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Airplanes and pollution problems

Airplanes emissions will cause air pollution:

We know that the gasses emitted from cars or trains or any machine require fossil fuel such as petrol or diesel considered as the main cause for global warming and for pollution problems. But the situation in airplanes is a little bit different from any other vehicle. Airplanes fly in very high altitudes and also the airplanes will fly above the oceans and jungles. The growth in air transportation will increase the emissions in a way that would make the pollution problem a major threat to our planet. Neslen (2016) points out that nitrogen oxide NOx emitted from airplanes is predicted to rise by 43% after 26 years from now.

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Health problems caused by the gases emitted by the airplanes :

The gases emitted from any machine not only considers as a threat to our nature or to the animals living in nature be it also considered as a major threat to our bodies. The gases such as Co2 or NOx will sometimes cause some problems for your heart or blood pressure or lung. And also Air Pollution can affect pregnant women and it will cause some problems in the new porn child such as in his body shape or problems or problems in the inner organs.

The air pollution caused by emissions from airplanes will maybe lead you to your death. According to Silver(2017) that 2 of 3 deaths in Bangladesh and Somalia is caused by pollution consequences. We can easily see that death related to air pollution is growing faster than we have expected and if we didn’t do anything now we will regret it in the future.

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II-3: Airplanes and noise pollutions:

Noise pollutionā€”also known as sound pollutionā€” A rough definition of it would be when the sound reached a high level – more than 85 dispel- which will affect the human and animal activities, or as Bradford (2018) described it, noise pollution occurs when a sound coming from aircrafts or any other cause with an unusual dispel level reaches our exposed ears. people who live near airports will experience noise pollution almost every day, also the maintenance workers who work in airplanes maintenance will have to wear an ear cover to protect their selves from any sound pollution consequences.

Sound pollution consequences will affect human activity and human mental and physical health, sometimes the effect in your health will not be noticeable in the near future, it will take years or even decades to be able to notes the effect. The most dangerous effect in your health is that you cloud loss your ability to hear anything. Belluz (2018) points out that exposing to the loud noise in a daily routine for a long period of time will damage your hearing sense, that tells us that if you are working in high sound pollution environment, you must but in your mind the effect of being exposed to the high-level sound.

III-1 : electric airplanes:

In the last 5 years, companies such as Airbus and Boeing began to search for a smart solution with the same efficiency and the same performance. One of the best solutions was electric powered airplanes. the situation here almost identical to the electric powered cars, just find a way to replace the engine that requires fossil fuel to start operating, with an electric powered engine that doesn’t emit any gases and with the same efficiency. scientist knew that it is not easy to find an electric engine that could carry a twelve tones airplane for long distances and high altitudes, But they also knew that it is not impossible. There are some companies have already had some success with electric airplanes, for example, Airbus E-Fan this small airplane recognized as the most Succesful airplane in the history of electric powerd airplanes. in 2015 Airbus E-Fan succeeded to cross the English channel with the electric powered engine. In the near future, we will see huge progress in electric airplanes and maybe we can travel with electric airplanes in the near future. Hanley(2018)points out that Easyjet – low cost airline working in the UK- started to work with American companies to build an electric airplane that could carry 9 passengers and this airplane will be tested this year. That could change our future and help us with the air pollution problem.

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III-2: airport should be far from the city:

living near a modern airport have almost the same effect as living near an old Factory, Living near airports will increase the chance of getting affected by air pollution and noise pollution, people living near airports will experience a higher level of health problems such as heart problems or problems in the blood pressure, Cooper(2013) points out that researches show that people living near airports will have a higher chance of heart problems or stroke, and because of that government around the world are planning to build the new airports outside the major cities to reduce the pollution effect in the city citizens, For example, King Abdulaziz airport is located 19 kilometers north of Jeddah, and by building the airport far away from the city they can increase the capacity of the airport to more than 12 million passengers a year.

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