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Lovepreet Kohli was born on September 7, 2001, in Delhi, India. she was raised in India for 13 years. she’s currently in grade 12 at Lester B. Pearson. Her parents, Sukhvinder Kohli and Gurmeet Kohli are originally from Delhi, India and she was raised as a Sikh. she has a younger sister named Kashish Kohli who also goes to Lester b Pearson Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Lovepreet previously attended Dr Marion Hilliard. She will be graduating in June 2019 from Lester b Pearson.

she never thought that she would experience living in a different country. however, she made a special journey to Canada. she lived in India for 11 years and they all decided to move to Canada in 2012. it was unbelievable for her. she looked at her new surrounding it was clean, beautiful, and quiet. it was so different for her everything, everywhere, everyone was new for her. she was scared and thought that’s she couldn’t live here. Her whole family started their new life in a different country. She was happy and glad that she came here. “new challenges everyday”.

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Her favourite subjects are biology, chemistry and math. she wants to study these subjects in future and become a professional in one of the fields. high school helped her a lot to refine this passion to the field of science.

she loves spending time with her family. For her, it is very special spending time with her family. it’s actually something that she always looks forward to the most throughout the year because she knows it’s a time where they all go together. Growing up they had some finical issues, but her parents made sure that they would always go together. It was such a beautiful part of her childhood.

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“There nothing better than spending time with your family “

she has various hobbies at home. At home, her favourite hobby is watching tv in her spare time and it never interferes with her homework. She prefers to finish her studies first then watch tv. She thinks it’s a good hobby because watching tv provides some knowledge. She usually watches the news, animal planets, discovery channels and some shows on Netflix. Another hobby is baking and cooking after finishing her homework, she generally spends her a lot of free time in cooking. however, she learned cooking from her grandma when she was 14 years old.

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