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In the year 2004 A.D., Cecelia Ahern came up with her first novel ‘PS I Love You’. And it was a wonderfully life-affirming debut. Cecelia, an Irish novelist was just 22 years old then, and had completed a degree in journalism and media studies. She is well known for her writing in romance, contempary and young, adult fiction. Publising ‘PS I Love You’ was a life turning step for Ahern, because millions of copies were sold, and it turned out to be a number one bestseller. Her great work, dedication, she had put up in this book can’t be neglected and that’s the reason, it’s a major motion picture now. Later in the same year, 2004 A.D., Ahern’s another successful novel ‘Where Rainbow Ends’ was published. Her other successful novels are ‘If You Could See Me Now’ and ‘A Place Called Here’.

Whenever, I get long vacations, I love being hooked up with books. In the year 2017, one of my friends, suggested me to read ‘PS I Love You’. And no wonder, since then it’s one of my favourite. The book was written in 2004, but still matched my taste, of someone who is picky when it comes to book. Not all the books interest me. But I found the words so strong, the characters, the plot, seemed so real to me, though it wasn’t a real story. I can’t deny the fact that this book just shook me up and made my tears brust out. And, here is my honest review on it.

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This novel speaks up so much about holding on, letting go and learing to love again. A 29 year old lady, Holly Kennedy, who lost her husband, is shown struggling daily to live and love again. Seeing holly stand alone broke my heart. The things, they had been through, the time they spent just left me in wander. I wished they had more time to spend together. Although, in the beginning of the novel, Gerry’s death was mentioned, but a reader can find his presence in each pages of the book. Even the breakup hearts, then ofcourse, loosing one’s dearest husband gives aches and burns all over the body and hearts. This book just left me in wander that if I will ever find someone like Gerry, who cared for his wife even after his death?

People are afraid to fall in love again because some were betrayed by their lovers, whereas some lost their only love, like Holly. A lady, whose world just revolved around her husband was then, all scattered and messed up. The things with which she was used to were all fading away and she needed to be ready for the new chapter, she had to write alone. But, Ahern beautifully showed up the love and support her friends and family showed up. They lovingly guided her to a new beginning, proving that death is always not the end, but sometimes it might be a new beginning too.Women’s are strong, but when it comes to love and emotions, most of them fail to hold it. The way, Holly held up her feelings, when Gerry was living his last days was something really that fascinated me. But then, when he was gone, that strong lady was no long stronger. Putting me in Holly’s character gave so much pain in my heart. Holding emotions, being strong doesn’t always last longer; we emotionally get dragged down and can’t hold when it’s enough.

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But holding up one’s memories, staying within same boundary will never bring happiness and changes in life. Gerry was gone but Holly was left to struggle and survive. One has to remember that after every night, a new day comes up. After night full of tears and heavy heart, one has to learn to move on. Moving on is not easy, but if u want to be happy, that is the thing you must do. Every letter, Gerry, left for his wife assigned with ‘PS I Love You’, showed her way to find happiness even after his death. She had to live happily again, she had to fall in love again, and she had to shoot for the moon, enjoy the changes in life, and Gerry was the one to make it happen. People usually break apart when changes come in life and fail to stand, but this was not with Holly.

Personally, I don’t believe in true love or the love that lasts for long. But I felt, Cecelia proved me wrong here. Most of us might feel it too, but to be proved wrong and be questioned u really need to go through this amazing novel. Love is just a mystery and way too deep than anyone can ever imagine. Holly and Gerry proved that love isn’t a weakness, it’s a srength, and it always motivates you to be the better version. One should always shoot for the moon because if you loose, you will still be among the stars.

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