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Ai phone

Bphone 2017 was intrdoced as a first phone ever that has AI camera. So what is AI camera?

AI (Artifical Intelligence) is a common use word nowaday. For simple understand, it was an invention that make digitial hardware more aware of its owner as its surrounding world. One of the most famous examples can be Virtual Assistant on smartphone, like Siri of Apple or Bixby by Samsung, that interact with owner through voice.

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By above definition, AI Camera can be understanded as a smart camera, so it has more function than normal one. Have you ever watched a scientific movie that talk about devices that can auto recognize and show all information about all object that it’s seen? Or have you ever wished that if you take a photo of a document, it will be translated to a real document without rewriting?

With AI Camera, now that is in our hands. So let find out some basic things that an AI camera can do.

By the 5/2017, Google has introduced a new application named Google Lens and officially get in to AI Camera playground. Google Lens was an evolution in camera, with a lot of unbelievable features. It can provide all information of the object that you head your camera to.

If you shoot a flower, it will let you know what kind of flower, or even the nearest flower shop in case you need to buy some. You take a phote of a restaurant sign, all the basic information like menu, reviews, working time will show right on to your screen instead of spending time searching on google like before.

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Moreover, Google Lens can cooperate with some other applicatio like Google Assistant, Google Photos to handle the task. For example, if you head over your camera to SSID label, your phoen will automatically connect to wifi. Here are 2 different taks, Google Lens will handle the processing task, Wifi activation will be done by Google Assistant.

Google is developing an application that auto edit your photo even if you havent take it yet. All the correction formulate as same as color mixing was provided by 5 spcecialist over 5000 different images, so if your phote was over exposure or too shady, the app will recommend a solution to best fit for your photos.

Iphone 8 and IOS 11 will support a new feature name “Smart Camera”. This is a kind of AI Camera which help user make a perfect photo without any hand correction.

This application will have many modes like Fireworks, Pet, Sport, Sky, Snow or Sunset/Sunrise. However, user don’t need to select mode by hand, the AI will do that instead.

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