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Organizational behavior

No frills

Instructor name: Patsy Marshall

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Executive Summary

Company Context

Company and Market Overview

SWOT Analysis

Decision Criteria

OB Concept

Job Satisfaction

Communication Processes

Reward Systems

Final Recommendation



Executive summary

At present, work satisfaction inside the association is at a low with delegate’s alluding to frustration in view of the weight achieved by the fear of the repercussions of submitting a blunder, the unimportant proportion of compensations given, and the nonappearance of getting ready provided for agents. Elective proposition fuse the utilization of extensively teaching, and re-getting ready of laborers to extend assurance and productivity in areas of erratic commitments and to improve work satisfaction.

The second region being analyzed as a wellspring of occupation dissatisfaction are the correspondence shapes used inside clear that pass on information between bleeding edge laborers and top organization. At the present time there are different limits protecting information from being gotten. The target of the recommendation is to clarify, free gushing lines of correspondence slipping and upward inside the association to diminish perplexity and make a moreover satisfying movement condition

Finally, results from agent surveys revealed that the association right currently has lacking methods for coordinating change the officials provoking sat around inactively and effort. Proposition to improve change shapes by inserting a structure to incorporate front line delegates in decisions may help decrease work frustration.

However, the best proposition for improving occupation satisfaction among delegates of No designs is to redo the streams rewards structures. Focusing on remunerating the industrious work of agents will extend their sureness and motivation, in this way growing business satisfaction.

About the company

No frills is a Canadian chain of significant refund markets, controlled by Loblaw Companies Limited, a helper of George Weston Limited. There are in excess of 200 foundation stores arranged in nine Canadian domains. The primary No Frills store – a changed over Loblaw’s outlet as of late slated for end – was pushed in East York, Toronto, on July 5, 1978. While it offered an amazingly compelled extent of items and simply the most crucial customer organization, the store propelled discount costs. The opening of the model outlet compared with a period of rising extension rates and purchaser dissents concerning the surprising expense of food.[2] Similar limited arrangement markets had been in errand in Europe for different years and in specific countries had gotten enormous bit of the general business.

In order to diminish costs anyway much as could sensibly be normal, No Frills customers expected to forego a part of the solaces that North American market clients had commonly anticipated. Customers were required to pack their own special essential needs similarly as bring their own shopping sacks or pay three pennies for each. The model store had only four checkout counters and took a shot at a “low work” standard of immaterial staffing [8] Product demonstrates were totally utilitarian with things left in their cardboard boxes with the front evacuate. Produce, normally washed and stacked, was left unwashed in its conveyance compartment. The principal store did not offer new meat since refrigeration units had been emptied in order to cut costs and instead of the 8″,000 things regularly passed on by the typical supermarket, only 500 were open, for the most part addressed by one brand and in only a solitary size. As opposed to everything independently stepped, costs were appeared and customers outfitted with an esteem list. Assistants, who experienced three weeks of planning, were required to recollect all costs all through the store. Meanwhile, Loblaw’s pioneer Dave Nichol propelled the control of the new undertakings as a way to deal with put aside some money in a troublesome economy. “We took all of the ornamentations out. We think Canadians are set up for a little belt fixing.

Eventually, No Frills stores are significantly increasingly like conventional supermarkets anyway continue featuring significant markdown costs. Things are commonly left in their cardboard transportation boxes yet are arranged on store resigns and produce is customarily appeared. While the principal No Frills outlets provided only the most key things, the present stores offer a wide group of things and brands that join Loblaw’s own private or ‘control name’ things. No Name, which is still enthusiastically featured, has stretched out from the initial 16 things to more than 2″,900 and the association’s choice “President’s Choice line is expeditiously open on store racks.



· Products are more affordable than larger companies. “Always More, For Less”

· Offers administrations, for example, lottery tickets, a drug store, and Western Union cash exchanges.

· Provides gift vouchers up to $100


· No electronic/home/clothing section

· Focus on discounts and low prices as opposed to quality

· High employee turnover rate

· High employee dissatisfaction

· Young, unskilled employees


· Online purchasing and in-store pickup. Food basic offers a service similar to this.

