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We also put some healthy snacks and healthy chocolates for the patients for free. Furthermore, we also make sure that the place that they are staying are cozy so that they can become comfortable whenever they are here in clinic. Lastly, we value our customer’s need and we will make sure that the amount they are going to pay is affordable for everyone. This medical clinic focuses on the quality of service that they give to their patients. Our main goal is to help first the most vulnerable population, because we believe that to help a child stay healthy and strong will increase the child’s chances of a fruitful life. Also, our business will ensure that every patient will be provided an excellent clinical experience from the management. This pediatric medical clinic will satisfy your needs and make sure that your recovery is our number one priority. Even though our clinic is not as big as others the service that you will get here is more convenient than the other clinic. You will also experience like this clinic is just like the coziness that you experience in your home. You will be in good hands where you will receive a support from your emotional needs during stressful events such as sudden illness, injury and etc. Our pediatric medical clinic has a good quality of service where we truly value our customer’s wants and needs. We think that our business will become successful because we have planned every step that we’re going to do in our business and we know how to prioritize such things. Also, one of the main assets that our clinic has is that the cost of the services that we offer is lower than of normal but not compromising the quality Vivian Que Azcona She is the president of one of the largest drugstore successions in the Philippines, Mercury Drug. It is founded by her late father Mariano Que in 1945 who died at the age of 96. She continues the family business line making her lead in fast growing competitive market resulting her to be top 36th on the Forbes’ 2017 in one of the lists of the richest in the Philippines. Jukka Peltola He is the CEO and founder of Goodio. He worked in gaming industry and had no experience in food business but he risks to switch and focus to food industry specifically chocolate factory. Goodio promotes good health by providing healthy snacks and treats for the consumers. He looked for the benefits of cacao, a main ingredient in chocolates, which mostly fail to notice its nutrition. Goodio produces healthy chocolate bars that is nutritious. Shireen Yates She is the co-founder and CEO of Nima. She invented a device that enables the consumer to test their food in a few minutes to know if there’s gluten in it. She decided to help and lead people to have a healthy lifestyle. This assist and gives people most specially their consumers a huge guidance in choosing food that is healthy and safe for them. Dr. Rodger Novak He is the co-founder and CEO of CRISPR Therapeutics, a company that concentrates in gene correcting and improving for patients with serious diseases to get rid their unfavorable genetic illness. CRISPR Therapeutics’ aim to allow the gene family line to be edit/correct to terminate diseases like cancer, hemophilia and etc. Mick Corell He is the CEO of Genospace, a software company whose goal is to help researchers, laboratories, and drugstore companies in accuracy and particularity of medicine. Julia Taylor Cheek She is a Harvard Business School graduate, a co-founder and CEO of EverlyWell. She started to conceive thoughts about her business when she experienced of going to specialist and ran laboratory test without explaining the result to her that’s why she spent a huge amount of money for her to understand the result of her test. EverlyWell offers home lab testing which are accessible and available to their secure website. In conclusion, she decided to help people simplify their result in laboratory test by setting words and charts that is easily to understand. Pediatrician Job Qualification: • Education: Graduate of Medical Science. With valid License from the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). • Experience: With at least 2 years of working experience in the related field. • Qualifications: Will accept patient referrals; provide primary medical care; consult with specialists; excellent communication skills; and respond to pediatric emergencies. Has no any pending malpractice suits or criminal case/s. An active listener, patient and calm. Job Description: • Conduct regular thorough examinations on newborns and young children to check and record their health and normal physical development. • Provide care in age-appropriate manner. • Perform assessments and diagnoses of patients and offer appropriate treatment. • Examine sick children to determine their condition and ask intuitive questions to gather information about symptoms. • Interpreting results and determining the right diagnosis. • Render emergency medical services to patients when necessary and provide emergency care while in transit to the nearest hospital. • Monitoring patients’ health and referring him or her to a specialist if necessary. Nurse Job Qualification: • Education: Graduate of BS in Nursing. With valid License from the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). • Experience: With at least 1 year of working experience in the related field. • Qualifications: Can provide compassionate care to children who suffer from illnesses or injuries; excellent communication skills; and willingness to work a flexible schedule and to fill in when needed Job Description: • Administer medications, provide vaccinations and render treatment to children. • Ability to explain treatments and conditions to children of all ages. • Create and contribute to patients’ medical records as needed. • Respond to inquiries, concerns and complaints from patients and their parents or guardians. • Collaborate with physicians to create a Plan of Care for each patient. • Track and maintain medical supply inventory. Pharmacists Job Qualification: • Education: Graduate of BS in Pharmacy. With valid License from the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). • Experience: With at least 1 year of working experience in the related field. • Qualifications: Display a customer service; excellent communication skills; can provide personalized service; and has strong understanding of the major pharmaceutical platforms. Job Description: • Provide accurate medication distribution services. • Ensures that each prescription meets the health requirements of patients. • Maintain accurate inventory medications. • Offer information to assist patients in understanding how to properly take their prescribed medications. Medical Receptionist: Job Qualification: • Education: Graduate of BS in Nursing, Medicine, or any related courses. • Experience: With at least 6 months of working experience in the related field. • Qualifications: Welcomes patients with warmth; display a customer service; excellent communication skills; can do significant amounts of multi-tasking; and can provide personalized service. Job Description: • Provide patients with intake and new patient forms as well as copies of our office policies and legally required documents. • Schedule appointments for new and recurring patients. • Process payments from patients for co-pays and uninsured visits. • Call patients to remind them of upcoming appointments and to help them schedule testing for off-site services. Clinical Assistants Job Qualification: • Education: Graduate of any medical degree. With valid License from the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). • Experience: With at least 2 years of working experience in the related field. • Qualifications: able to put patients at ease and explain physicians’ instructions; excellent written and verbal communication skills. Job Description: • Record medical charts. • Review patient information such as vital signs, weight and changes in medical history. • Prepare examination rooms prior to patient appointments. • Assist the nurse in maintaining the medical inventory and placing orders for new materials as needed. • Assess and make medical and nursing management on specific chronic diseases. Housekeeper Job Qualification: • Education: At least High School graduate. • Experience: Working experience is not necessary. • Qualifications: Can perform light and heavy cleaning duties in a safe and orderly manner; maintain clean environment for the staff and patients; ability to work around residents with mental and physical handicaps; and excellent communication skills. Job Description: • Provides quality customer service to patients. • Sweeps, scrubs, mops and polishes floors. • Dusts and polishes furniture and fittings. • Disposes of trash in a sanitary manner. • Responds to calls for housekeeping problems. Security Guard Job Qualification: • Education: At least High School Graduate. Trained and licensed security guard. • Experience: With at least 2 years of working experience in the related field. • Qualifications: Reliable to handle interior and exterior security through manual observation; ability to operate detecting systems and emergency equipment; and excellent communication skills. Job Description: • Conduct regular patrol duties during shift inside and outside the facility. • Act lawfully in direct defense of life and property. • Assist the maintenance staff in securing an area. • Collaborate with other members of the security team to ensure the safety of the facility.

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