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About making the most of your money

Can you not find your place in the cycle? It’s not surprising. Almost nobody is right. From birth to death, there are over a million ways, all of which work. When you fall behind financially for decades, you need a plan to catch up.

You Have Your Children in Your 30s Your children are at your age of 30. It seemed like a smart idea – tomorrow’s clothes but not today. No one has said that when you’re 50, when you try to save your own retirement, you will pay for college. (Even if they tell you, you would not have ever believed that you’re the old one.) You should know that your children are sent to college at a lower cost or lowering your own future. Perhaps your children will have to pay for their education. Moral, who can think ahead: save in your 20s, using the tax-deferred pension plans order. You penalize these schemes to take money, so you are more likely to miss it.

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You Get Divorced and Start Over

With divorce you are spending assets and income, with more loss usually falling on the girl. She can hardly earn more money when she takes her former husband. Man, a new wife and new children mean that social security checks will come from the same postal college bills. Unless you are rich or plan to marry someone really rich, divorce will lead to reducing your current living standards temporarily or maybe permanently.

You Don’t Marry

You do not have the security to pay a second check. On the other hand, no other mouth is usually fed. You can save and invest more than most.

You’re Married, with No Children

You’re getting married, without kids. You got money and a lot of money. Some of the early residents do not dream about that.

Life Deals You an Accident. A mucous disease, early widow or a child with medical problems with pain; a family that is always saved can create it through these troubles. A family cannot borrow excessively as it may put them in very bad financial situation.

You’re Downsized

You have fallen. That is the enemy of today’s society. The money in your pension plan goes to the current bills. Your next job is less than 20 percent, no health insurance or pension plan. The millennium is hard. But you can still save your life by comparing your future with your income. Every currency of life is respected.

You Get the Golden Boot.

Early compulsory retirement. Sometimes you see it, and sometimes it likes you blindside. A retirement gift will be available for your age or a retirement prize at the higher pension. But you tend to lose what you could have earned and saved during these five or ten years. This said is enough to open the eyes of the people and ask them to think about pension saving at a young age itself. It would be difficult to get a new job but you cannot decide to sit idle or retire early. So, it’s a job, part-time job, an unexpected job like a clerk, and your initial pension check.

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Memo to All Workers:

You worked hard and late, did not get sick in a dozen years, or your supervisor thought you were your hot things. They only ask: What did you do for me recently? Does your business need business today? Is there a right talent for your business tomorrow? Some are still doing a job. On the contrary, we have the capabilities we sell to employers for various projects. In this kind of world, nothing is more important than continuing education and developmental skills.


The number of financial products on the market today – bank accounts, insurance policies, annuals, mutual funds – I am esteemed to be conservative at a price of two million ($ 2.3Z). Most of them do not need anyone, but some sellers trust you. In fact, you need a few simple things that apply to your age, your bank balance and your responsibilities. It tells you how to choose the rest of this book. Here, I give you a general framework for your thought.

Young and Single

Admit it – you follow your life. Cinderella, Prince Charming waiting. Peter Pan did not want to grow up. You’re only serious about your work (or find a job!). Everything is temporary. There is nothing in your cool and your bank account. You say, “I wait until I get married.” But what if you do not get married? Is not it? So you need to be careful as looking back in life, you will realize that you have lost ten good years. Your future is starting now. As a young person you should:

• Get a loan with a low cost card. Train on a card before getting two. The credit increases the maximum allowable range. If you are in college, apply the bank card before you go. Banks lend more money to lenders than younger borrowers. (They trust their parents to save their children’s credit rating by paying their debts.)

• Get Disability Insurance. It gives you a return if you are sick or injured or unable to work. How to buy premiums by purchasing life insurance.

• Get health insurance if you do not have a company plan. I know you are dead, but somehow buy a policy you must be a teen-vanity bit dangerous and have an operation or a ripple. Nobody wants a sick patient. If you cannot buy a policy, your parents can buy it. They probably have to pay separately, so buying a health insurance is a way of actually protecting yourself.

• Invest in a higher student loan in your education and training. Your earning power is your single largest asset.

