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A survey on intelligent self defense for women

A Survey on Intelligent self defense for women

based on IOT (Internet of Things)

Abstract- In todays era women are not that much

secure as they are facing much more problems from

society itself. on street and public area many crimes are

betide with women. This malversation does not allow

women to move freely in odd time. To solve these type of

problems there are many technologies introduced for

women security.

In this paper, we have surveyed existing technologies for

finding location, sending alert messages and collecting

health condition of the women body using different

sensors. In dangerous situations the women will not feel

helpless if they have some safety devices to stop these

offences many technologies introduced.

Keywords- IOT, Sensor”,Security, Smart Band, Smart

Phone, GPS, GSM.


Now a days one of the most common problem faced by the

generation is regarding the safety of women. As we know

that an emergency situation may occurs at any time, there

should be a helping hand for women as women’s are no

physically strong like men. The way to minimize chances of

becoming a victim of brutal crime such as sexual assault”,

rape, domestic violence can identify and seek for help to get

out of critical situation.

There are lot of techniques available to detect critical

situation of women. Some of them uses temperature sensor”,

heartbeat sensor, panic sensor to detect the health condition

of women [2][5]. In dangerous situation women’s voice are

changed and the change the voice can be detect with the

help of sound detector [2]. To detect malversation situation

many devices available in mobile like phone mike, to detect

screams, camera for recording video and picture [1].

In this paper we have surveyed, different technologies

consisting GPS, GSM, sensors and microcontrollers we can

find the exact location of women, sending alert message and

checks the health condition of women respectively [3].


Title 1: All in one Intelligent safety system for women


Authors: Abhijit Paradkar, Deepak Sharma.

Year of publication:2015.

Many incidents takes place in society regarding the women

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safety. This paper describes multiple modules. SOS key

press module and voice reorganization module, by pressing

sos key button the message with women location are send to

registered contact numbers [7]. Auto receiving call module”,

after receiving the alert messages if the receiver calls the

victim, the call get automatically received and makes the

speaker phone on. GPS and GSM module, used for the

finding the location of victim and GSM to send the message


Fig 1. Flow of System

Audio video recording module, the audio video recording

module will start immediately when the system get

activated. It records the conversation for 5 minute and stored

in the mobile database as well as send it to registers mail

accounts and used in case of evidence. Electric shock for

self defense, is also generated screaming alarm siren

module, when sos key button is pressed the siren gets

activated [5].

Title 2: Smart security solution for women based on IOT.

Authors: G C Harikiran, Karthik Menasinkai, Suhas Shirol

Year of publication: 2016

This paper suggests a new perspective to use technology for

women safety. In this system when women is in critical and

abusive situation the system can make use of number of

sensors to precisely detect the real time situation. When

women is in normal situation the function of heartbeat is

normal, but when the women is in critical dangerous

Ms. Kajal R. Gaikwad Ms. Komal B. Ambre Ms. Priti B. Navale Prof. Sudeep K. Hase

Dept of Information


Dept of Information


Dept of Information


Asst. Prof. AVCOE”,


AVCOE, Sangamner AVCOE, Sangamner AVCOE, Sangamner

situation the heartbeat increases and it can be detect with the

help of heartbeat sensor.

Fig 2. Block Diagram

The advantages of this system is, to reduce the cost and

size of device. Smart band is integrated with the smart

phone. The data managed by the smart band is pulse rate”,

body temperature which is continuously observed by the

application install in the smart phone.

Title 3: Smart security solution for women and children

safety on GPS using IOT.

Authors: Asmita Pawar, Pratiksha Sagare, Tejal Sasane.

Year of publication:2017.

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Now a days the threats against women and children

increasing rapidly. This system works on security solution

using smart device into two parts, first an electronic kit for

women safety and second is android application and web

portal for child safety. With the help of GPS exact latitude

and longitude of victim location get traced, alert message

will be send on registered contact and using the raspberry pi

camera images get captured and where forwarded to

android application. Web portal is developed which

information regarding students like student name, bus stops”,

route, driver, etc. have to filled.

If the speed of bus increased or the route get changed then

alert message will be send to principal of school so that

he/she contact to driver and respective action will be taken.

Title 4: Smart gadget for women safety using IOT.

Authors: Mohamad zikriya, Parmeshwar M G .

Year of publication:2018.

In today’s global scenario the era is with the equal rights”,

where men and women are picking up the same

responsibility in their respective work. The system include

smart gadgets basically divided into two section, the first

one capture the images of attacker. The device get

automatically invoked when there is suspicious situation in

front of camera then photos are send to register contact

numbers. It can be used as evidence against the crime.

The second part include the self defense characteristic has

capability of working in any circumstance either with

internet or without internet. By the help of internet as a

smart pedant with flash LED that makes an emergency call

to family, relatives via cloud. When the attacker is at the

shorter distance the LED flash glows on the eyes of

attackers to make vision blur. Self defense without internet

condition electronic shock gloves, which provide the electric

shock which helps to divert the mind of attacker [6]. When

these two factors are combined it helps the victim to escape

from the danger.

Fig 3. Raspberry pi module


We express our sincere thanks to all those who have

provided us the valuable guidance towards the successful

completion of this system as a part of syllabus for the

bachelors course .We express our sincere gratitude towards

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our co-operative department for providing us with all

valuable assistance and equipment for the system

development. We hereby take this opportunity to sincerely

thanks guide Mr. Sudeep K. Hase for their valuable

guidance, inspiration, whole hearted involvement during

every stage of system survey and his experience, perception

through professional knowledge which made it possible for

us in successfully understanding the survey on Intelligent

Self defense based on internet of things.


This paper gives an survey on “Intelligent self defense for

women based on IOT” which is very useful system for

women’s security. Women safety is major issue faced in the

current aeon. This paper explain provide women defense in

the critical situations such as rape, molestation, etc. We have

also abstracted some systems that help to captured images of

attacker for valid evidence against crime in court. With

further survey, this type of ideas can conquer the fear that

scared every women about her safety and security. Survey

send SMS to registered contact numbers.

It can be helps to supports the gender equality by

providing secure environment to women in the society and

allows them to work till late nights.


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