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From a cowgirl to a movie star ! by Elifnaz Öktem

Being discovered ? If you have a dream about to be a star, you definitely want to be discovered from a producer or a management. So how could it be possible ? Today in our Dazzling Star’s corner, we have a wonderful guest who is discovered by Russel Crowe. Cindy Lerman ! We had an amazing time with her during the interview. She told us everything about her life from A to Z ! Actually I didn’t ask anything you can find on the internet. I think we should get over the questions like “when is your birthday” or “which school did you graduate?”. You can all find it on Wikipedia or other websites. I especially focused on her life and her story behind the cameras.

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I met her in the studio, she kindly asked me to meet there cause she hasn’t got enough time for the interview, we hugged each other like we’ve known each other for years. She was warmhearted and lovely. After a small talk I took out a recording tape and pushed the button. She was so kind that she could answer several times without getting bored of the same questions. Finger crossed she wasn’t bored of any question. The first question was “How was your life before you got discovered ?” . She seemed really pleased about this question because she told me that usually interviewers never want her to talk about her previous life. “Nothing unusual can happen in this world for an ordinary girl, I experienced it. I was a cowgirl in Wisconsin, my family had a farm in there. You know there was several things that you can do in a small town. This is how I started to sing she said. It looked like she was missing her life in there. Don’t get me wrong, I love who am. I don’t want to be ungrateful, it probably sounds strange but no one can guess from where the wind may blow when it comes to fame. A life full of obscurity can be tiring sometimes.” I wanted her to tell how she was discovered and the most important fact that she was choose from among thousands of people. “I was doing an ordinary routine in the farm while I was singing. That day, the director of the film and the producer had come into our town, looking for the place where they were going to shoot it. I didn’t realize them and continued to sing. That’s how I was discovered, they heard me and the only thing they said to me was “We have been looking for a girl just like you!”.” She was in the right time and in a right place ! She said that the reason why they choose her was her pureness. She pointed out, if we watched her carefully, we would catch how spontaneous she was. “I really love the role I play, the songs I sing.” I really admire her because this musical was her first experience about acting.

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The final question but the most important one. As you know in this industry a lot of young stars have a great start but sometimes they can’t handle the pressure and the love they had to undergone. My question was “Do you love the life you live right now ?”. “Sometimes I get scared, I feel ignored and I choke on my own words. One day here, one day there, and again it’s time to go. Strike a pose for the front cover of a magazine. These are the ordinary routines that I am doing right know. But I still have my wishes and dreams. The important thing is not to lose them. The belief inside ourselves is the only thing we shouldn’t lose. You can get the best of both worlds when you don’t lose them. Yes, I love the life I am living.”

Honestly, she breaks all the expectations about her. In some ways, she is just like all your friends. I wish that all the celebrities show us what is underneath them like Cindy Lerman… Thanks to Cindy for this amazing interview. Please comment down bellow the questions you want to find out.

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