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I truly would love the opportunity to continue working with the students I currently assist. I want to express my sincere intent to be complete my internship credential with. Drawing from my experiences as a SpEd RCA and SpEd CTR, I welcome the chance to begin my professional teaching career at Charter School. My educational background has been enhanced by my successful experience with the. This experience has allowed me to develop the skills necessary to be a vital and consistent contributor to the success of our students.

What I enjoy the most about working with students, is that it brings peculiar challenges and opportunities. Working with special needs student is meaningful to me because I know I have the advantage of gaining skills that allow me to make a positive impact in the students lives. I would be a good fit for this position because I already have experience with assessing student progress and determining the need for additional reinforcement or adjustments to instructional techniques. Additionally. I am great at employing various teaching techniques and various methods of learning to enable students to meet their IEP goals and needs. I am also capable of coordinating the delivery of special education services in each student’s IEP.

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I am positive that my professional qualifications meet those demanded of this position. Again, I am a good fit for this position because I am very good at learning new course material, earning the respect of students, and navigating the obstacles that naturally arise. Actually, I am great at anticipating students’ needs and effectively address behavioral issues. More importantly, I am a patient and a flexible team member, report to work on a regular and punctual basis. These qualifications demonstrate my ability to work in this multifaceted environment. After my first year at, it was very clear that I had a special bond with our special needs students. Thus, teaching comes naturally to me and it truly gives me a deep sense of personal satisfaction. One of my biggest satisfaction and most rewarding moments is watching our students make improvements. It is always my mission to ensure our students receive the best services available to them, in order to meet their needs. My experience as a Special Ed CTR is what will ensure my success as program manager.

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The date that I will be eligible for the internship is August 26, 2019 which is when I will begin my Clinical Practice. As highlighted in my resume, my related teaching experience, and my involvement with students at prove my qualifications to begin a rewarding teaching career.

Thank you for taking time to read and your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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