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Are the policies of pti govenment favourable for future ?

Are the policies of PTI government favorable for Future?

The general elections in Pakistan were held on July 25, 2018. As a result of the elections, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) became the single largest party at the national level both in terms of popular vote and seats. At the provincial level, the PTI remained the largest party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). In Punjab, a hung parliament prevailed with Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) emerging as the largest party in terms of directly elected seats by a narrow margin. However, following the joinings of many independent MPAs into the PTI, it became the largest party and formed the government.

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Now, the PTI government has completed almost five months tenure and we will have a brief look on the policies which are being implemented by the officals of PTI in different fields such as economy, health, education etc.

PTI Educational Policy:

The total population of children in Pakistan from age 5 to 16 is 44 million. The children enrolled in public and private schools are 25.7 million, whereas 1.7 million children are enrolled in Madaris. And 16.6 million children are out of school in Pakistan.

PTI’s education policy aims to provide quality education to every child of Pakistan so that they can recognize their full potential. It will provide a chance to every citizen to excel and contribute for the progress and betterment of nation. PTI government proposed a 6 point education emergency plan which is”,

There will be one education system for all

Re-engineer governance based on complete decentralization

Increasing the funding from 2.1% to 5% of GDP

Adult education

Teacher training

Information and communication technology

There will be one medium of instruction for every province. At the same time the importance and implementation of English cannot be ignored as all professional colleges are English medium. All business is conducted in English in Pakistan and moreover Urdu curriculum is underdeveloped. English is an international language of importance and gives an advantage to those who are proficient and proficient are elites.

According to PTI’s policy, Urdu will be the medium of instruction in all public and private schools up to class eight. English and Urdu will be taught as a compulsory subject up to class twelve.

According to PTI, the current government curriculum is based on descriptions not on the learning outcomes. The curriculum promotes stereotypes and discourages diversity. The flawed curriculum gives rise to substandard books as a result of which there is lack of learning outcomes and the ability of teachers is also affected.

The PTI aims to impart education that will help in character building of children and will promote and enhance the ability of students. PTI policy on curriculum urges to upgrade the textbooks immediately. PTI policy towards education stresses on teachers training as well. Currently, there are 1.46 million teachers and according to PTI there would be an immediate need of almost 1 million more teachers. There is a need to train and re-train these teachers so that they can play a wise role in the progress of the nation.

Special initiatives have been taken by the government such as promoting girls education. The policy urges union council to have a high school for girls and the girls will be preferred to be primary teachers. The government will facilitate their lodging and transport where needed. They are upgrading all those schools where enrolment of girls is high. They are promoting sports and extra-curricular activities as a result of which children will be strengthened mentally and physically. They are trying to make schools a place where learning is enjoyable and it attracts student interests toward itself. To encourage academic and co-curricular activities, there will summer and winter camps. There will also be students exchange programs at district level. There is immediate need to promote English language programs as all business and higher education is being done in English. There will be special efforts to teach English as a language from class 1 and onwards. To develop English skills among peeps, innovative techniques will be used. Students will be encouraged to develop their speaking, listening and writing skills. There is need to promote skill education so that employment rate should increase and it will result in decrease in poverty and unemployment. PTI is planning to engage more than 2 million youngsters in technical education. PTI government is focusing on women’s skills as well so that they can be empowered.

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According to PTI, madrassas were long ignored in the past, but the PTI aims to bring them in the mainstream so that they can contribute in the progress of nation. O and A levels system of education, all compulsory subjects should be included in the curricula of grade 1 to 10, whereas for the integration of O and A level with SSC and HSSC should be ensured.

The great initiative towards education will guide Pakistan to such a path where the nation will progress as a whole. All these steps will make the future of Pakistan prosperous. If the government of PTI succeeded in implementing all these steps, Pakistani’s will progress leaps and bounds.

PTI Health Policy:

According to PTI government, there is lack of vision in our political leadership and the previous governments were not interested in changing the status quo. Instead our political leadership was a monopoly of a few families and our parliamentarians just focused on their ministries.

