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About information literacy

Last updated on 04.06.2020

Before starting fall 2018 I put GEIL 101 course in my graduated plan expecting to just learn how to present because of course before registering any course I do a quick survey. But it now turns out that this course is much more than just learning how to presents. If someone asked me, give me a short feedback about GEIL 101 course. I would say it takes the student through a journey of learning many skills like presenting, search strategies, teamwork, how to solve problems by following the big6, and how to evaluate Information on the Internet.

I believe that the main part of GEIL 101 course is the project because we have been able to strengthen many skills through the application of information literacy model (Big6) that has been divided for us to 4 challenges. At the beginning (C1) through which we learned how to write the research question. For my team, we had a problem choosing a topic that would satisfy all the team members, and then how to write the question at this stage we did some research and we asked ours, Instructor. So, we came up with how to improve lung cancer diagnosis by using AI in the UAE? After writing the research question we identified the keywords that are in the research question. I didn’t understand the purpose of choosing keywords until we start deliverable #2(C2). before talking about C2 I would mention that we presented our C1.

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In C2, there is a lot of things to talk about. First, as a student, I have strengthened My brainstorming skill so that we have applied it for more than once as a whole class as a team and even individually. Second, I’ve learned how to use different types of search tools like Scholar. Google, UAEU library, and In this step especially I’ve learned

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something that I will never forget which is how to search effectively by using the search strategy. For example, Boolean Operators are used to help you in your search for more explanation I used them to search about cancer diagnosis so I wrote in google search motor “cancer diagnosis”. Another example, (“cancer diagnosis” AND “AI”).

GEIL 101 apply the quote “practice makes perfect” because of the several time that we did presentations. Actually one of the most things that I liked in this course is my individual presentation for presenting my favorite subject which is Biology. where I’ve talked about the reason that attract me to biology and my role model in this field, (AlSafar, 2018) she identifies a gene strongly associated with the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes that was most common in the UAE.

Continuing with C3 and C4 the most important skills that we were acquired to is how to check Authorship we had to look for the background of the author, for example, who he was and what his experiences in the field that he is writing for. as a team we encountered some problems in getting to know the writer and sometimes we did not find the author of the article. Other skills we learned from C3, how to look up for the accuracy and currency related to the author and the source (book or website …). On the other hand, C4 is mainly about referencing our references by using APA style and writing a position statement. For me learning how to write an essay in APA style was kind of new and I’m for sure going to use it. Also interesting thing that I’ve learned is that I can write my citation or references in APA style by using Word.

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Of course in any field of life, we will face some problems. For me it was hard to find good information because of the complexity of our topic. for example, when I searched in the university library about a cancer book there were a lot of results about 20″,740″,356 (UAEU library, 2018) which is a huge number so I needed to narrow the number for best results what I did is that I’ve entered “cancer” AND ” oncology”. the real problem that I faced is that the


book that I’ve chosen is not available in the main library but it is in the Medical College Library. After asking my Instructor, he told me to search for the same book online and I did find it how simple that was. Another obstacle that I faced during my research project is dealing with my team. from my short experience student are still not aware of the sense of teamwork and responsibility, of course not all of them. teamwork as Michael Jordan describes it “Talent wins’ games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. The problem was in the commitment of the required work and the lack of initiative in giving ideas that improve our work. In my opinion, as a student I want to learn what teamwork is and how to accomplish as a team and to study examples of teams that have done great work. Our Instructor keeps telling us about how important the team work is and he gives as an examples of his own experiences. I was influenced every time he told us and I always think about my graduation project or even in real life. How should I deal with my team, how can I choose my team members, how to stick on a work as a team or even how to face difficulties as a team not as an individual?

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Finally, GEIL 101 course has taught me a lot of skills and It added some life principles, there is always another opportunity as long as I work hard, with the practicing I will succeed and with the good team, I will survive. I recommend teaching the student some great live presentation also to give them the chance to present in front all GEIL 101 course student like the best two groups of each section after their initial presentation, the best topic and teamwork is nominated and then all the teams for each sections present in front all of GEIL 101 student to enhances the skill of the presentation and to build some competition between student.

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