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An update on what’s growing in my garden and what’s new

I thought i was getting better but today i have gone backwards, feeling tired and worn out again. I had plans to do a little more gardening but having to change plans.

I have taken photos of what i have done and what i already have growing. I am going to update my garden journal with how each plant is doing and any other important information i may need for next year.

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One of my favourite plants that i have is a tree my daughter bought me when i first started gardening back in 2017. We called him Groot after a character from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Spring 2019.jpg

I have kept Groot wrapped up just in case of anymore frost plus I keep a layer of lining covering the base so Groot doesn’t get flooded with all the rain. He never lets me down coming back stronger every year.

The next one is a collage of my Fruit tree’s, I planted these last year after receiving them for Mothers day and Birthday presents. I have a Tayberry, Raspberry, Blueberry & Blackberry. They didn’t provide me with fruit last year really not sure they will this year, i will continue to look after them until they hopefully do. I also covered there soils with liner to stop the rain from drowning them.

Fruit Trees.jpg

Next is another of my favourites, this one i grew from a seed the 1st year i started gardening back in 2017 Buddlia, these are a favourite of Bee’s & Butterflies. They produce beautiful flowers. I am hoping this one grows me more flowers this year.

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Spring 2019 7.jpg

I also have 3 pots of Begonias that I grew last year, they all seem to be coming back this year with lovely green leaves.

Spring 2019 6.jpg

My main priority this year has been getting my Bee & Butterfly corner set up with Bee & Butterfly houses and having enough space to grow a few Lavender plants. I set up the corner first then added the plants so the Bee’s & Butterflies don’t have far to fly. I have made a Lavender collage below.

Lavender Collage.jpg

My corner is now ready for any visitors that may be flying, maybe a couple may want to make up home in one of my houses, i have supplied night lights to help brighten up there corner at night.

Now I move onto more new additions for this year:

I have added a few Vegetables to this year.




Plus more Flowers:




They are all starting to mount up, i now have a few pots set up outside.


Spring 2019 9.jpg


Spring 2019 8.jpg


Spring 2019 13.jpg


Spring 2019 2.jpg

I have Carrots, Sweet pea & Mixed Annuals growing indoors, they are ready to be moved into biodegradable pots which will leave me with lots of space to start my next batch. I am filling the pots but still have rearrange the garden putting them in there positions for the Summer. That will be getting done next weekend as long as the weather improves.

Taken from my Steemit account @karenb54

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