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Anti-social media

Did you know that the average person spends five years and four months of their life staring down at a screen?

Hi I’m Kailey and today I’ll be talking about cell phone and social media addiction.

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Prince Ea once said “We’re always so obsessed with our iPhones, iPads iMacs, so much I and not enough us!”. Even though the internet claims to connect us, real life connection hasn’t got much better. Over 50% of teens would rather talk to their friends outside of school by texting rather than face to face. The internet has made us lose connection. Touch screens have made us lose touch with the ones we love. Modern day phones have replaced our calendars, calculators, and watches but will we let them replace our lives?

Social Media should have been called anti-social media. I have recently realized that the internet has made us lose connection with people. We used to hang out and talk to our friends all the time, but if it’s easier to group chat, then why bother. Even though we may have huge friend lists, so many of us are friend less. I realized social media has made us want to wright a mean comment rather than talk to a close friend about our problems. I realized social media has made us feel bad about ourselves because we can’t keep up to the media’s impossible standards. I realized that social can make someone feel worthless, just because of how many followers or likes they have. However you don’t need a handful of strangers to like your post, follow you, or write a comment to be worth something. You see social media is designed to suck you in, and compare yourself to others. You don’t have to compare yourself worth to someone else because of how many strangers give their opinion on this lives. If you went up to a stranger on the street and asked them how your hair, or outfit looks what would you expect. However people feel more powerful online because most of the time, it’s anonymous. They think you can’t see them and that means you don’t know them. You don’t have to measure self worth based on numbers of followers or likes.

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What about future generations? They are born in a world we’re everyone are robot zombies. Having people they should be looking up to ruining moments by recording it with a phone or neglecting things, because their too busy staring down at our screens. They will think that this is normal, this is what we need. Next time you post something with your little cousin, brother, sister, and more, think would they want to be all over social media.

Recently cyberbullying has been on a rise. It’s said that 90% of teens have witnessed cyberbullying, and ignored it, but this is something we can’t ignore. Erin Bury once said “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your name on it.” Cyberbullying isn’t like, verbal, social, or sometimes physical bullying. It’s something that seems as if there is no escape. All your bully’s follow you around everywhere, in your pocket. Always commenting on your pictures, saying mean things. Messaging you, saying you are worthless. You aren’t! You are worth something. You deserve to be happy and not be scared of being cyberbullied.

Let’s all take time to look up from our screens, to fix real world problems we have ignored. Let’s all make a goal to disconnect from technology, that means we’ll be one connection closer to humanity.

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