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A vaccine against veganism isn’t vital

Veganism is an undeniably modern and emotive trend which is most prominently present in the society of social media. It’s is a term we continuously hear floating around, linked hand in hand with the oxygen atoms that fill our air. Of course, apart from the pollution. Veganism is the lifestyle of individuals who passionately oppose the use of animal produce in dietary aspects, fashion or toiletries that have been subjected to animal testing. The ideas surrounding veganism possess indisputable qualities which are morally and environmentally righteous, yet social media is twisting the programming of our minds into painting vegans in the preposterous image of brutally ferocious groups who detest anyone with different lifestyles. We’ve all testified to a Facebook post which mocked veganism and depicted vegans as insane but in truth, can you point out a valid fault of this supposedly fallacious belief? Veganism is small wing, which provides shelter for our planet from all the inescapable human cruelty that shapes every corner of it’s surface. Veganism is the answer to the fitter future that scientists cry to find the solution for.

The virus of human greed is significantly destroying our planet’s lungs as we’re witnessing the tragic removal of trees across the globe. It’s been accepted that money can’t grow on trees but the last decades have proven differently. Trees are being chopped down at a rate of twenty football fields each minute. Every 60 seconds. Acres and hectares of salubriously shiny vegetation are being eradicated from the earth to create space for cattle ranching. For meat. The savoury taste of roast beef seems to be proffering plenty more benefits than trees. That beef truly has the capability to convert our biology lessons about roots binding soil, the absorbance of CO2 and the dynamic demographic of habitats in the forests into distant memories, doesn’t it? Grazing results in large quantities of methane production as cows belch due to their body chemistry. One cow produces up to fifty gallons of methane everyday and there are 1.5 billion cows in the world. You figure out the maths. This methane casually flutters off into the atmosphere creating a layer of gas which has officially become thicker that our wallets….. The gases guard heat from escaping, so the globe is cooking in a vigorous oven of energy. When will we suffocate from this filthy air and finally realise that forests are vital to prevent this? (Wait, but the taste of cow flesh is so irresistible that we have to rip trees from the land? Pathetic.)

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The homes of polar bears are liquefying and overwhelming the capacity of our oceans, 168 million Bangladeshis may lose their country and Instagram models will visit the Maldives in snorkelling suits as areas become wrapped in ocean. The possibility of 28″,000 perished species in the next 25 years and loss of prosperous rainforests highlights the effects of our desire for meat consumption. Veganism could remarkably reduce the pressure our environment has to endure by cows trampling on land so they can appear on our plates. It is feasible to outlive the calamitous destruction of our climate, if we make the crucial and coherent consideration of switching to a plant based diet to reduce meat consumption urgently.

Imagine the restricting chunks of metal closing off the inky microscopic cages. The vulgar scent of blood invading the air. Squeals, screams and shrieks of scorching torture pouncing the livestock. The slaughterhouses. The place your meal has faced gruesome butchery, soon after gallons of antibiotic have been shot straight into its veins, which you then pleasurably guzzle, but ask yourself why your medicine isn’t annihilating the injurious beasties using your organism as accommodation. We are ignorant to this barbarism. 113 million pigs yearly are racked with pain as their bones shatter and their offspring are pilfered from them to produce a massacre of piglet bodies to be manoeuvred straight to the butcher for bacon. Their lives centre around pain, birthing and dying . These disgusting actions are a divergence from nature. Visualise the wicked treatment of livestock that is adapted to live on stupendous fields without being swamped in it’s own blood. A activist expressed that: “if you haven’t been in a hen plant, you don’t know what hell is.” My own aunt evacuated her job in livestock farming despite financial struggles, and briskly switched to a plant based diet. The splattered tissue of creatures never stopped haunting her. It’s nauseating that we let this happen to other animals when we could aid this affliction by growing an acceptance for veganism and making effortless adjustments to our diet such as replacing cow milk with almond milk because vegans reduce this infliction of pain by freeing animals of devastation through minimising their use of animal produce. Yes, it’s that straightforward if we all contribute to minimising this international overabundance of gluttony.

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In 1990 only 14% of UK adults were obese whereas, in 2017 27% of Britons were diagnosed with obesity. This conspicuous increase isn’t an astounding revelation due to the astronomical numbers of takeaway shops which are developing to become the modern architecture of our cities. Takeaways are the powerhouses of sugary fiends which creep up on us and appear angelic to our taste buds. These fat – composed demons can be invited into our homes with a single phone call. They are dangerous because they’re irresistible, but they have innumerable health risks: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, strokes. This diet is becoming deeply embedded into our culture as the NHS spends £16 million on obesity yearly in contrast to the £13.6 spent on police and fire services combined. We’re wrecking our bodies with each bite. I strongly believe that a rise in educational campaigns about veganism in schools could rescue us from this noxious nourishment. Vegans are gifted with health benefits such as 75% less chance of experiencing high blood pressure and up to a 78% reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. After all, they’re pouring nutrients into their bodies and we should envy their courage to do so. That’s why it is downright absurd that in recent years, there are stories circulating like one about a Dublin café owner banning vegans from his café and frightening to kill them. Why are we treating vegans as if the government must launch a militant attack against them to save the nation? They’re eating carrots, not stabbing us with them.

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Let’s shift to a vegan’s mind. Vegans must be perplexed by the denunciation that is gratuitously forced onto them as people are instantly triggered by their choices and mindlessly link their beneficial vegan lifestyles to their quality as humans. Vegans are unequivocally selfless for their efforts to ameliorate this earth. It’s disturbingly ironic how many meat-lovers challenge veganism and vocally assault the lifestyle yet, their consumption and activities pose a much more direct threat on the future of our planet and the people that populate it. We should be ashamed of this hypocrisy. Cities are being torn into dust and shrapnel, murder is harvesting humans and Trump is preying on the prudence of politics, yet we’re so engaged in criticising vegans! Let’s tackle and erode this hostility towards vegans without delay. Picking vegans apart online and humiliating them must be terminated because it’s clear the vegan community would welcome and educate us; not necessarily on cutting out animal produce, but cutting down on it. Indulging in such a community would create a sense of acceptance which many of us strive for in this ominous world. I challenge you not to scroll past the next vegan post you see on Instagram, double tap it instead..

Not in a particle of my entity will ever oppose the views of the remainder of people who are desperately grasping onto our planet to prevent it from collapsing under the pressure of our nefariously self-indulgent minds. Veganism isn’t an online epidemic which must be eradicate to halt it’s global spread. We should open our minds to celebrating the triumph of vegan lifestyles and gradually adopting it as our own. You can’t point out a vegan from a crowd, so don’t make them victims to your malicious remarks. Will we help to liberate Earth from portions of inhumanity through veganism, or will we jump to Mars to make it the next sufferer?

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