· Expansion into other products (i.e. Home, electronics)

· Improve quality of products, especially that of fresh produce


· Discount grocery stores (i.e. Food basics, Giant Tiger)

· Large grocery stores (i.e. Sobeys)

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· Superstores (i.e. Wal-Mart, Cost-Co)

· Environmental threat to crops.

· Political unrest in other countries.

No frills is an extremely solid rival in its classification as a markdown store. The organization separates from different contenders by following its main goal of “lower nourishment costs”,” ensuring clients more determination at lower costs than the contenders. Too, No decorations gives various in-store administrations, for example, a lottery focus, drug store and Western Union cash exchanges, giving clients the most extreme accommodation.

At last, there are various dangers that the organization must know about. These dangers incorporate challenge from different organizations including other markdown supermarkets, substantial general stores, and discount superstores, forte and autonomous merchants and ranchers markets. Also, the organization must arrangement with the capricious danger to crops through ecological catastrophes (draft) and political distress in nations giving the products.


Studies have demonstrated that it is vital for organizations to make themselves mindful of how fulfilled or unsatisfied workers are with their employments due to the immediate impacts it can have on the accomplishment of the business. For instance, when work disappointment is left unaddressed it can prompt occupation stress, diminished execution and efficiency, and expanded non-appearance and turnover rates.

Stress: Employees feel stressed at work due to the repercussions that may occur if a mistake is made. For example, cashiers may be written up (receive an infraction) if the appropriate number of items per minute are not scanned. As well, other mistakes such as forgetting to charge tax on an item may result in a strike against the employee.

No training: Employees stated that although they are hired and trained once for a specific job (ie. cashier, clerk, and customer service) they are often expected at times of low staffing, or high customer traffic to perform a task outside the realm of their training. For example, one employee revealed that although she is a cashier, and has some training in customer service, she was asked to take over the customer service desk for a day although she lacks knowledge of the formal policies of the company.

No rewards: Employees are unsatisfied with the current system used to distribute rewards. Firstly, they rarely receive recognition for their work which leaves employees feeling unmotivated. Managers are failing to distribute the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards needed to keep employees satisfied. Secondly, the only true system used to distribute rewards is based on the number of hours worked per year, in contrast to the most common system used to distribute based on the length of time spent with the company.


Currently, the job satisfaction at No frills is a source for concern and should be dealt with immediately. The absence of formal procedures utilized in circulating prizes and preparing workers at No ornaments are the reason for the low occupation fulfillment among representatives and can be enhanced by presenting various new methodology.

Retraining: It would likewise be valuable for no nonsense to offer representative’s a re-instructional course on a semi-annual premise so as to guarantee that representatives are modern on any arrangement or technique changes, and to guarantee that all individuals from the No ruffles group get the best possible preparing to enable them to feel progressively loose at work.

Cross training: No decorations should actualize a top to bottom model to pursue for representative preparing to guarantee that all workers are given the right preparing to enable them to prevail at their specific employment. This model ought to incorporate broadly educating for every single general representative in the zones of money, agent, and client administration.


Primary research has revealed that the current communication systems used by No frills follow that of a formal downward (vertical) system that relays messages from top management to front-line employees. However, employees have expressed concern with the current system stating that information which is usually passed on through posted notices posted in the break room or passed through the grapevine are easily overlooked and misinterpreted.

A communication issue that No frills is facing involves the minimal flow of information upwards from front-line employees to top management. There is no formal system in place to allow general employees to voice suggestions or opinions, and team meetings are not held to address the issues which is creating a barrier within the communication system.


As it stands, the current communication system within no frills is flawed and does not allow for the proper communication downwards or upwards through employees and managers causing confusion, stress and job dissatisfaction. In order to improve employee satisfaction No frills should consider implementing three separate systems of communication:

Meetings: Specifically, no frills should require management to prepare detailed agendas for the weekly meetings, and assign two full-time employees to the position of note taker to record what was discussed. Detail agendas will ensure that all discussion topics are of importance and keep full-time employees up-to-date.

Question/suggestion box: In order to address any questions, concerns or suggestions that should arise based on the information covered at meetings or weekly experiences a box will be placed in the break room for employees to use anonymously at their own will. The box will be emptied each week by the manager in charge of the weekly meeting and each ballot will be discussed by all in attendance at the end of the meeting. Note takers will record all answers which will then be issued in the weekly email and circulated to all staff. This system will allow information to effectively travel upwards within the company and reach all levels of employees.

