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Ghost In The Shell is a story about a woman named Mila Killian, generally referred to as “major” by her colleagues, who’s recently been saved from a crash and re-introduced to the world as a prototype super soldier, designed to fight crime. Having lost her real body and her memories, with the only physical part of her that remains being her brain, she has been reborn into a robotic shell. Her story takes place during the mid-twenty-first century, in a society dominated by cyber-enhancements, where she is part of a special-operations task-force made up of former military officers and police detectives located in Japan.

The focus of the movie is the self-discovery that Mila begins to experience as she starts to witness flashing images and events that she’s told are “glitches” by the corporation that built her robotic body, but are later revealed to be her old memories. This sends her on a path of finding out who she is and the dark history of the company that made her shell.

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What I like about Ghost In The Shell is the escapist feeling it manages to convey. It starts of by building up the world around the main characters by first revealing some eye-catching scenery and then by showcasing some interactions between people and the futuristic tech that has become essential in their lives. After Mila goes off looking for answers, we, the viewers, get to see what it feels like to be a part of the universe created in this movie by exploring the streets with her and getting to see her interact with the different people that live in the city. The more she discovers about her past, the more we discover about the way of life people have adopted in this technologically advanced future.

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I’d usually try to mention a favorite scene, but I don’t think I have one in the movie, as every scene offers something different that makes me appreciate it for different reasons. Some scenes focus on relaying Mila’s confusion and sadness through depressing dystopian scenery, while others do it through dramatic revelations often happening in tense situations like in the middle of firefights or a chase. The movie is very well pased and never manages to get boring. One thing it’s consistent with is having aesthetically pleasing visuals present throughout its entirety. I wouldn’t say it’s a movie with an extremely deep and meaningful story, but it is one to keep you entertained for sure. It provides a world to immerse yourself in, accompanied by good acting and an intriguing story.

In conclusion. I highly recommend this movie to anybody. I’d say it’s a movie that can satisfy everybody without being bland or pandering. It has just enough action for any action movie lovers out there, just enough character development and twists for anyone looking for complexity, and just enough originality and detail to please anyone with an eye for artistry.

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