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About “i’ll see you later on, mollie” murmured jack as he kissed her on the cheek.

“I’ll see you later on, Mollie” murmured jack as he kissed her on the cheek.

It was exactly two months since Mollie’s mum Mary had passed away. It had been a long 8 month battle with cancer, but now she was finally at peace. Sadly the time had come to sell the old place, and filled with melancholy, Mollie searched her mother’s house for tokens she could keep to remember the good times they’d had before the old place disappeared forever. She found a photo of her and her mum outside the castle in Disney land Florida that was taken just days before Mary was diagnosed with cancer. Mollie couldn’t help but think about how beautiful her mother looked with her long wavy blonde hair. Mary looked so happy standing outside the castle with mickey and Minnie behind her, wearing her favourite blue dress and white platform converse. Mary was always smaller than Mollie and she always teased her for that but with those shoes on she looked ever so slightly taller than her. Tears started slowly running down her face. She pocketed the photograph and soldiered on. Next Mollie found a full box of brown envelopes. She took them out one by one and she immediately recognised her mums writing. No one could ever mistake her writing for anyone. Small smudged and scribbly. That’s how everyone described Marys writing and they were all addressed to jack. She opened the letter at the bottom of the box and it dated December 2016. Why had Jack been in contact with her mum and not told her? She usually knew exactly what he was doing and when. To her, he was an open book, but it seemed like she had missed a chapter.

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There was one letter that stood out in particular. It was addressed only 3 months ago, and shaking and shivering she read the following:

“Dearest Jack”,

As you know I don’t have long left. I need you to look after Mollie for me and keep what happened between us silent. I loved our time together but it can’t continue, Maybe this is my punishment for not always being there for Mollie when she needed me the most. Honestly jack I feel like such a failure as a mother. I wasn’t there when Mollie had cancer or when she lost baby Lela. At least you and Mollie can start to live a normal life, well at least as normal as you can make it for her. She is so happy with you jack I see it in her eyes they always light up when your around. I don’t remember the last time she was this happy. I will always love you Jack. Promise me that you will forget me.” It will make her so much happier

Mollie couldn’t read anymore. She felt sick to the stomach as the thought of her husband and her mum together whirled through her brain.

Mollie found the shredder in the storage cupboard and destroyed every letter and pretended that they didn’t exist Comment by EWakefield (John Paul Academy): “Without thinking, Mollie dashed to the shredder”

Mollie now faced a huge decision she didn’t know whether to keep looking or just to pack up and move on. She almost felt as torn as she did when she decided to turn off her mum’s life support machine but she knew she had to continue to look as it’s what her mum would have wanted. She wouldn’t want any memory’s to disappear without a trace.

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She knew what she was going to read so destroyed it Comment by EWakefield (John Paul Academy): I would end it on a cliff-hanger where the door opens and it’s Jack coming home and you wonder what she’s going to do. Add in more description of the search and more of her mental process – listing her options etc. Being pregnant and the explanation etc. is maybe a bit too much to fit in!

Two days later

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