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A classroom without a teacher

Ding-Dong-Ding! Ding-Dong-Ding! The sound reverberates in the classroom.

Astonishingly, the good news gives the boost of excitement. It seems as if a dam has been broken and great energy of playfulness is gushing out of every child. A miraculous escape from the prison of discipline, dilatoriness and despondency was in play and the sloths of the class turned into frisky lambs. The students of grade ten win a lottery that day, as their class remains unattended for one whole period. The enthusiasm reached a high when this realization dawned upon them, faces lit up with exhilaration and mischief rising in their gestures.

The cacophony of the guffawing youngsters wafted down the corridor as they released their pent up emotions.

In one corner the amateur engineers of the class are busy devising virtual aircrafts for a display of aeronautical skill. Swoosh! The paper plane takes a graceful yet short flight over the bent heads and crash lands in one corner of the room much to the glee of the excited students. A mad scramble for planes ensues and the room echoes with the sound of papers being ripped to make more planes. One here and the other there, in repetition.

A volley of paper balls in the air, zoom past from one direction to the other. At one hinterland –like corner all the self-portrayed wrestlers of the class are engaged in flaunting their power and huge brain in the construction and de construction of lightweight crumpled paper balls. Each with a vigor and challenge to outsmart the other and to leave rest of the wrestlers effort behind them. Hitting each other with the paper pallets was the second choice of these recently –free hooligans. The freedom was mocking at them. Nervous notebooks lie unattended and some ripped and tattered. All the unfortunate papers lie wasted. The class is in an utter mess.

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Full chaos and pandemonium swimming merrily in the class, sinking discipline.

The mischief mongers begin to trouble the quieter one in the class. The Einstein’s are busy searching reasons about the physics theories. Girls with unbreakable concentration occupied in playing with origami. The devilish boys pulling and distracting the pre-occupied girls, in vain, pulling their braids and ponies.

The passive pin boards are a mute witness to the rowdy classroom and stare down helplessly at the utter mayhem that appears to threaten the peace and quiet; the desk and chairs an unruly sight of disorganization and disarray, the boards blabbering strange ideas as students scribble over them in a frenzy of excitement and elation. The girls giggly and chirpy with much to discuss and it is a symphony of sounds as the tone dips and rises with the level of excitement. The most interesting part when every kid was keen to see what is there in teacher’s drawers. Children are never allowed to open the drawers so this created a great opportunity to find out things, which are illegal for students to know. This act was showing the naughty side that every child has in them.

The whole classroom was spilled with the noises of banging of the tables and tiffin lay open displaying a feast that was enjoyed by the community of students. The classroom turned out into the battleground. The teams were made to play with foil paper. The discipline atmosphere turned the opposite way by being the most disordered environment. The posters were all around the floor. The pin boards were just filled with the left over pins and some toned pieces of the posters and important information. The pin board can be compared to a messy room. The whiteboard of the classroom was filled with the comic characters drawings. All the children started to act as a principle by making their own rules and regulation to use their laptops and phones.

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The last 10 minutes of the class created a mixed emotion of happiness and anxiety. This freedom had a time limit and as the time was running out the students were coming in the reality mode. Still the stomachs of naughtiness were not filled up from all mischievous things. They were not letting other pupils to clean all the trashy paper balls, pencils and a lot of more junk items from the floor. The situation can be compared to the gangsters and innocent people stories that everybody knows from the childhood. The monitor of the class was trying really hard to create peace in the classroom however; the disobedient kids were making sure that he does not complete his mission.

As soon as the bell rang “Ding dong Ding” everybody went back to their seats and there was pin drop silence in the classroom. Children were patiently waiting for the next teacher and the classroom became neat and tidy like a uniform.

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