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A picture is worth 1000 words

I took a sip of my mango and pineapple smoothie. The cold beverage was quite refreshing. I was binge-watching The Young and the Restless. A non-fiction action packed drama. With non-fictional TV shows, there’s always so much going on. It was so interesting because of all the scandal.s and the fights. But, with the amount of commotion, you’d never imagine that the plot could happen in the real world. The Young and The Restless was just a show that I enjoyed watching with my mum. I finish the last of the smoothie and washed my cup. I’d walk into my room and shut the door. And under my covers I go to get comfortable. Grabbed my pillow and used it to prop down my iPad. I finished watching Season 5 Episode 240 within the hour. My mum walked in my room and explains that I need to call my dad at five o’clock. I’m thinking, this must be about the oil he was supposed to buy me. So I continue on to episode 241. My mum walks in again but, this time with my sister. “Your dad says to call him now, so get a phone and put in on speaker.” I wondered why it was so urgent. My sister dials the number. “Hey tiff. I need to talk to you. I will talk to Nat next.” She leaves the room. I didn’t think anything of the call. As I continued watching my show, my sister storms in the room laughing. Her eyes were peeled open. She looked shocked. I grab the phone. “Hey Nat!” my dad says on the call. I reply “Hi”. We said hi to each other and then the call was straight-forward. “I’m getting a divorce and Im not sad..” I pressed mute on the call. I had no words. I chuckled. I replied “Oh, you’re not sad?” He laughs and responds “I was in an unhappy marriage.” I didn’t know how to feel. On one hand I was telling myself, I knew this was gonna happen. I remember the few times we would come over to there, and they were not on good terms. On the other hand, I was ecstatic we wouldn’t have to attend her church anymore. I wasn’t sad. I hardly ever went to that house. I didn’t dislike her. But, I didn’t know her that well. My father proceeds to ask me my opinion on the situation. The truth was, I couldn’t have one. I wasn’t observing their marriage enough to have an opinion. “I’ll see you later”, was what he said on the call, before saying “By the way she is pregnant. Tell Tiffany, I forgot to”. As if I wasn’t shocked enough. The word “abortion” slipped out my mouth on accident. I took it back quickly, but I truly meant it. I convinced him I was joking. I’m pretty sure he believed me. We said goodbye to each other and hung up. Would I still talk to my step-brother? My dad and his ex-wife weren’t on good terms, but will me, my sister and him still be? I run into my sisters room and we are still shocked but we both laughed. “Oh Yea”, I say. “Daddy forgot to tell you. She is pregnant.” My sister out her hand over her mouth. She was frozen. The thought of having a sibling was not a good thing. My parents aren’t Young souls. They were on the older side. A child wouldn’t be the best idea in my opinion, but she probably didn’t believe in abortions. We ran to our mother’s room to see if she knew. She did, but she didn’t seem to have the same reaction as us. It wasn’t funny to her. We had a snack. I couldn’t even finish watching my show that day, when I had a whole real life one going on in front of me. I never understood marriage. Two people who think their ‘in love’ vow to Saturday with each other forever. The average life expectancy is 80 years. I don’t think I wanna spend 50 of my short years, tied down. My dad also said he wasn’t happy. Imagine living in a marriage, miserable, stressed, and unhappy. 50 years of my life are now gone. I’d rather spend my short life traveling, eating a lot of foreign desserts. I would rather not be home, working 9-5 and coming home only to have to cook. Day after day, the same routine. Kids aren’t any better. 18 years have to be set aside to raise a child. You can’t live a life strapped down and trapped with a husband and kids. The first few years of the child’s life are crucial. Your attention must be on them at all times. I wanna go to Germany and munch on a Weisswurst, not wake up at 6 am to take my child to school. Married for 50 years, Im bound to lose any sparks we had at the beginning of my marriage. We’ve grown out of each other and Im tired of seeing the same face everyday. Life is to short to be age 20, married and taking care of kids. I can’t make a promise not to get married. But, I will try my hardest to live in my age. I like kids, but their not made for a 18 year old going to collage. With my short life, Im gonna get an education, travel the world for some years. And maybe when I become an old hag that can’t move, I’ll had some kids. I remember my father’s wedding with his ex-wife. It was fun, and exciting. It’s nice and all until you realize the price that comes with marriage. I don’t wanna argue everyday and be financially unstable. I’m glad my dad got of his five year marriage. That phone call had me thinking about my future. I don’t desire to be married till 90. Like Drake says “Im here for a good time, not long time.”

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