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According to the textbook, “With respect to job satisfaction, one recent study found that … a person could be satisfied with his or her pay level, and still not have job satisfaction” (Langton, Rob, & Judge, 2013, 166). So how does NO FRILLS deal with the fact that their employees may not be seeing their pay as a reason to be both motivated in and satisfied with their job? As it turns out, they are severely lacking when it comes to finding ways other than paying employees to increase their motivation and satisfaction. As was discovered during the primary interviews, No frills is currently doing very little in offering employees other rewards. The people interviewed felt that the rewards they do receive, both financial and non-financial, are few and far between, as well as not being significant enough to motivate them to increase productivity.


Individual: they should increase the amount of monetary rewards available to the employees and base them off either the company’s success or the individual’s performance. This could include proving pay raises based on time spent with the company, instead of by hours worked. As well, it is recommended that they implement a system in which employees can nominate 1 team member each week who has gone above and beyond their duty of work. Each of these nominees will have their achievement posted in the break room and will be entered into an end of the month draw in which they have the chance to win a prize

TEAM: no frills should also consider hosting team building events for the employees of their stores. This is a great way to help boost morale, recognize the employees for their hard work, and most importantly create bonds between coworkers. This could help to provide the employees with a feeling of satisfaction in a number of ways. With a boost to their morale the overall atmosphere of the store will provide them with a more positive working environment, the recognition they receive will help give them a sense of pride and accomplishment, and the bonds they create with their coworkers will help them get to know the people they are working with, as well as break down some of the barriers there may have been between them.


In responding to the examination question “by what means can no frills improve worker work fulfillments?” it was discovered that the hierarchical conduct idea best in addressing this inquiry is actualize a re-examined framework for dispersing rewards. Despite the fact that the framework will be moderately exorbitant in contrast with different choices, as of now there are not many expenses being distributed to this zone and along these lines the organization’s financial plan ought to be re-organized to incorporate expenses for remunerations.

By executing rewards granted by both administration and individual colleagues, representatives will construct trust in their execution and have expanded inspiration to succeed, and therefore they will turn out to be progressively happy with their activity. Too, planning fun group building and gathering exercises for the whole staff will help assemble an association among representatives and reinforce the gathering expanding efficiency, and making the workplace increasingly pleasant by and large. Thus, the production of a workplace in which representatives can effectively speak with one another will advance a positive organization culture finishing with expanded worker fulfillment.

To start the way toward executing the new rewards framework No ruffles is encouraged to pursue the 10 stages recorded underneath (following page). As improving employment fulfillment is basic for No ornaments following these means will help build, actualize and re-examine the prizes framework inside a time of just 8 months.



Task Assigned to:

Completed by:


Survey employees to determine what types of rewards they find most satisfying.

Assistant Manager

JANUARY 20, 2018

(1 month)


Review rewards, and allocate appropriate amount to be set aside specifically for rewards.

Accounting / Top Management

FEBURARY 20, 2018

(2 months)


Devise a schedule for amounts rewarded based on varying number of years employed by the company.

Accounting / Top Management

MARCH 5, 2018

(2 weeks)


Devise a schedule for yearly team building activities.

Assistant Manager

MARCH 12, 2018

(1 week)


Hold meeting and email all staff members to notify them of the new weekly employee appreciation rewards and monthly raffle – and START PROGRAM.

Assistant Manager/ Staff

MARCH 19, 2018

(1 day)


Begin distributing appreciation +monthly rewards

Top Management

MARCH 20– Dec 20

(1 month)


Fig. 1 – Cashier 1 – Personal communications initiated by GAGANDEEP SINGH.


do scheduling co-ordination satisfied you? How are schedules adjusted to work with your individual needs?

I’m typically happy with the booking coordination. Timetables can be based around your requirements gave you give them a great deal of notice.

In a typical work week how stressed do you feel at work? Why do you believe you feel this way?

I feel very worried at work. There are various weights put on us that can cause us stress.

Are expectations of duties of the job clearly outlined?

Desires are generally sketched out for us. Once in a while new things are anticipated from us that have not been clarified appropriately.

Do you feel you have the proper training you need to succeed at your job?

I believe I have a greater part of the preparation I need. Once in a while there are obligations I have to satisfy that I have not been legitimately instructed how to finish.

