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Are people becoming technological zombies?


Machines were developed to make our life easier and cozy so that people may have some free time from their hardships and hectic life style. Moreover, they can spend that leisure time with their family or friends. These people, which started to be called as technologies were hoped to give us something but it has snatched the time and our relations from us. The technology that surrounds nearly everybody within the trendy society, affects each work and leisure activities. It influences minds in sensible and unhealthy ways and it permits folks to share data, which they might otherwise not be able to attain. Although someone doesn’t own a laptop or have credit cards but there’s data on a laptop somewhere concerning everybody. Technology is beneficial in each field of life. There are very different forms of machines and devices that had created our life a lot of easier. I am not against the utilization of technology or human activity devices rather I simply wish the folks to create their cell phones wait not the dear-ones. we have a tendency to board a world of constant evolution. From infrastructure to our style, everything has modified. Technology has indisputably created a deep impact on the functioning of the planet. It is semiconductor diode to positive changes, however, technology has its own share of negative impacts. I see dead folks. No, I see zombies. They walk without aim down the road and swerve into my lane on the road. It has also affected us religiously, socially and morally. No doubt, technology contains many packages of information that this world has did not before. It has formed this planet a “Global village”. However, it has influenced us in many ways especially in muscular and neural activities of the mankind. Both in good and bad ways. Nevertheless, personally what I believe, it has snatched much more then awarded. Though, I am not furious, hostile or intended bad to the use of these modern skills. However, I just want to say people, “Disconnect to connect”. Above any doubt I feel free to say these modern and scientific changes have impacted functioning of this world a lot. It has let to give us many positive things. Hence, we are oblige but in essence, it has taken a big bite from our lives in teem of time and sentiments.

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Excessive Use of Cell Phones:

If I am going twenty years back, I want that we tend to were quite happy once the phone was solely a device; it was only used for a phone calls or device for receiving text. However, in fashionable age it appears that our young generation is hardly unaware concerning “phone” existing in their smart-phones. They waste their plenty of time on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram and Snap chat etc. We tend to do not seem to be simply mortified by sensible phones; rather there are tabs, palmtops and many alternative electronic devices. Some people used phones while driving which increases the rate of road accidents. We are so dependent on them that we cannot imagine our lives without these eclrtonic devices. Immersed in cell phones, ear-phones on ear, engrossed in reading a recent tweet or up-date, fascinated by the spell of smart-phones, unconscious from their round the corner neighbor, extrinsically pleasant however as such exhausted, frustrated, wiped out and dog-tired, I notice zombies everyplace, technological zombies.

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• Less communication skills:

To greet birthdays, marriages, big events physical visit was thought-about crucial. Every meeting accustomed end in strong family bonds, mounted relationships and shortened religious distance. There was no sensation of loneliness. We tend to were positive of getting individuals aspect by aspect within the time distress and depression. Then “phone” was thrown in our lives same as a stone is thrown in watercourses to disrupt the peace of river. Preferences were modified, life was reworked, and new patterns of living were evolved. Ab initio, the sensation of getting associate instrument that might connect you to your dear-ones living hundred and thousand miles away was terribly pleasant. Voice of these may well be detected daily, with whom meeting was solely attainable in a very year. At begin we tend to accustomed management our phone, later it started dominant our lives. rather than creating a visit, it had been nice comfort to mention “happy birthday” or “Eid Mubarak” through a phone-call.

• Hollow men:

People have become similar to bless men, with none feelings. These digital devices and social media is sort of an element for them, they could not pay a second while not victimization it. The one receives a baby or gets married, gets employment or accomplish a degree have to post it on status and they wish to have maximum likes on that picture or close-fistedly comments below the status. No facial interaction, no warm-exchange of feeling simply a hollow or dry “congratulation” we tend to provide or receive. I want that it is not the celebration rather associate insult of the bounty that we tend to receive. I will keep in mind simply a couple of years past, before everyone’s hands were affixed to their good phones, I would be outside with all of my friends enjoying soccer or simply walking around and hanging out. Now, a typical area with my friends consists of scrolling through Twitter along and taking “selfies” for Instagram. All of those children live for his or her phones and social media area unit losing their actual social skills. Hanging out together with your friends is not a similar any longer since everybody would somewhat be on their phones than really disbursal time along. I don’t mean to mention that each technology is unhealthy, however once teens area unit spending all of their time on Twitter rather than utilizing valuable social skills, what area unit we are gaining from these technological advances?

