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BP’s gulf oil spill was recognized and will forever be recognized as the largest oil spill in history. This was from leaking pipe which leaked oil and gas on the. This disaster occurred on the ocean floor which was 5000 meters under the water surface which left a permanent bad effective mark on the environment. The disaster continued to go on with the leak for 87 days and by the time they stopped the leak”,. Manager jimmy harrell gave orders to schlumberger to perform a test which he did not do to ensure the stability of the wellbore but david vidrine having his mindset of cutting costs at instructed by BP thought the problem lied within the sensors which led to a disaster from poor team management and communication.

Conflict Management

The clashing of negative different opinions over a particular issue which can be physical or verbal.

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Functional Conflict: parties deal with the conflict respectively and compromise and listen to each other’s opinion Dysfunctional conflict: conflict is effecting the production because of egos and not compromising which leads to mistrust, blame or violence.

Vidrine puts pressure on his team when decisions were being made whether to keep the fuel pipes open or not which eventually led to poor decision making because the pipes were highly pressured and caused a blockage that triggered a fire.

Vidrine focuses on proving Jimmy wrong about the need to test the cement foundation which Vidrine did not see a need for testing it and threatens to tell Jimmy Harrell’s superiors. Which his behavior is lowering the staff’s morale and wasting time and reduces massive production.


. . .

.Management Competencies

Organizational awareness-the manager of DWH Jimmy Harrell who has more than twenty years in oil industry and knows the functioning of the business and understands the organization culture that is in line with the business vision and mission.

Teamwork-the teamwork is crucial because In order to fulfill DWH’s goal which is to extract oil, they all have to work together and all know their ques of when to do what to achieve and rely on one another to achieve together as a company.

Customer service is the most important to BP and the always want to satisfy their customers which they rely on oil extracted by Deepwater horizon to always be up to standard.

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Supplier-Transocean would be the supplier for BP as they physically supply BP with oil which is their product

Ethics and professionalism

Ethics: Morales and behavior someone obtains in the business environment. They are seen as the difference between a right vs wrong.

The movie places the blame squarely on the BP executives who helped direct the drilling operations. Don Vidrine, BP’s “company man” on the rig, fairly drips ego as he pushes the crew to cut corners which is not right (unethical). In Louisiana drawl, he tells the Transocean men for being “nervous as cats.”

The reality is more complex: BP consistently made some decisions that favored speed over safety, and the company had a reputation for being particularly hard-driving. But the Transocean crew was also involved in the dubious decision-making. And the federal regulators who supervised drilling in the Gulf of Mexico signed off on their plans at every stage.

Vidrine is not worried about doing what’s right and replies to his superior Jimmy that they are 50 days behind.

Williams is not professional as he calls his family using Transocean’s resources and during working hours including during the time of the explosion.

Top Level Management-delegates to how much oil will be needed by BP. BP also took big decision like when they sent their testing team home instead of the letting them test the ridges and pipes.

Middle Level Management-Deepwater Horizon and its top operators e.g. Jimmy Harrell then delegates how it is doing to be done.

Lower Level Management-workers/labors that physically work there and operate the machinery and extract the requested oil by their superiors

Management vs leadership

Leader-makes his/her followers aware of the advantaged of pursuing course of action and takes good control over bad situations. Manager is appointed to enable him to insist on people doing as he/she instructs

. . As crew members were panicking while trying to get on life boats. Williams stepped in to bring sense of calm during the fiery explosion which showed good leadership of taking control in bad situations.

Focus on people-Harrell calls for a negative pressure test to ensure the integrity of the well. This shows he takes his job serious and the safety of his team involved.

Laissez-fez-Harrell gives the task of oil extraction and trust’s his team enough to go shower while his not present which may have been bad because if h was there during the explosion he could’ve known what steps to take to reduce the explosion.

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Harrell is shown to be a good leader under his leadership, BP has won the safety award seven years in a row before the explosion occurs

Transformational-motivates employees by helping them understand the meaning of work

Williams not only motivated someone in the meaning of work but motivated someone of the meaning their life. During the explosion he motivates one of the employees to jump into the water so they can live as this was the only option to live. Discipline-BP’s top level management is disciplined and shows this by listening to the rules of wearing a magenta tie and when told he does as told by the management of DWH Jimmy as to taking it off.

Cooperate Government

Transparency-Transocean team is not honest to BP on how behind they are and leads to BP putting more pressure as they think all is well

Accountability-Deepwater Horizons manager Jimmy Harrell takes decision for the company and therefor also is accountable for those decisions taken and even though he takes them alone, the consequences for them will be felt by everyone.

Social Responsibility-the society would be communities close to BP and giving back as part of their CSR.

Impact on Deepwater Horizon on the environment

How Does the BP Oil Spill Impact Wildlife and Habitat?

International Bird Rescue

Scientists are still assessing the effects of the estimated 170 million gallons of oil that flooded into the Gulf after the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

will be unfolding for years, and they will take even longer to understand. After the Gulf oil disaster, how are coastal wetlands and wildlife faring

Immediate Impacts

in the months following the Gulf oil disaster, wildlife managers, rescue crews, scientists and researchers saw many immediate impacts of the oil impacting wildlife.

Oil coated birds’ feathers, causing birds to lose their buoyancy and the ability to regulate body temperature.

Mammals could have ingested oil, which causes ulcers and internal bleeding.

Sea turtles were covered in oil

Dead and dying deep sea corals were discovered seven miles from the Deepwater Horizon well.

Unbalanced Food Web – The Gulf oil disaster hit at the peak breeding season for many species of fish and wildlife. The oil’s toxicity may have hit egg and larval organisms immediately, diminishing or even wiping out those age classes. Without these generations, population dips and cascading food web effects may become evident in the years ahead.

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Decreased Fish and Wildlife Populations – Scientists will be watching fluctuations in wildlife populations for years to come. It wasn’t until four years after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil disaster that the herring population collapsed. Twenty years later, it is still has not recovered.

Global Warming and BP

Methane. Long associated with bovine burps and putrid landfills, it’s what triggered the explosion that caused the Deepwater Horizon to burn and sink in the first place, unleashing a torrent of crude into the Gulf of Mexico that has now surpassed the Exxon Valdez as the worst oil spill in United States history. The gas is also still being released along with the oil: According to BP scientists, the mixture spewing from the ocean floor is about 40 percent natural gas (read: mostly methane), and 60 percent petroleum compounds.

Just to refresh your memory, methane is a greenhouse gas that is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, methane concentrations in the atmosphere have more than doubled over the past two centuries, mostly due to human activity.

When I contacted Jeff Chanton, a professor in the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science at Florida State University who has been closely following the BP spill, he was quick to point out that the immediate short-term threat to the ecosystem in the Gulf, is, of course, the oil itself.

But, he says, “Methane is undeniably bubbling out with this oil and escaping to the atmosphere”,” he says. “This will exacerbate the greenhouse effect.”

Based on a recent research looking at natural oil seeps on the sea floor its estimates that anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of the methane released might make its way into the air. It’s said it’s because the oil actually forms a protective coating around the methane bubbles, allowing the gas to escape to the surface instead of being dissolved in seawater and consumed by natural methanotrophic bacteria.

the natural seep was very oily and the site that was very oily, is not found to be elevated methane concentrations in the atmosphere over the site. But another site that was shallower, where the bubbles were not oily. So the oil helps the methane get to the surface by kind of armoring the bubbles and then they don’t dissolve as much.”

It increased global warming climate changes and increased temperatures.

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