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1) John has participated in The Spartan Death Race in 2011 which has completely changed his life. Before starting the race, he has been through a tough time. In his blog, he said that he used to be a successful businessman, then everything went down and went bankrupt. Later then, his marriage was in trouble and he had to stay in a truck for a while. Then he started over everything. He became the participant of the Spartan death race in 2011. The reason that drives him to the race is trying something new. Waite always say that life is an adventure. Surprisingly, before the competition, he had not run since he was in high school. He felt hard to do it but he still keeps doing. To prepare for the race, he has spent 6 months of being a veteran and doing a lot of exercise. This race is considered as the “toughest race”. After finishing the race, he has become a master of motivation, hypnosis, psychology and adversity (Spartan up, 2015). After finishing the race, he has got lot of opportunities for his life. One of the best things is becoming the planner organizing for the race. With his experiences that he has got through the race, the helping from his other colleges, his first even has been successful, and then he got offered for more and more opportunities of becoming as an even planner. He has been planner for many races in many countries such as Canada, Russia, Brazil… John saidog that “his life is an adventure”.

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2) As I said above, the Spartan Death race is considered being the toughest race. It has a lot of challenges for the competitors. Whoever is not ready for the race, it is hard to go over it and easy to give up. As John said, the race has a lot of weird stuff to do. Most people participating the race must stay awake before the race. There are a lot of meeting happening before the race. When the race starts, it is ridiculously hard. To be a member of the race, the participants being selected very carefully, they all have to meet the requirement and doing some sort of DNA tests as well. This has no safety and you need to do the best to survive. Moreover, as Waite said, the purpose of the Death race is not completely focus on finding who is the strongest or the fastest, but it helps keep people to stay strong and go beyond the limit of a person. I remember at first, when Waite talked about the race, he had emphasized that Spartan death race is ridiculously “weird”. It means the level of difficulty is high. One more thing, nobody knows the challenges of the race excepts for the directors (Pak, 2013).

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3) The Spartan death race is not only known for it unique of hard level, but also plans that planners had prepared. The reason to have a good event is to have good plans. The safety is one of things that play an important role in the plans. The could be shown in the requirements included. There are many people registered for the race, but only under 300 people selected for the race. Of course, their physical health must meet the qualification and under many serious trainings before starting race. Waite has spent about 6 months to prepare before he officially hitting the race. In the speech, Waite has discussed four things that he always follows to have a good plan. First, it must be prepared well. To plan, the organizer should consider about some of the questions such as “How the plan should work?”, “how many plans should be prepared”? These events usually has varieties of plans just in case… Secondly, learn experiences from the bad experiences. After each event, the organizer should consider about the good and bad of a plan. From that, learning the lessons and do better for the next ones. Thirdly, always paying attention. Planning these events is never easy, so Waite always pays attention for what he is doing and make sure that everything would goes well.

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