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A study on consumer perspective towards ktm bikes

Future Plans and Strategies

Future of KTM is where all eyes of India biking community are fixated at the moment. After successful launch of DUKE 125, KTM is yet again ready to set new benchmarks in Indian Automobile market. This time however it will be the edge that KTM has been losing on to its competitors for last 5 years.

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KTM has declared that it will soon be launching DUKE 790, KTM ADVENTURE 1050 and ADVENTURE 390 in India in 2019. Since past 5 years KTM offered street fighters DUKE 200 and 390 which were loved by enthusiasts for riding on roads, tracks and even to certain extent off roads. In many cases KTM Duke siblings withstood harsh roads and conditions in deserted areas like Leh Ladakh, Hilamalaya mountain ranges, etc.

However, when given options to choose between DUKE and Bullet, the riders would choose Royal Enfield many times. Also show-stealers like Triumph Tiger 675, Ducati Scramblers, and many more which are specially designed for riding in wild geographically tensed conditions, had been throwing down KTM with their off road riding capabilities, dedicated features and bigger engines followed by huge dimensions.

With upcoming KTM ADVENTURE 1050 and ADVENTURE 390 KTM will head on compete with Bullets in smaller 250 and 500 cc segment bikes and bigger twin and triple cylinder engines by Triumph, Ducati, BMW Motorrad, Kawasaki and many more with its ADVENTURE 1050.

Both of these bikes are very competitively priced with mouth watering prices of INR 9.00 lakh and INR 3.00 lakh for ADEVNTURE 1050 & ADVENTURE 390 respectively.

Further making things more interesting is upcoming KTM DUKE 790 which will be launched in India in April 2019 at value for money price of just INR 7.00 lakh. DUKE 790 would be powered by a developed LC8 799cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin motor pumping out 105PS at 9500rpm and 86Nm of peak torque at 8000rpm. The DOHC motor is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch.

The 790 Duke will surely carry forward KTM’s tradition of offering many segment-first features at an affordable price and experts say that this will indeed help DUKE 790 stand out from its competition. Duke 790 will lock horns with super bikes rivals such as the Suzuki GSX-S750 and the Kawasaki Z900 all of which feature a four-cylinder engine, GSX-S750 and Z900 are priced at Rs 7.46 lakh and Rs 7.68 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) respectively.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

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The questionnaire is made based on the brand of KTM. It is made from the business point of view. To get to know, what is perception of consumers about KTM bikes and what are the features and characteristics that the recipient has about KTM bikes. The data is collected through survey method which is a primary data.

The data analysis is done by the survey which was conducted using questionnaire about characteristics of KTM bikes, consumer preferences and impact of promotional tools opted by KTM. There were total “92” respondent who responded to the survey.

Data Analysis and Interpretation of collected data from Respondents

1. Ratio of male – female

Gender Male Female

Respondents 48 44

Graph 1: Gender Ratio


It can be observed that number of male respondents is more than female respondents. However, the gap is just of 8%. This helps us to get opinions from both genders and that doesn’t make our study only male dominated study, which is a good thing considering that it enables us to get better understanding of consumer perspective towards KTM bikes.

2. Age Groups of the Respondents

Age Groups Respondents

BELOW 18 years 12

18 – 27 years 63

28 – 37 years 3

37-48 years 13

above 48 years 1

Graph : Age Groups


It can be observed that 69% which constitutes majority of respondents in the survey conducted for this report, are in age group of 18-27 years of age, which is followed by Elder age group of 37-48 years of age by 14% and teenagers constituting 13% of respondents in this study. It can be said that there is a good mix of age groups in respondents that will enables us to get better understanding of consumer perspective towards KTM bikes, impact of marketing tools and factors affecting to help, gain awareness about KTM bikes.

3. Employment Status of Respondent

Employment Status Respondents

Student 44

JOB 31

Self – Employed 14

Unemployed 2

Retired 1

Graph : Employment Status


The pie diagram shows that 48% of respondents are students, whereas 31% are employed at jobs and 15% self-employed which together constitute to 49% of the respondents in this survey. Thus, perspective of both working and non-working consumer is obtained in this report.

4. What comes to your mind when you see or think of KTM Bikes?

Options Respondents

Beautiful Design & Aerodynamic 30

Fast & Powerful 45

Feature Loaded, Safe & Durable 9

Expensive 8

Graph : First thought about KTM bikes


KTM bikes are well known for their Power and performance and same can be observed in this report. 49% of respondents primarily associate KTM with image of being Fast and powerful whereas, 32% respondents thought of the design of KTM bikes when asked about mental image of KTM bikes. 9 % or respondents felt the KTM bikes to be expensive and 10% liked KTM bikes due to being feature loaded, safe and durable.