Do you feel your pay is reflective of the work you do? Why or why not?

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I feel my compensation is intelligent of the work I do. The work is genuinely essential and not sufficiently vital to warrant anything above the lowest pay permitted by law.

Organizational Communication Processes

Do you feel the channels of communication (the way information is passed to the employees) are used effectively?

No, the channels of correspondence are not utilized successfully. Correspondence of new arrangements commonly originates from different workers and just when you are disregarding the new approach.

Are there any other barriers to communication that you see? If so, is there anything that could be done to eliminate these barriers or the ones previously discussed?

I don’t feel there are some other enormous boundaries to correspondence at No frills.

Is it clear who you are to report to/receive information from? If not, how does this affect the process of communication?

It is clear our identity expected to answer to in spite of the fact that there is no set individual to impart data back to the workers. This is a downright awful procedure as data can be lost or misconstrued when spread from individual to individual.

Reward Systems

Does No frills offer any rewards to its employees, both financial and non-financial?

All representatives who have been at No frills for a specific timeframe get a little Christmas reward amid the occasions.

How often do you receive rewards (intrinsic + extrinsic)? Do you believe the rewards could be improved? How?

Any prizes we get are not many and far between. They could be improved by being progressively important to the representatives. An option that is other than a little yearly reward.

Would a greater number of rewards/more frequent rewards motivate you to increase your performance? Why?

An expansion in remunerations would help propel me. It would urge me to work more enthusiastically.

What kinds of rewards would you like to receive?

Truly, I would make due with acknowledgment from supervisors. Just to realize I was working superbly would be decent. In any case, I unquestionably would wouldn’t fret getting some sort of reward dependent on execution.

Fig. 2 – Cashier 2 – Personal communications initiated by GAGANDEEEP SINGH

Job Satisfaction

Are you satisfied with the scheduling co-ordination? How are schedules adjusted to work with your individual needs?

No, booking is typically wrong dependent on my accessibility. Each time I need to tell my administrator he appears to be frustrated abandoning me with a sentiment of blame and afterward I see that I just get one move that week.

In a typical work week how stressed do you feel at work? Why do you believe you feel this way?

Quite pushed. I regularly get moved a round in positions I was never prepared for.

Are expectations of duties of the job clearly outlined?

A few desires are. I comprehend by occupation as a clerk yet when I need to work in different segments it tends to befuddle. I’ve shouted at by the executives for coincidentally failing

Do you feel you have the proper training you need to succeed at your job?

No, in light of the fact that occasionally you are sent to different positions that you are not appropriately prepared for. Once I needed to work in client administration and made an arrival that I didn’t know must be approved first, since I haven’t been prepared in all client administration approaches. At last I was shouted at by a chief. It truly sucks getting stuck in an unfortunate situation for things out of your control.

Do you feel your pay is reflective of the work you do? Why or why not?

No. Raises are contingent on hours worked every year/months. If not sufficiently planned hours, I pass up raises.

Are you satisfied with your job? Are there any changes you would make? Why?

No I am not fulfilled. I might want a superior type of correspondence and preparing. I might want to have the capacity to voice my assessment more.

Organizational Communication Processes

Do you feel the channels of communication (the way information is passed to the employees) are used effectively?

Could be better. Usually posted notes are added to a board, but often overlooked.

Are there any other barriers to communication that you see? If so, is there anything that could be done to eliminate these barriers or the ones previously discussed?

I would distribute letters with pay stubs so everybody is given data, or through email. The data that relates to your situation as well as everybody’s with the goal that you know about all strategy changes.

Is it clear who you are to report to/receive information from? If not, how does this affect the process of communication?

Actually the information doesn’t seems to be travelled well whereas I know whom to report.

Reward Systems

Does No frills offer any rewards to its employees, both financial and non-financial?

Sometimes there are gift card prizes, but not often.

How often do you receive rewards (intrinsic + extrinsic)? Do you believe the rewards could be improved? How?

Not ever.

Would a greater number of rewards/more frequent rewards motivate you to increase your performance? Why?

Actually, Everyone likes to be appreciated for their hard work.

What kinds of rewards would you like to receive?

I think getting a reward for each year would be pleasant. Or on the other hand regardless of whether they arranged some sort of work occasion as a reward for everyb


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