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About is technology limiting creativity

“Creativity is the use of imagination or the original ideas to create something new. Creativity is a phenomenon where by something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke) or a physical object (such as an invention, a literary work, or a painting. The word technology is derived from the Greek words “techne” and “logo”, technology means to bring advancement in life by using knowledge. “Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation”.

By development in technology, different types of technology are used for various purposes in daily routine. Experiments and researches are takes place by scientist in order to come up with the new ideas in the field of technology. Newer ideas are combined to develop something innovative. Nowadays, people are so used too of the technology that they cannot imagined their life without it. People anxiously wait for the newer technology after every certain time period because advancement in technology bringing comfort and ease to their lives, examples are cars and mobiles. But we are not aware of that how technology is limiting our mental capabilities because we are completely relying on the technology nowadays.

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It is now very normal to find people on their cell phones looking at social apps, playing games, or texting instead of communicating to others by face to face. For today’s generation it has become difficult to talk to people because it can get a little bit “awkward” and it feels easier to be on a device rather than a phone. As technology keeps advancing, it will direct people to be less creative. Technology is developed to make situations easier, but we have engaged ourselves so much in technology that it now feels difficult to get rid of this. The predominance of cell phones and technology has lead to different suggestions that it is decreasing creativity. In older times, many people were addicted to TV and that was consider harmful at that time too.

If we look few years back, we find kids participates in playing games in parks and creating and innovating new things in their spare time. But now most of the kids have said goodbye to the outdoor games which promotes a sense of competition in them which made their mind and body healthier. Today when we hear the word game, all that comes to our mind is mobile games like Candy Crush and Temple Run. Studies have suggested that such games leads people towards depression. Technology is not just destroying our physical fitness and health; it is also leaving direct effects on our relationships. In past days families used to sit down together and have family conversation in leisure time. When kids went weird parents used to have long conversations with them or read stories to them but now whenever a kid starts crying, parents hand him their cellphone or tablet without thinking of the consequences it could do to the kid’s eyes and mind. Not just kids, spousal relationships are also weakening because of technology. Some people like to play games on their cell phones and spends a lot of time and as a result they rarely get time to spend with their parents which eventually leads to an unhappy relationship between the parents and the children.

It is very rare now that a person talks to someone on the bus or in a waiting line. Most of the people are busy on their mobiles while waiting in lines on the bus stop. The chances are that it has been quite some time. If a person is waiting somewhere having their phone in hand and the entire waiting area is jammed packed then it looks like a crowd who is busy with their phones.

The excess use of technology and smart phones has created many suggestions that it kills creativity by relying on these tools. This is not a new thought; people have been predicting in the past that technology seems decreasing the creative impulses of people long ago. The present argumentative essay contains the impact of technology on creativity and it deals the manners in which it gets impacted in several ways. As a kid, it was thought that it was TV and other computer games that would hamper creativity in people however as times passed by it can be seen that technology has become even more harmful.

People are sacrificing their authentic thought for keeping themselves continuously entertained. It is also argued that if a person can find everything online, they do not give themselves a space to solve problem and innovate their own material. There has been a strong argument against technology that it is killing creativity in kids and adults who always have their heads and hands in phones, laptops or tablets resulting to lack of imagination and creativity. As per many scientific studies it has been found out that a person needs time for day dreaming as it helps in boosting creativity. If a person spends his time by scrolling their devices then there is no time left for daydreaming.


Copying from other Sources is Common

There is an easy access to everything available online. Students can access internet to take information regarding their academic studies. This leads to the process to piracy and make them less creative. Students can easily copy essays available on the internet but this lessens the imagination of a student as it is just a copy paste from the internet. Technology is killing creativity as it is a battle between man and machines and human beings can win by depending on their creativity.

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It is decreasing the original content

Content writing is gradually decreasing because of lack in creativity and originality, but technology spreads lazy communication between the people and it reduces the creativity. Communications are restricted because of the advancement in technology.