5. Please rate the characteristics of KTM Bikes on Scale of 1 to 5

(1 being Lowest and 5 being Highest score)

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a) Power

Options Respondents

a) 1 4

b) 2 1

c) 3 21

d) 4 42

e) 5 24

Graph : Characteristics – Power


The graph represented above reveals the rating of respondents for KTM bikes Power and clearly indicates that with 21 votes for 3 points, massive 42 votes for 4 points and 24 votes for whole 5 on 5 points, consumers love the power delivery of KTM Bikes.

b) Design of Bikes

Options Respondents

a) 1 2

b) 2 8

c) 3 22

d) 4 38

e) 5 22

Graph : Characteristics – Design


The graph represented above reveals the rating of respondents for KTM bikes Design and clearly indicates that with 22 votes for 3 points, 38 votes for 4 points being most of all and 22 votes for whole 5 on 5 points, consumers of like the design philosophy of KTM Bikes of being sleek and aerodynamically precise.

c) Features Offered

Options Respondents

a) 1 1

b) 2 7

c) 3 29

d) 4 46

e) 5 9

Graph : Characteristics – Features


The graph represented above reveals the rating of respondents for KTM bikes Features and clearly indicates that with 29 votes for 3 points, 50% of votes which being 46 votes for 4 points and 9 votes for whole 5 on 5 points, KTM bikes offering loads of features is one of the important factors that Consumer likes about the KTM bikes.

d) Value for Money

Options Respondents

a) 1 7

b) 2 9

c) 3 33

d) 4 34

e) 5 9

Graph : Characteristics – Value for Money


The graph represented above reveals the rating of respondents for KTM bikes Value for Money and clearly indicates that with 32 votes for 3 points, almost same 34 votes for 4 points and only 9 votes for whole 5 on 5 points, Consumer feel that KTM needs to deliver better on being known as Value for Money bikes.

6. Which kind of bike design do you prefer?

Options Respondents

Duke (Naked Body type Bike) 34

RC (Fully-faired Body type Bike) 58

Graph : Bike Body Design Type


It was seen that KTM bikes are loved for their designs but when given choice between DUKE (Naked Body type Bike) and RC (Fully-faired Body type Bike) 63% of consumer which being almost 2/3rd of consumers opted for fully-faired RC bikes instead of naked body street fighters Duke.

7. Which kind of Engine capacity do you prefer?

Options Respondents

Small & compact 200 cc engine 32

Bigger & powerful 390 cc engine 60

Graph : Engine Size Preference


It is human nature to aspire for more and similarly, it can be seen from graph represented above that, 60 respondents voted for bigger and powerful 390 KTM engines compared to 32 votes of smaller and compact 200cc engines. This also indicates that there is high possibility that the launch of upcoming KTM bikes would be happily welcomed by Consumers.

8. If you were to buy KTM Bike, which is much important factor for you when making a decision?

(1st thing you would consider, if you were to buy a KTM bike)

Options Respondents

Features & Safety 52

Power delivery & bike handling 25

Price of Bike 6

Quality and finish of Bike 9

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Graph : Most important factor for decision making


The above graph shows that 56% of Consumers place features and safety when choosing to buy a KTM bike and 27% of Consumer voted for power delivery and bike handling to be their primary thought while decision making. However, there are about 10% of consumer who value quality and finish of bike to be most important and 7% who consider price of bike while making a decision.

9. According to you, what helped you most to gain awareness about KTM Bikes?

Options Respondents

Retailer Outlet 4

Seeing KTM bikes on-road 43

Hoardings 1

Bike Displays at Malls 3

Social media Ads & reviews 16

Word to mouth 25

Graph : Channels of Awareness


The graph represents that seeing a KTM bike on road was most voted channel to 47% of respondents which helped them to gain awareness about KTM bikes, whereas 27% voted to word to mouth and 18% voted to social media ads & reviews for helping them gain awareness about KTM bikes. Also there was small portion of consumer who voted for 3% to Bike displays at malls, 1% to hoarding and 4% voted to Retailer outlet being their source helping to gain awareness.

10. Which promotional tool used by KTM attracted you the most?

Options Respondents

Bike Display at Malls 26

Retailer Outlet 18

Hoardings 7

Social Media Ads & reviews 41

Graph : Promotional Tools


Among the promotional tools, 45% of consumers found Social media ads & reviews of KTM bikes to be most attractive, while 28% voted for Bike displays at malls, 19% voted Retailer outlets and 8% voted hoarding to be effective promotional tool which attracted those consumers.

11. According to you, where have you seen KTM Bikes more?

Options Respondents

Cities 78

Sub-Urban areas 13

Village areas 1

Graph : Sightings of KTM bikes


The graph above clearly shows that massive 85% of respondents found KTM bikes to be easily sighted in cities whereas, 14% voted for sub-urban areas and only 1% voted for village areas. This also indicated that sub-urban areas and village area markets are yet to explored and can provide opportunities to KTM to boost their sales.

12. According to you, how costly is maintenance cost of KTM bike?

(Regular service costs Rs. 1400 – Rs. 1900 including change of oils, lubricants and spare parts)

Options Respondents

Very Cheap 4

Cheap 31

Expensive 44

Very Expensive 13

Graph : Perspective towards maintenance cost


The graph indicates that 48% of respondents voted for KTM Bikes maintenance cost to be Expensive, while 34% of respondents voted the same to be Cheap. Also 14% of respondents voted it to be Very Expensive whereas, as 4% voted it be Very Cheap. If KTM works on after sales service cost of its bikes, it can change consumer perspective of bikes and help boost sales of bikes.

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