Increase in sense of loneliness:

In past, there was no sensation of loneliness. We tend to certain of getting individuals aspect by aspect within the time distress and demoralization. Then “technology” was thrown in our lives same as a stone is thrown in watercourses to disrupt the peace of river. Preferences were modified, life was reworked, and new patterns of living were evolved. We all are carrying fake masks, we are not sincere with one another, we do not care regarding others feeling. We pay our tons of time on social media and technological devices however, within the finish, when sit down we feel unhappy and alone as a result of we don’t have anyone by our sides. We don’t have any smart listeners currently with whom we will share our issues and happiness. Individuals do not perceive one another currently.

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Hypnotized by technological spell:

We keep an eye on telephone or the other digital device while walking, eating, drinking, driving and a few time respiratory. Those that are skilled will even write a text while not staring at the screen. Moreover, we have to be compelled to share every and each moment of our life on Facebook or the other application. Individuals attend smart restaurants and famed places not for his or her pleasure except for a brand new hashtag. In addition, if we tend to get minimum likes or comments we tend to be stressed. We tend to enchanted by their spell. This uncontrolled spell looks on approaching additional instead of decreasing. And that we cannot management it. We tend to be happy or unhappy, starving or having dinner in some building and unsuccessful or succeed we’ve got to share our every and each moment on social media. And without this we cannot imagine our life. We are dependent of those things. I do not wish anyone to flush out his good phone, as I personally cannot do this. However, do decide its time in your life, not let it to be management you because it is barely associate degree instrument not your boss.

No time for family and relatives:

No time for family and relatives: Today, we’ve got no time for our family even for our folks. People, living in an exceedingly same house hardly get time to return along on board. On a one lucky day if they sit along then everyone seems to be busy on his/her electronic devices. A call that’s coming back when you’re having a family lunch will wait, or go back. It’s not the last call or not the top of the globe. In most of families, individuals spend time by sitting along with family however busy with their devices, they do not have to be compelled to move around or to speak with one another. I’m involved regarding technology’s impact on the human condition. I keep in mind the B.C. era (“Before Cellphone”). We created eye contact, we created language, we talked to strangers, we talked to friends. Today? We create additional eye contact with our phone’s lens, whereas human-to-human communication is at historic lows. If its interference in our life isn’t curtailed then a time would come back once we would utterly be a zombie, bitten, stricken, suffered by technology.

Less Physical Activities:

Now a day’s individuals do not comes out of their homes to play games. Individuals are a lot of fascinated by digital games or video games instead of physical activities and games. Our youth do not participate in any competition or any physical activities. They like to play soccer and alternative games on place stations instead of in grounds. It’s conjointly creating them uninteresting and fewer active. Mothers to form their life simple offer youngsters electronic devices in terribly little age. In results of that they get enthusiastic about them then they are doing not go outside to play games with their fellow age youngsters so slowly and slowly their body become weak and less immune. Once compete in excess, video games have conjointly been related to seeing issues. Consequently, long gambling sessions will result in asthenopia and numerous kinds of nausea. And escess use of electronic devices may also cause eyes illness. Additionally, researches had proven that fat is thanks to excess use of pc and video games. Individuals simply eat, play video games and sleep reciprocally of that they get fat. As we, all know that “A healthy body have a healthy mind”. I am not saying that they ought to not play the video games however, way over everything is dangerous. They ought to maintain a balance between them. Additionally, attempt to not waste most of their time in enjoying games. It is harmful for his or her physical and mental state.

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Increase in crimes:

Only in terms of the rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. Technology has allowed the man to make richer by quicker means that of saving overhead by replacement wages spent on employees with machines, for example, making a bigger class because the social class dwindled away and jobs were disappearing. This left minorities with less choices to flee financial condition, that diode to a lot of crime. It conjointly opened the door to crime. Fraud is slated to surpass illegal drug profits among future few years, in case; it’s terribly troublesome to catch the thieves. And also people use technology to blackmail others and earn a large amount cash through it. Technology had its greatest impact on the increase in crime therein it helped companies lay off human employees, replacement them with technology, and with all the individuals arranged off, and few new jobs gap, the trickle result emotional down and principally affected the poorest within the finish, we already lived in drug and gang overrun communities that created a lot of habit and a lot of crime . That the factors of technology making a lot of financial condition diode to a lot of crime , thus it may be said that technology is partially or perhaps primarily answerable for the crime rates.


In the end, none the thing is bad itself rather it is we who make it good or bad. Technology isn’t horrifying itself but the way we are using it is quite dreadful. Unrestrained use of mechanical tool is same as we are riding an unbridled horse, where it would lead us, is yet unknown. And We may not know this, but there is a whole world around us, moving and moving fast. Time is precious, and we would rather waste away like a dead corpse, confined by the excessive use of our smartphones when there is so much more out there to do, see, and experience. Technological zombies, I hope we can all come back to life before it’s too late and we wake up someday with the bitter realization that the time we have spent on our phones is time we will never get back; time we could have spent, living the life we were given to the best of our capability.


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