“Creativity scores are reducing”

Technology has improved the scores in intelligence however, it has reduced the scores of creativities and it has been declining since 1990. However, there has been no proper facts and figures that results to the decline of yet they believe that there is some kind of linkage with technology.


Human beings have made these technical gadgets so they can work comfortably but technology has enslaved the minds and bodies of human beings. Overuse of technology has made us completely new kind of humans with unhealthy bodies and inattentive minds.

Technology has great influence on person’s mental and physical health. Being overly attached can cause psychological issues such as distraction, anxiety, expectation of instant gratification, and even depression. Beside affecting users’ mental health, use of technology can also have negative impact on physical health causing vision problems, hearing loss, and neck strain. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to help sort out these health issues.


Technology has the most significant part in our lives. We use it in our works in our investigation and some more. A few people would concur that innovation lessen the kids innovativeness, others would oppose this idea.

These days individuals are not thinking carefully and relying on innovation which is made by some others cerebrum. For example doing basic counts individuals use Calculators.

There were times when individuals used to invest their energy in inventive exercises, with their family and companions, yet today at whatever point we are inactive and feel exhausted, we simply get our cell phone, PC or tablet and begin playing diversions or enter in the phony universe of online life. PCs and other such gadgets we given to us for making our life simpler, yet a lot of reliance on such gadgets has conveyed us to show disturbing circumstance. PCs have been prepared to paint pictures and make music, however they have not yet aced innovative discernment—thinking dissimilarly, returning and forward among customary and unpredictable reasoning, making blunders, and settling on the best, most valuable reaction, given a specific circumstance. On this dimension, innovativeness can be viewed as knowledge that is new from fortunate mistake. Be that as it may, this isn’t the manner by which we program PCs—we need them to be sans blunder.

Technology is making us lethargic just as less keen. The sum we rely upon innovation today is disentangle capable and this simple problem must be stayed away from. Indeed, even a basic computation must be finished by a number cruncher these days, not our psyche.


‘Technology’ can be named as an endowment of advanced upheaval to humankind. Today, there is upheaval in all things. Directly from stick to plane, everything experiences a ton of progressive headways to improve things. Thus, Technology is one such transformation which, when utilized in the correct manner, upgrades innovativeness and indistinguishable acts from an impediment when utilized the other way around.

Prior to proceeding onward to examine the favorable circumstances and employments of Technology in innovativeness, we should obviously respond to the inquiry ‘Is Technology murdering imagination?’ However valuable something might be, it is essential to know our points of confinement. Talking in this specific circumstance, we as a whole realize that Technology enables us to achieve various undertakings which would have generally been unthinkable or would cost a great deal of time and vitality. It makes our lives much simpler.

Be that as it may, anyway it may be, one should realize that it is an only a device which must be utilized just to help support innovativeness and should never be an obstruction to it. Using the best from it and as yet keeping it under control is the best arrangement. Imagination is inborn as it grows directly from birth. The degree and kind of imagination contrasts from individual to individual. How much ever we use Technology, one ought to always remember the fundamentals they learned in schools and the innovativeness they have. So the response to this inquiry is ‘No.’ Technology absolutely encourages inventiveness.


Technology confines the inventiveness of humankind. Individuals were dependent of the innovation fixation. You message your companions you’re going to spend time with them at night. When after you message them, you choose to open up Instagram just to look through your newsfeed, you become weary of taking a gander at Instagram, so you change to twitter, understanding it’s an ideal opportunity to run home base with your companions. As you go to your companion’s home, you choose to content them that your there as opposed to ringing the doorbell. At your companion’s home, you all choose to play computer games as opposed to talking among one another. Web and electronic gadgets when all is said in done is turning into an impulse. The omnipresence of the web builds the opportunity that somebody will stall out into a ceaseless cycle. One research by the Pew Internet and American life venture found that 81% of American Adults utilize the web with 74% of client utilizing it to breathe easy or “to have a fabulous time.” The Ipsos found that American utilization of the web has expanded 20% from 2010, with Millennial going through over 40 hours per week on the web. With Americans investing so much energy “looking” there isn’t a great opportunity to be inventive. Most Americans preferably be aloof over dynamic and this has to do with the coming of innovation

