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About artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will open up the veils to the whole new world. It will change the game since it will be in every single place you could imagine. Mankind had faced everything starting from the industrial revolution to the endless wars, atomic bombs, mass act of terrorism. But the central shift would probably happen between the 21st and 22nd centuries with the rise of AI in all parts of our lives. Even now AI is actively participating in justice activity and I am sure it will be essential assistant to get rid of tedious work and focus on what matters the most. The question is how to teach morality and should we grant them human rights as a human alike creation.

Humankind tends to be scared of everything due to mother nature and it affects the way we perceive challenges of modern time. Let’s remind the fact that we have been continuously warned by the greatest human minds as Stephen Hawking. Media, cinematograph had major impact on wild imagination that one day robots would take over the world. This scenario was reinforced by Hawking who believed that AI would be able to change the pre-programmed algorithms and man would not stop it. Man as a simple creature would be out of competition immediately and surrender to the robots. After the passing of Stephen, the media got the new predicting machine Elon Musk who somehow shared the ideas with the latter scientist. Musk repeatedly underlines the importance of proactive regulation in order to prevent the risk of destruction by digital monster. But I support reactive approach to AI not to overreact

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The concerns which were spread and influenced not only by Elon Musk, could find support from ordinary people. It is better to say the large proportion of the world’s population. It is well-known fear that AI would replace man. This is issue concerns people with low skills. Automation of all processes will eliminate human from the chain. Therefore, some people call AI as job killer. But the reality is machine replaces specific task not job. For instance, Amazon had automated processes to 45″,000 robots from 2000. They still hire the same amount of people. The key is that AI eliminates repetitive task and leaves more meaningful, creative tasks for people. Everyone who is afraid of AI should understand one thing – AI brings value.

When we let all concerns and fears go away, let’s move to the AI being the most useful helper in bringing justice to the society. There are a lot of ways in which AI participates in legal issues successfully now. AI had entered in the legal field due to some level of inefficiency of legal systems around the world. Some countries in Europe may claim that imprisonment rate dropped by 6.6 per cent during last two years while the USA has 2″,2 million of current prisoners. But other countries still need to manage a lot of cases as long queue in courts, constant high rate of prisoners, overloaded lawyers. Therefore, AI can help to manage all the legal issues by software, system that is able to forecast the probability of recidivist to commit a crime repeatedly, help the judge to approve or decline the bail, chatbots can consult and help in drafting official documents.

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AI can calculate the probability of the individual to commit offence again based on the history of criminal records taking into account the region. Software is able to predict in which districts crimes are more likely to be committed and by whom. It reallocates the resources aimed to reach the efficiency and effectiveness of decreasing the crime rate, and also shares out the time spent on risk assessment. On the contrary to judges, AI is indifferent, for instance to weather or bad mood that means nothing influences on it during the process, final result. Such algorithms cuts the crime rate, imprisonment rate as well.

AI helps lawyers with time-wasting researches, document reviews providing fast access to large database of criminal records, similar cases. Now tedious work does not overburden during the trial. Such software also forecast the outcome of the case. Ott Velsberg, Estonia has planned to develop the software which main purpose to ease the work of court by AI analyzing the documents and information of two sides. As a result, AI would give a decision, if the parties would not be satisfied they can apply to a judge man. While in Shanghai court uses software which react to voice and shows relevant evidences on the screen in the courtroom. The LISA lawyer assists in writing of official documents saving money from the average charge 7″,800$. In the future creators plan to expand the area of legal documents from legal fees to disclosure agreements. Cost will be cut up to 80 per cent. Another great example is SemLab software that calculates which lawyer in particular case in the court has the highest probability to win analyzing database of previous history of cases. DoNotPay chatbot helps to appeal legal fees, parking tickets by drafting official letters to convenient bodies in one click. 400″,000 parking tickets had been appealed successfully in one-year period.

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The last but not the least, teaching AI morality will be not the simplest one because humankind cannot be determined and united concerning it. AI can be taught realism values or virtue values, though the world itself does not have the actual answer. People with same cultural background are divided in opinion. Another potential problem whether give rights or ignore it. From the legal point of view, individual has rights and property has not. AI is closely related to the latter as creation to be alike human, they lack self-awareness, pain tolerance, and ability to act responsible and moral at the same time. AI cannot have personhood, hence, no legal rights. Protection from man is controversial issue because it is done in order to protect human from anti-social acts.

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