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About banking

January, 2019

Dr. James Bakul Sarker

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Associate Professor & Deputy Director

BBA Program, School of Business and Economics.

United International University.

Subject: Submission of Internship Report

Dear Sir”,

With due respect, I would like to thank you sir for assisting me and support me to prepare this internship report. As I have done my internship report on Mutual Trust Bank, this internship report helps me to research the overall banking sector. In my internship report I have tried my best to show the main department of bank such as General banking department, Cash department, Foreign exchange department, and credit department etc. I think it’s a great pleasure for me to get an opportunity to work such this bank which remains a very well position than other bank in Bangladesh. I think I am very lucky to be a little part of MTB within a very short time.

Finally, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to work. I will be available for any clarification on this report whenever necessary.

Sincerely Yours

Mahmuda Khan


ID: 114142004


A lot of effort and study have been put to make this report into a reality. This would not have been possible without the genuine support and assistance provided by the people whom I approached during the various stages of writing this report. Here I would like to convey my special thanks to my organizations supervisor for providing all his support throughout the whole period of my internship.

I especially would like to thank my academic supervisor, Dr.James Bakul Sarker, Associate Professor &”,deputy director of United International University; for his kind advice, counseling, direction and help. Without whose kind guidance this report would not have been possible.

I would like to thank my another supervisor Mr.Ismail Hossain DM and SAVP of Dhanmondi brunch and GB incharge Farhana Akter FAVP of Dhanmondi Brunch. I would also like to thank other officers of Dhanmondi Brunch who have been so kind and helpful to me during my Internship period. They helped me in every possible way. All though they used to remain busy all the day but they tried their best. Without their contribution it was not possible for me to prepare this report alone. It was a great pleasure for me to work with such kind, hard working and helpful officers.

Executive summary

Every day banking sector is modernizing and developing its different financial events based on their customers demand. Banking process is becoming faster, and easier to their customers. Now a day’s customers can get any bank related information easily sitting at home by their sms banking service. Mutual Trust Bank is one of them which is called a third generation private bank in Bangladesh. It has started its journey in 23th October 1999. Its starting capital was BDT 100″,00″,00000/-. It has operates its all banking activities through their head office. From the starting point the number of brunch of MTB was very few. But now gradually the number of brunches has increased. Mutual Trust Bank offers various products based on their customers demand such as Brick by Brick, Monthly benefited plan, Children education plan, MTB School Banking, MTB Milliners Plan, etc. Beside this MTB offer various online banking activities such as MTB SMS banking, Tele banking services etc.MTB also provides other service such as Issue Pay order, Demand Draft, locker service, Credit card service and debit card service. Dhanmondi brunch is the 9th position of whole bunch of MTB. In 2018 Dhanmondi Brunch achieved their target profits. This brunch is mainly furnished by four main department such as General banking department, Cash department, Foreign exchange department, and Credit department etc. All the departments are individuals and officers are doing their job sincerely. The regular task of General banking is to open a new account, issue pay order, close dormant account, and authorize cheque and many other. On the other hand the main task of cash department is to receive cheque from the customers and give money to the customers. Before giving money officer will at first check depositor’s signature, date, and valid amount depositor want to withdraw. If everything is ok then depositor can withdraw money. Foreign exchange department is another important department where all export, import and foreign remittance related activities has done. Here L/C is the main documents of export, import and if any nonresident Bangladeshi sent money from outside, anyone can withdraw money if he/she has an account on MTB. Anyone can also send money outside Bangladesh. Now the most important department is credit department. The main task of credit department is to sanction different types of loan. Mutual Trust Bank has established with the aim of fulfill consumers target and become a leading bank in Bangladesh.

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Table of Content

Part-1 Primary Division


All of we must hear the word name “Bank”. Now the question arise the word “Bank” which is well-known to us, what is it and what bank does? If I start in the early stage then I will say in normal sense Bank is something where people keep their asset or earning in safe so that when necessary people can utilize their assets or earnings in right time and right place. Generally the journey of bank has started in ancient time. That time people lead their life by hunting. Gradually they felt the necessity to store their hunt in a certain place. Days after day’s people are civilized and they started to keep not only their food but also kept their assets and earnings. The formal journey of bank has started approximate 1800th B.C. Ancient Greece is considered to play an important rule for making the main model bank. They had started their banking business by giving grain loan to the farmer and dealers. Gradually they conveyed merchandise so that they can expand their business. They also conveyed Roman and Italian People to involve this business. On that time people started to gradually introduce the word name “Bank”. In 2000 B.C Greece and Roman people started their banking business by giving loan and accepted deposits. They also exchanged money. Day by day the banking business has developed and spread all over the world. Now days the number of bank is approximate 25″,000 all over the world. In 21st century the definition of bank has changed the word name “Bank” is a financial institution which deals with money. There are different types of bank all over the world such as central bank, commercial bank, merchant bank, and many other banks. However when we utilize the term bank it most of the time implies commercial bank that is one where people deposit their money store of cash from people in general, reimbursing on interest or generally and pull back capable on interest and utilizing the stores as advance and venture to meet the money related requirements of business and different classes of society.