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In any case, instruction proficient contends that the utilization of PCs and other electronic gadgets are useful. “Individualized computing enables understudies to connect with taking in material in manners unmistakable from those accessible to past ages”,” with these innovations it gives understudies leverage that was at no other time present. The innovative advances, for example, learning apparatuses, online asset, and assistive innovation could permit the capability of innovativeness. Instructive programming has enabled understudies to perform inquire about, yet additionally to be effectively draw in when learning. A decent representation of this is 3D PC models for science understudies, in which they get an opportunity to watch a similar life work as they would while dismembering a creature. Instructive computer games on math and composing are another model that understudies may appreciate more than the standard conventional way. With these kinds of innovations it additionally help understudies who first language isn’t English interpret words more rapidly than utilizing a lexicon constantly. Innovation likewise enables understudies to take part in instructive open doors that may have not been available due to their geology or pay, and improves administration for understudies with learning and physical handicaps. Technology, whenever utilized in the correct manner, has numerous positive effects to society all in all, however simply like whatever else if utilize an excessive amount of it could be unsafe. In an article call “Help! My cell phone is making me idiotic or not?” it discusses the impact cell phones could have on an individual. One study contended that “the web is reworking us into shallow, absentminded scholars”, it makes us be diverted and decreases our ability to focus. The utilization of innovation likewise makes individuals be performs various tasks in which numerous individuals feel that is something worth being thankful for, yet in all actuality it’s most certainly not. Ongoing investigation has demonstrated that high performs various tasks are more awful at dealing with their momentary memory and exchanging assignments.


The utilization of technology has causes numerous youngsters to get dependent on the web which could have a psychological issue for their wellbeing. By getting to be dependent, young people are tolerating the loss of fixation and core interest. Before I keep on discussing web fixation, I need to initially characterize compulsion. Enslavement is the tenacious destroy to a substance or a movement that turns out to be so enthusiastic it at last meddles with regular day to day existence. In America, it has apparently turned into the most socially authorized compulsion. The more regularly we allude back to the web, the more our mind pines for this satisfaction simply like a medication someone who is addicted. Interminable access to new data additionally effectively over-burdens our working memory. People have a restricted repository of will and discipline. On the off chance that innovation is constrained and it’s not abuse, it will enable human to figure out how to adjust time and exercises.


Noted researcher and scholar Albert Einstein has focused on that creative ability could really compare to learning. This is on the grounds that learning is constrained to what is known and comprehended while creative ability grasps the world and focuses to all there ever will be to know and get it.

Be that as it may, innovation has changed the manner in which individuals’ approach everything from online deals to composing. Has innovation improved us or the more regrettable with regards to promoting the reason for the human creative ability? Give us a chance to investigate the profundity of the issue basic the tradeoff among innovativeness and innovation.

‘‘Creativity Has Replaced By Computing’’

Human creativity is replaced with technology. People don’t even imagine they forgot the imagination. People using technology because it is convenient and don’t difficult to use. We are restricted by technology using computers, laptops, mobile phones.

‘‘All Plagiarized’’

Any proposal or scholarly composing is never again unique on the grounds that the PC and the web have made it simple to get to scholastic data at some random point in time. Replication of data has turned out to be simple and scholarly information robbery is wild gratitude to technology.

‘‘Piracy became widespread’’

Maybe the greatest snag in giving a free rein to human creative energy has been the utilization of pilfered programming and items in the market. Information robbery has turned into a typical issue crosswise over imaginative fields, for example, film making and fiction composing on account of theft and the inundation of innovation. Programming bundles are additionally reproduced causing gigantic misfortunes as far as decreased programming innovativeness and income harm.

‘‘Technology has made replication possible’’

Technology has made it conceivable to duplicate on a mass scale, and this mass market generation restrains the job of human inventiveness and creative ability in each field from instruction to science and assembling.

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‘‘Technology has choke creativity’’

Because of the nearness of designs programming and other innovative progressions, innovativeness and inventiveness have gone for a hurl. Recreating the Mona Lisa or Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is presently conceivable with the snap of a mouse.

