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About optimism

I will practice optimism by opting positive approach daily for at least one issue which can overwhelm me in a pessimistic manner through the help of videos of motivational speakers online daily for half an hour for at least 3 months sitting in my study room. • MEASURABLE I will evaluate how many situations I have conquered through this technique every week.  Indications of improvement:  Reduced stress in life.  Turning many ‘cants’ of life into ‘can’  Positive attitude towards criticism. Betterment in my mental health and improvement in overall performance with polished skills to see positivity in every situation will keep me motivated and focused. • ATTAINABLE/ ACTION BASED:  Skills needed:  Training myself to control the situation as successful optimistic people did by reading their personal experiences.  Ability to find best motivational speakers’ videos online.  Instruments needed:  Online videos of motivational speakers  Notepad to write my opinions about what I want to do and what I should do.  Actions:  I will look for the situation which will urge me to behave like a pessimist like unable to finish something in desired deadline.  I will jot down what normally I used to do in such circumstance i.e panic about it and making myself believe that I will be unable to do it.  Watch motivational speakers’ videos about the issue.  I will jot down what an optimistic person will do in such situation.  I will write what I should do regarding this matter being an optimist i.e will motivate myself to fully dedicate myself to complete my assignment and take help from seniors and remain helpful that I will be able to achieve my target.  In this way, people will see me happier, opting more positive attitude towards my problems.  I should stop thinking what can go wrong if I will take decisions being an optimistic person. • REALISTIC/RELEVANT:  I can perceive results in the form of my better performance and happiness which will keep me motivated.  Obstacles:  I will feel that situation is too bad to apply my strategy.  I will not find time to see the motivational videos or read about personal experiences of successful optimistic personnel.  I will be unable to find desired stuff i.e. online source of motivational videos.  I will start considering pessimism as easy approach for my problems.  Ways to deal with obstacles:  I will open my notepad and will look for the circumstances when I opted optimistic approach resulted in better outcomes.  I will set wallpaper of my cell phone to some motivational quote and will hang some good pieces of optimistic advices in my room.  I will go to market to buy books which best describe strategies to be optimistic including the ones from motivational speakers and writers and will look online content similar to them.  I will ask a loyal friend to tell me time to time about my improvement and how I am being a better and positive person. • TIME BOUND:  I will search for online content from motivational speakers and books from market regarding strategies to improve optimistic approach within seven days.  I will evaluate my performance every week by looking number of performances in which I changed my pessimistic approach to optimistic one and the better results it brought.  I will accomplish my goal by the end of 3 months.

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