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How does having a degree affect your future? Parth Vohra 8B Introduction: I chose this topic because of an advertisement I found on the internet, I was watching YouTube on my holidays when a commercial showed up where Tai Lopez an entrepreneur talked about how getting a degree is useless because they are slowly becoming obsolete, I have a sister who is in a university so this made me worried. One point which he said that made me think was about resumes, he sees people who show their degrees and people who don’t but with or without degrees, he sees no difference, he states that he values experience much more. If this is the case and he is correct, then should I go to university or college, will the knowledge you could get from university have more value than the experience you could get from working early in life. In this project I will research and figure out what my opinion is. I hope that going to a university to get a degree is worth it and that it will affect my sister and me in a positive way. Findings: As I started my research, I searched my question on Google, thinking I would find a lot of mixed answers everywhere, I couldn’t, most people vouched for university and I was disappointed. Because of that my first point is that some parents cannot pay the price for university, as per the College Board, the normal expense of educational cost and charges for the 2017– 2018 school year was $34″,740 at private colleges, $9″,970 for state inhabitants at public colleges, and $25″,620 for out-of-state occupants going to state funded colleges, and according to Gallup news the worldwide median household income is 9″,733 dollars. I also found that some jobs require a degree, for example; if you want to become a vet or a doctor you would need a degree. Statistics also show that graduates earn about 35% more than dropouts and there are more unemployed dropouts than graduates. But in university you may not get the employability skills you need to get a job. On the other hand, there are many programs such as co-op that allow you to get the experience you need by filling their quota of how many hours of work experience you do which you could put on your resume. Problems and solutions: Can families that aren’t as fortunate and don’t bring in as much money pay the price of university/college, would a parent allow you to make the decision to drop out or leave school and the biggest question in my opinion is the experience worth leaving school. I asked my mom if I am going to university and she just laughed, she thought I was joking, though I understand why; if you are put into the parents shoes then you want your son/daughter to be successful and they want to be proud of you. My solution is that there are many alternatives to the “expensive” universities or colleges, there are community colleges where you can stay until you can afford the pricier university/colleges or stay longer and get a degree there. Opinion: Before I started this topic I had no idea about how university or employment worked so I would go with university without a thought, I would think dropouts were un educated and poor, I would never have known about how expensive it was or about how experience counts, but even after my research my opinion has only slightly changed, I still believe getting a degree is a better option because of the statistics that tell me that most university/college students usually earn more and are at less risk of unemployment, there are programs such as co-op that allow you to gain experience through small jobs and there are some jobs such as being a vet or a doctor that require a degree, these kind of jobs don’t appeal to me so that has not phased my opinion too much. I also understand that sometimes going to university/college will not give you the working skills that employers are looking for. (200(summarise what you discovered and the answer question)) Summary and conclusion: After my research I have come to the conclusion that both knowledge and experience are important. I cannot really tell you an answer as this is not a yes or no question, but I can tell you my answer; it depends, at my age most of us really don’t know what we want to do, if you really are interested in a job that may require a degree, then university all the way, if you are not interested in university then you can try you’re luck at starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur, take up a job to see what jobs appeal to you you can also take up a mentorship. Some things that I could say that can be improved in university is that; we need more courses which give you the skills that you may need in a office environment, so that you have room to make mistakes which will not affect your job. We need more internship programs that will allow students to gain the work experience. ` Citations: · Do you need a college degree? Tai Lopez · pros and cons of university · Worldwide Median Household income Gallup News

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