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A smart system to identify malicious users in smart grids

1) Introduction

Thieving the Electrical power affect the country economic growth highly. Many of marketing company’s losses more a billion amount of money in each year. Thieving of electricity is also a crime. But, these types of crime are not visible to the people. All people get affect because of this problem. Thieving the electricity reduces profit of the country and also affects the investment which is required to build the power stations. Measure the electrical consumption uses Analog meter reading in older years. Analog meter reading require more manpower. Employer perform door to door meter reading in every house. There are many drawbacks in the analog meter reading such as salary of employer, less accuracy, no evidence to identify the intruders. These are drawbacks in the Analog meter reading. This all are make easy to steal the electricity by thieves. Analog meters are only attacked by physical attacks, such as reduce this effect introduces smart meter in Europe. After using this technology each year United Kingdom save more amount of money. Compare Analog meter than smart meter give more advantages such as require less man power and smart meter can ability to connect and disconnect the service remotely. It requires less manpower because user readings are directly send from home to power station directly. Smart meter attacked by physical-attack and cyberattack. There are two ways theft done in smart grids. Use wiretapping to theft the electricity in the smart grid. Another common method is give some bribe to change the reading content. People can use cyberattack to attack the smart grid. People have moderate level computer knowledge can easily attack the smart meter. Smart meter tools are available on the internet, so hackers can easily attacked the smart meters. Reduce this effect there are many algorithms proposed to identify the intruders in the smart grid. Binary Inspection Tree, Adaptive Tree Inspection, Binary Coded Grouping Inspection is the traditional algorithm to identify intruders. Binary Inspection Tree take more steps to identify the intruder’s. Adaptive Tree Inspection also takes more stepped to identify the intruders in the smart grid. Binary coded grouping Inspection take less stepped to identify the intruders and it accurately identifies the intruders. But it identifies one intruder at the one inspection steps. These all traditional algorithms have some faults so reduce electricity introduce Adaptive Binary Splitting Inspection algorithm to identify the intruders. This algorithm already used in blood samples analyses the blood samples by divide into two samples. The two samples are good samples and the defected samples. It accurately identifies the good and defected blood these algorithms applied in electrical theft analysis to identify the intruders in the electrical uses two search method to identify the intruders in the smart grid binary search method, and scanning method. The number of user is less go for scanning method. It performs individual Inspection work well in intruder’s rate relatively high. The number of user is large go for Binary Search method to identify the uses group testing method to identify the intruders. Further, reduce the inspection process apply interpolation algorithm to reduce the inspection step. There are two important research technics to detect the intruders in the smart grid. The classification method use various machine the learning methods to detect the intruders in the smart grid such as A extreme learning machine and support vector machine to analyse the user reading. It monitors the user reading continuously any abnormal behaviour user electrical power consumption. It assumed the user is intruders. This research method has high false positive rates, and less detection rates in detecting the intruders. Another research method is power measurement installs some redundant device to identify the intruders. Compare classification method it identifies the intruders accurately. Use power measurement method need more amount cost. Because each house needed the sensors and smart increases the amount of cost relatively high. Instead of using sensor use inspector like device to reduce the amount of cost. Use Inspector to record the particular set of consumption reading. .

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