

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nice cozy coffeehouse music I personally

like to close my blinds because I do

wake up before the Sun is up so when I

close my blinds it like makes me feel

like it’s morning time because I’m not

seeing the darkness and I put my lights

on so it just ensures that I’m more of

like awake and it less likely to get in

that mental sabotage of telling myself

it’s not even setting out why am i awake

so it’s really important that you’re

setting your environment up to be more

happy and motivated establishing a good

environment and definitely play a role

and getting you up and being more happy

and positive about it so the sixth tip

that I have for you guys is to chug back

a glass of water

so I know a lot of the times people say

that coffee is what wakes them up but to

me chugging back a glass of water after

like an eight hour nights worth of sleep

really just jolts me up I don’t know

what it is I drink cold water in the

morning I know some people think like a

lukewarm water with like lemon but I’m

not that fancy

I literally just drink a nice cold glass

of water and I don’t know if it’s

metabolism and that’s why but I think

personally it’s because when we’re

sleeping we get a little bit dehydrated

and when you’re dehydrated your mind can

get a little bit foggy and tired so when

I drink water I’m like rehydrating

myself in my brain is more functionally

performing at its peak so the seventh

tip that I have for you guys is to

accomplish something within the first

hour of waking up if you wake up and you

you know watch TV and stuff that’s not

that bad

but when you accomplish something it

will guarantee a more productive

morning and mindset for example I like

to work in the morning I’ll you know go

through my emails before anyone has had

the time to wake up and I can just like

knock all the emails out that I got the

day before or you know I work for cute

kids so I’ll teach a few courses I

really like working out in the morning

when I work out in the morning it makes

me feel really happy and my endorphins

are running and it just gets me

motivated and I can check something off

my to-do list you can go somewhere you

know go pick up a breakfast for yourself

go take a little walk with your dog it

can be as simple as making your bed in

the morning

like just doing something that again

kind of checks off your to-do list just

guarantees I’m more productive morning

because it’s easier to flow that

accomplishment throughout the day

because you’ve already accomplished

something so you’re starting it and then

it’s just more easily to flow throughout

your day because it’s kind of gets you

pumped and like wanting to accomplish

more and whereas like if you just sit

there and do nothing or just kind of

like lazy around your house you’re more

likely to sit there and lazy around your

house and again think of things of why

you shouldn’t sit there and do the

things you said that you were gonna do

and just self-sabotage yourself again so

the eighth thing that I have is to have

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them intention of being productive this

kind of flows with the last tip that I

had and just doing something to ensure

productivity you don’t want to start

your day being lazy you want to start

your day being productive that way again

it will flow throughout your day so

don’t wake up and immediately go on

social media because that can again

create negative emotions you can become

a little bit lazy put things off get

kind of wrapped into that mindset of

just clicking and clicking and clicking

until like an hour’s pass and you’re

still on social media and you just woke

up for no reason or like watching TV and

just not accomplish the things that you

were set to accomplish and just starting

your day off like that to me is just

like I really don’t like doing that so

instead of doing social media or

watching TV or doing mindless tasks try

you know listening to a podcast or

getting up and showering and getting

ready going to like workout read a book

it’ll make you feel good and productive

and get you in a happy mindset rather

than feeling like a

be in the morning so the ninth thing is

more of a reminder than an actual tip

and that’s just to remember that the

more that you do it the easier becomes

it’s like practice makes perfect

the more that you wake up earlier and

the more you accomplish the more you put

it into your routine like when I first

started waking up at 5:00 in the morning

I did it because I had class so I had to

do it and I had to wake up every single

day at 5:00 in the morning and because I

just instantly started waking about 5:00

in the morning I got into that mindset

of that’s just my routine like I had to

do it so that was just part of my

routine so now when I’m like sleeping in

on the weekends I don’t tend to sleep in

until like 8 o’clock I tend to sleep in

till like 7 o’clock maybe 6:30 you know

and I kind of crave that habit of waking

up early because it’s already been

established into my routine so it might

be a little bit hard at first but don’t

beat yourself up over that and give

yourself a break look if you don’t want

to wake up at 5:00 in the morning every

single day or if you want to make a bit

8 o’clock if 8 o’clock is your early

morning you know by all means it’s all

up to you but when you want to

accomplish a goal don’t think that

you’re gonna do it once and it’s gonna

be so simple like the more you do it the

more it becomes part of your habit and

your daily routine and the easier it

will become so just keep it going if you

have a goal for yourself you know do it

and the more you do it the easier it is

so that is it for this video I hope you

guys enjoyed it thank you so much for

watching and I will see you guys all in

a future video bye guys

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