‘‘Effects cancel out human imagination’’

Technology has mechanized everything from music to film making and there is no scope for innovation or human creativity to take flight. Technology has deadened the creative process through short cuts in production methods which create artificial offerings that cannot match the originality of past products. From recycled plots to fake special effects, the entertainment and mass media industry has undergone a negative change thanks to technology.


Technology is extraordinary in light of the fact that individuals can get significant data from specific subjects they are worried about. For instance, what is right now occurring far and wide, up and coming occasions, significant dates, and the sky is the limit from there? In spite of the fact that media is an extraordinary asset many neglect to understand that kids are intensely affected by numerous social stages and make kids remain in their room being on their gadgets day in and day out. Youthful youngsters and adolescents invest all their energy in their telephones, sitting in front of the TV, and playing computer games. Most if not all don’t head outside, don’t finish their homework, or do their errands. Most guardians dread that innovation is murdering their children inside. They trust that innovation is persuading their children to be less gainful, athletic and social. Numerous guardians are worried about how much innovation their children use on everyday schedule. Then again, a few guardians feel that innovation is a standout amongst the best assets their kids can have. Because of the reason they believe that innovation gives them a superior shot at learning and prevailing throughout everyday life.


Pro: Innovation is an incredible method to engross kids. Particularly, when they have something before them, that can engage them for a long time. Innovation fills in as a noteworthy diversion and it can shield youngsters from getting stuck in an unfortunate situation and harming themselves.

Con: Regular uses of technology become isolated for children. Isolation is the cause of loneliness and depression for kids after ages.

Pro: Children can adapt anyplace and all over the place. They can without much of a stretch get help on their homework by basically looking on their telephone, tablet, or workstation. Most educators now days request that understudies present their work to them by means of email or on some kind of online source. In this manner, innovation makes it simpler to turn in work for children and simpler for instructors to review.

Con: Innovation additionally makes kids become less amiable. Children need to be on their gadgets consistently and it shields them from talking and investing energy with their family and companions. Youngsters and adolescents regularly invest all their energy in their room doing only being on their gadgets for a considerable length of time. Since they’re not conversing with anybody, they have a harder time attempting to speak with individuals, in actuality.

Pro: Innovation improves children’s subjective capacities. Despite the fact that, Parents stress over their children and believe that kid’s shows would make their children dull. It does the direct inverse. It makes their psychological and language aptitudes grow quicker.

Con: Innovation can make youngsters have increments in different scatters. These clutters incorporate formative inability, corpulence, mental turmoil, ADHD, chemical imbalance, and then some. Because of the abuse of innovation two noteworthy scatters innovation regularly causes among youthful youngsters are nervousness and wretchedness

Pro: Kids those utilization innovations are inclined to have better engine abilities. Amid youth individuals for the most part have plump hands and when they play around with PCs, consoles, contact cushions, or mouse, they get a successful exercise. Along these lines they oversee their engine abilities, and they can utilize their hands all the more deftly.

Con: Most children that utilization innovation won’t have any desire to play sports, be dynamic, and amiable. They avoid play areas, individuals, and athletic exercises. A plenty of guardians trust that innovation is at fault for this unwanted reality and want to restrict the time that their children can utilize innovation.


Technology has restricted the thinking capacity of human minds. Human beings are now more involved in technology rather focusing on their other aspects of life. People rely on the information available over the internet instead of using their own capabilities. This has reduced the thinking and decision-making capacity of them. The excess usage of technology not only destroyed mental health but physical health has also been harmed. Now youngsters are facing different health issues like depression, obesity and anxiety. Obesity has now become more common because of the constant sitting on a place for hours. The creative minds have capability to discover and innovate things but this activity seems like to be forgone. In older times, when the families make picnics to the beaches, every member of the family get engaged into the making of sand structures and innovative ideas were put in to make something new and unique but now pictures are captured for posting on the social media. Overall, technology has hampered creativity in every field of life.

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