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An experience that taught me to appreciate life more…….

I don’t remember the exact date or time that it happened. What I do remember is my life flashing before my eyes as we sped up in an attempt to avoid the impact that would have sent us flying across the intersection. This experience taught me to appreciate life a whole lot more, to not take things for granted and to take advantage of every moment and every thing that we have. Like any other teenager, I used to not care what went on, I would live every day the same routine, the same boring attitude towards life until that day. From that day forward my perspective towards life changed forever.

The day started off like any normal school day. I woke up, got ready and went to school. When the end of the school day came around, my brother and I got in the car and headed back home. We had to get there as soon as possible because my brother did not want to be late for work. When we got home I, as usual, went straight to my room and changed into my shorts, and laid on my bed. My brother on the other hand was rushing all over the house trying to get ready to leave. Minutes later I got a terrible feeling. I got one of those feeling you get when you know something bad is about to happen. It felt like my stomach was turning into knots, but like I usually do i just ignored it and went on about my business.

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My brother had asked me to go with him right quick to get some stuff for my mom at the store I told him to let me drive because I was more calm than he was. He said no because he was in a hurry, so all I said was ok and nothing else. On our way to the store I was going to mention to him that feeling that I got a little while earlier but I hesitated because I did not want to worry him or scare him. When we got to the store, I stayed in the car because I did not want to get down but when I was sitting there I got that bad feeling again. I ignore it by playing music and going through my phone, in no time at all my brother was back in the car with the things that he needed. He said “let’s go” and I said “ok lets go” so once again we were on the road this time heading home. When we got home, we gave the things to my mom and my brother told me that he had forgot to withdraw money from the Win South Bank. I told him to forget about it because he was running late, but he said no because he needed that money. I told him “go! But I want to be there with you” he said “why?” I replied “just because I wanna go”.

On our way to the bank, I got that same bad feeling again, I said to myself “but why? Three times already? What’s going to happen?” I couldn’t explain the feeling that I was having. I wanted to cry because I didn’t know what to do or what was going to happen and i was starting to feel a little nervous. There was a lot of traffic that day, I told him to be careful because it was dangerous and he told me everything was going to be ok, and not to worry, so I didn’t even thought there was something that was still bothering me. When we left the bank we were trying to get on to the middle lane I noticed my brother hesitating I told him to take his time, and wait for us to have a little space at least to get on the road. He told me once again not to worry about anything so I didn’t say anything to him, instead I desperately gasped for some air, inpatient because I wanted to get home already.

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On our desperate attempt at that time I say “us” because I noticed him uneasy. When we finally decided to make the move, and head for the yield, a 18 wheeler was headed our way we, knew we were going to make it for sure but while we were going towards the yield another car attempted to get on the intersection also. The 18 wheeler somehow caught up to the other car and hit it on the side it couldn’t be helped and, caused him to lose control and, that made it head our direction I yelled and couldn’t believe that it was going be a direct hit and, shut my eyes as I was frightened, waiting for the impact all I could hear was the 18 wheeler honking its horn at us as it slowly faded away. Then there was a complete silence, no movement, no cars, not even a bird chirp, minutes later my brother tapped my shoulder I opened my eyes as he pointed towards the 18 wheeler I followed with my eyes as I began to notice it in the ditch he hugged me hard and said thank God nothing happened I was speechless till this day I can’t explain how did we not end across the intersection.

Life no matter how “hard” it is we have to appreciate it and, not take it for granted like I use to. I thank God because he made me realize there is more to life that just wake up and, follow a same routine.

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