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• Start Money Savings. Assign 10 percent of your income. I hear what I say, “I cannot do that.” So cover it up: start 5 percent and move up to 7 percent. You can get 10 percent per annum. Where should the money go? Initially, a bank and part part of a pension plan.

• Start a taxpayer pension plan: a personal pension account or a savings plan with your employer. Leave it with the mutual funds holding the shares.

• Rent, do not buy an apartment. Residential and cooperative apartments should not have their value. You have invested money that you have spent on paying. Only buy if you put down the roots.

• Always consider any property asset as iff you have valuable assets. If you leave your home you need business property in particular. You do not need a modern attic in your apartment.

• Make an option without allowing your parents to take possession of everything. If you die, then your property will probably go.

• Attorney’s energy and living desire (or advanced medical order). Do not be alert to the basic security in case you face a terrible accident that you are leaving. Someone should work for you financially and physically, and you have to choose those people.

Older Singles

You may be your own only support in life, but do not be afraid to handle your hand bitterly. Stocks are better than bank accounts or bonds in the long run. Financial self-defence, you should:

• A good credit record – a mortgage or a business loan is good enough.

• Enrollment of adequate education and employment when your income increases.

• Good health and disability insurance. Older you get your risk for more disease or injury. When you pass 60, consider medical insurance. You do not need any life insurance if someone does not support your earnings.

• Your own home. If you have a home or apartment free and clear when you’re resting, life is cheap. Keep your home insurance up until today.

• A habit of storage. Try 15 to 20 per cent of your income. No, it’s not too much.

• A pension scheme: pension, company tax deductible savings plan, personal pension account, geek plan, or a simple employee pension for self-employed. If you qualify, get more than one project. Fund raising at most.

• Combination of investments in your pension plans: mutual funds holding some US and foreign shares; some treasuries, tax deductions, municipalities, or other securities.

• Interest on your regular work – entertainment or entertainment. This opens a second career.

• An option, a life, and an enduring lawyer.

• A good lawyer or other surrogate who manages your money if you cannot do it.

Married Couples

You have a lot of responsibilities. If you die, your spouse needs protection. Children should also be set up. After that, the biggest question is how to handle the family’s money. You need:

• Cost sharing system. If you have two checks, will you divide bills into one account or pump your money? If you have a check pair, would you start a savings account with a non-husband? Financially speaking, the best way is your way.

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• Credit cards in the names of two wives. If a husband dies without a spouse without a spouse, her eyes can be dropped if her eyes die. And of course, vice versa.

• Disability insurance. The person earning every income is to cover your lost check (perhaps health care bills), you’re getting very sick or working.

• Medical insurance. Do not go without, especially without work. When you go to work, you have a lot of stress, which can lead to accidents and bad health. Do not double the benefits of their company’s health plans.

• Life insurance. If your family is supporting your income, you need life insurance. If you can come together with your family without your income, you do not. Workers with working with any children can do the correct amount of insurance for the group from their companies. If you have children, you need more protection. Buying insurance in an independent company is a luxury purchase. A baby has a waste to buy it.

• Option, so you may be able to correct yourself.

• The lawyer is a force, if you cannot manage your finances to anyone.

• A lifetime, if you fall in a permanent coma and do not want to spend many years on life resources. Name a vehicle to talk to you or your life will be ignored.

• Pre-Accord if you want to cut your wife’s divorce or take your own legacy. These agreements are often used by the people of the unequal wealthy, who have previously been divorced, are “not re-burned”, elderly to protect children from previous marriages. Even postmaster agreements have been arranged for your preferences.

• Your own home. If you own for a long time it should be an acceptable investment. This is an inexpensive form of storage and a cheap way to live in pensions, and you own it independently and independently. Keep your home insurance up until today.

• Custom storage. Prepare ready savings, spending 10% of each check on his and his taxes on the deferred retirement plans, and college savings. Let’s think about it, and sprinkle it. You will not catch at least 10 per cent of college expenses. Funding for both husband’s pension plans some couples are given a tax deduction for forgetting to finance a couple’s plans with steady income.

• Ability to work. One wife asks for a problem, even if they are at home with the kids. Life is not justified. Death or disability occurs. Liberals lose their job. All husbands do not have love for one another until time ends. According to the poet, “provide and provide.”

• Nursing-home insurance, if you have crossed 60.

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