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‘Buzz! Buzz!’

Uproarious vibrations erupted from my rotary phone. Exhausted, I hauled myself up from the cradled arms of the snug silken tranquillity. Expeditiously, I brushed my teeth, chucked on a sombre knitted jumper- unintentionally, one which created a creeping sensation around my nape.I divulged my mystical, serpent eyed, emerald necklace on top, which glittered like a river of diamonds in the candlelight- my akel. Hastily, shuffling towards the entryway whilst tugging on the neck of my jumper and tieing up the little parcels for my feet. Eminently distracted combating against time, I neglected my mothers routinely cocooned embrace – one which caused our bodies to melt as every muscle lost its tension to the spring air. The kind my father used to give me. Much to my dismay I neglected my last interaction…

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The once rushed boulevards currently felt betrayed like a skeleton ripped of its flesh. Volid. Vacant. Only accompanied by the dynamic leaves which detached themselves from the oak arms of the centenarian trees, converting the bare concrete ground into a supernatural autonomic pathway. The crisp crunchy leaves made echoes all through the hushed lanes with each progression. The sound began to duplicate, becoming more and more intense from behind me. Warmth circulated around my chest as a coruscating kaleidoscope of light shone from beneath. My necklace. Shadows danced from the edge of my eyes like omnipresent observers, carefully watching each and every one of my steps.

Instantaneously, two extensive dreary hands were snared over my body limiting any development as it maneuvered me into dimness. Transfixed by dread I solidified- though still managing to tuck in my treasured heirloom necklace into my jumper. Chloroform saturated my noses vivaciously upholding each nerve and muscles to lose its capacities -my consciousness ebbing away. This delicacy expanded my weakness as my debilitated body was hauled and dumped into a substantial moving vehicle. My eyes grew heavy from the arduous effects of excessive perturbation. At once, I was struck with incoherence, an inconsistency to my thoughts, as I kneeled down and leaned a shoulder against the wall of the vehicle. I decided at that moment to give myself away to my pursuer.

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A deafening hammer transmitted into my nerves as the stun intuitively unlocked my eyelids. Thick bloodstained ropes engraved into my fair skin creating a paralyzed sensation around my profoundly slit wrists and lower legs. My parched mouth was affixed by thick overlap of tape as I discharged anguishing whelps and moans. Tears ran down my face creating an obscured channel over the encased territory as my chest heaved violently. I laid motionless over the polluted ligneous sections of flooring which was so riddled with boreholes and woodworm lurking hungrily in the darkness.

Trapped. I was trapped!

My putrid prison was confined, the corners just reachable if I extend my arms. A metallic stench hung in the room churning my insides. There was no tinge of earthy loam to the air, no fragrance of spring growth, no sunlight to bath the surface of this planet. I could feel my lungs blackening as it permeated every pore. There was a blanket of blackness that obliterated any source of light – the kind which robs you of your sense and replaces it with a paralysing fear. Laying in this darkness, my muscles cramped and unable to move. Only aware that my eyes were still there because I could feel myself blink, instinctively moisturizing the organs I have no current use for. However, beaming out of my jumper was a blurred muted glow- one which seemed in need to be revealed. Before I could obey its order, I was startled by a forceful heavy voice.

‘It’s awake!’

The removal of an prodigious metal panel poured a jug of intense radiant light into my frail eyes, summoning my awakening. A dark unidentifiable slender figure created a barrier against the light. Once my pupils had finally adjusted they were immediately transfixed upon his- a glare which felt like frosted daggers cutting into my soul. The brawny brute was clothed in a tight sheathlike ivory t-shirt which was pigmented with blotches of cerise gore – mine. His thatch of untidy peroxide blonde hair was downed in perspiration creating uneven folds of grease which clenched the blacked tinned shades on top. Examining the anthropoid I became instinctively drawn to the triangular glassed chronometer on his pilose wrist- the same kinda my father used to wear religiously.

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My psyche frozen by trepidation, I knew the end was close. I began to ruminate how death may not be so bad after all: this purgatory pain would be over, the broad figure would be a distant echo and I would finally be reunited with my admired hero. My father. He began to move closer and closer towards me, with every step my heart pounded rapidly causing a nonstop earthquake in my chest. All I could hear was heavy breathing, like the sound of an asthmatic bulldog who couldn’t find his inhaler, whilst his unlocked palms headed straight in the direction of my face. Yanking the thick folds of tape away from my mouth, saliva streamed out.

‘HELP!’ – intensely – very, very, intensely I yelled whilst gasping for aid; but would anyone ever come and save me?

‘Argh, there’s no point in screaming. No one can hear you’, he revealed.

Disheartened but perfervid I continued to plead for help.

‘Where is the chip? Tell us where it is. We know you have it!, commanded the man as he furiously shock me.

Bewildered and startled I was adamant this was all a misunderstanding, ‘No! No! This is all a mistake I haven’t got any chip. You’ve made a mistake – a big mistake’.

‘Sami Norris!’, he roared.

Gulping in incredulity my jaw dropped -only my father had ever called me Sami before, his little ‘Sami Sam’.

‘Your father, Jonathan Norris stole the ‘Akeldama’ and we know it’s with you. WHERE IS IT? Sami, it is not just your life in danger right now. There are billions of people depending on this chip. It’s the only thing which can help save the world’”,he asseverated.

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‘Beep Beep Beep’

Glazing down at his watch he slowly but clearly pronounced ‘we have 20 minutes left’…

‘Akel’ this rendered through my brain as I internally searched for the vacant yet familiar name. Then it hit me. ‘MY AKEL!’, I bawled.

Suddenly”,I felt a tight force upon my chest. Ceasing any form of oxygen to enter my fragile body. Clogging my respiratory. I released torturous wheezes which felt like a vigorous hand crawling up my spine and squeezing my neck with all the strength it had, thrashing like a fire being smothered. My oval fingernails dug into my neck as I ferociously scratched layers of my skin in an attempt to clear my airways. Labouring every breath.

I had failed. But as I hit the ground my ‘Akeldama’ was revealed from beneath my torn jumper….

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