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As we live in the 21stcentury our modern world is moving faster towards globalization due to the last few decade’s awareness of the people is also increase in different sector. People are starting to invest their money in different sector as they are starting to invest their money in different site that’s why they are involving more in banking sector. Present days banking site is modernizing and growing its deliver in distinctive financial occasions each day. In the meantime the managing a bank account procedure is becoming quicker, more demanding and is getting to be more extensive for the betterment of their customers. To meet up their goal banking sector are providing better service so that they can satisfy their customers and trying to achieve their goal. So now it has turned out to be basic need for each individual to have some thought on the banking sector and managing an account method.

In our country there are 54 commercial banks. Mutual trust bank is one of them where I have likely got a chance to do my internship here. Mainly Mutual Trust Bank is a financial organization where its main goal is to modernize their fund and gain more surpluses and reduce deficit. Mutual Trust Bank accepts deposit and gives loan, by this process MTB creates money. Different feature apart banks from other financial institutions. As bank is an economic institution whose main aim is to earn profit by exchange money and credit instruments.

Origin of the report

Generally Internship program is one kind’s practical knowledge where intern can introduce organizational etiquette and also introduce actual official environment. This internship program is very important for every undergraduate student. Since it encourage that specific student to familiar with the genuine organizational environment. As bank is one of the most important financial intermediaries. That’s why I have chosen Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTBL) which is a standout amongst the most driving banks in the new managing in account field.

MTBL always arrange an internship program so that students can gather practical knowledge from banking sector. I have done my internship on Mutual Trust Bank Dhanmondi Brunch. My topic for this internship report is overall banking main activities such General banking, Cash department, Foreign exchange department, and Credit department.

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Objectives of the study

The first objective of this report is to fulfill the requirement of the BBA program which will help me in the future. The following objectives are given below.

 The main objective of this report is to fulfill the requirement of BBA program.

 To gather different banking services of Mutual Trust Bank.

 To gather knowledge of different transaction of different department.

 To know about the MTB product and their disbursement.

 To gather knowledge about foreign exchange such as export, import, and foreign remittance.

 To inform people about credit and growing awareness about credit.

 Make awareness about small and medium loan.

 To make inspiration about credit and also create awareness of industrial loan and create employment opportunities.

 Establish equity and justices through the fare distribution of society.

 Match the economic development with social development.

Scope of the Study

In Mutual Trust Bank Dhanmondi Brunch I have got opportunities to learn more because of the employees here are so helpful.

 I had a special desk.

 Colleagues were so helpful and give me lot of information.

 I have done banks internal work in their Website such as Flora and Mnet.

 Their internet and official websites are much upgraded.

 Their financial data are available. That’s why no problem occurs when I need any information.

Limitation of the Study

No internship report is free from limitations. I have faced some problems during the study which I have mentioned below.

 Lack of Time: I had completed this report within a very short time which is not sufficient to show everything in detail. That’s why I was unable to collect more information’s.

 Lack of Supervision: I will never say that officers were not helpful rather they were so helpful that’s why I have learned many things from them. But the main problem is most of the time they remain busy with their daily work. For this reason sometimes they don’t want to cooperate due to their work pressure. Which create problem for collecting information for my study?

 Other Limitations: As this is my new experience that’s why I have faced some practical problem which I don’t have faced before. That’s why many things have been written on my own observations.

Methodology of the Study

Source of Data

The report which I have done is descriptive in nature. The information of my report is collected in both primary and secondary types of data. Which have been collected within the organization and corporate division of MTBL.

Primary Data

 Desk work practically.

 Conversation of officers and clients.

 Observe personally.

 Study of organizational file.

Secondary Data: Study of Annual report of Mutual Trust Bank, MTBL website, MNet and also study different guidelines, and Journals of MTBL.

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