According to PTI government, we cannot afford another five year of status quo. According to the growth rate of Pakistan, 3.6 million children are added to the population every year. In Pakistan Child mortality rate is very high i.e4.8 million children died in the last decade. The death rate of children under five, including premature births, and malnourished mothers and children, is one of the largest in Pakistan even among developing countries. Almost half of the child population of Pakistan is stuned and third of child population is malnourished.

Pakistan is the last country in the world where there is risk of endemic polio transmission. In 2010, 192 polio cases were registered in Pakistan. There is high risk of infectious hepatitis in Pakistan and it is estimated that almost 10% of our population is affected by hepatitis.

Pakistan has a double burden of disease issue. In addition to communicable disease, Pakistan has a high burden of non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable diseases include heart attacks, blood pressure etc and almost 59% deaths of adults are due to non-communicable diseases.

According to UNICEF, 250″,000 children die each year due to water borne diseases. The government provides no health facility to 132 million people of Pakistan, who pay for their health. In Pakistan, health sector is for the elite by the elite.

In order to provide INSAF in the delivery of Healthcare to the poor of Pakistan, the entire Health sector needs to be re-oriented and re-engineered. This can only be done by the government which has the vision to know what to do and has to change to change the status quo.

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PTI has proposed 5 points for health policy.

1.Paradigm shift towards Preventive Healthcare through action and Awareness on

–Water and sanitation crisis; Food and Drug adulteration

–Polio / Hepatitis / TB

–Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

2.Complete decentralization and de-politicization of Health governance

–Supported by a motivated and need-based Health workforce

–With the community at the center of Health governance and Health delivery

3.Prioritize Primary Healthcare with special focus on

–Mother and Child care

–School Health program

4.Develop a thoroughly reliable and integrated Health Information

System for evidence based planning and decision making

5.Increase public Health funding from 0.8% to 2.6% of GDP

–From Rs. 165 bn today to Rs. 1″,260 bn in Year 5

There will be Sustained Awareness and Prevention programs to Control the spread of Communicable diseases

•Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, HIV

–Control spread of Non-Communicable Diseases

•Deterrence campaign against tobacco use and other addictive products

•Prevention of common Genetic disorders

•Promote a program of healthy diet and lifestyle

–Improve environment and external factors

•Vector control

•Social determinants

Review and update Food and Drug regulation and legislation to prevent adulteration of Food and prevent the production of spurious drugs.

Pime minister Imran Khan, has decided to utilize the services of his cousin Dr. Nausherwan Burki, the US-based senior pulmonologist. Dr. Nausherwan Burki was the architect of MTI Act 2015 under which health reforms were implemented in KP .The PTI leadership has formed a task force and engaged Dr Burki to handle issues related to public health and medical teaching in the country. The first project Dr Burki is planning after installation of the PTI government in KP is to select new BoGs and replace the interim boards. A salient feature of the party comprised a proposed shift towards preventive healthcare; complete decentralization and de-politicization of health governance and prioritizing primary healthcare.

According to PTI representatives, the health profile of the people of Pakistan will dramatically change and healthy population across rural and urban areas will be contributing towards the building of a new Pakistan. The leadership of PTI is creating special task force and social support groups on permanent basis to handle and look after all issues related to public health, medical teaching, health information system, medical research and also community awareness regarding health issues in the country, along with other issues related to curriculum, quality of medical graduates and a continuous supervision of all teaching & learning process related to health sector in Pakistan. The basic aim of the proposal is to focus on construction of an effective health policy to deal with the main challenges we are facing in the public health segment as a developing country, which demand for more systemic approaches from governance, management, and leadership for the betterment of healthcare sector in Pakistan. If we have to design and construct truly an effective national health policy then it’s an essential need to keep in view the basic facts regarding current healthcare conditions in Pakistan as per United Nations and world health organization’s recent statistics which we have discussed earlier.

State is the name of the management, and it is all about failure these days. One wonders is regime really incapable of delivering or they are doing what was assigned to them before implanting. People are doing all own their own and state has failed to provide any facility from education to health to sanitation to homes or anything else. What should one say ? There is no place for lower class in our society these days and if the government is not giving us anything then why should we pay taxes? We all know that pharmaceutical companies make a cartel. The prices are already high and irrational and there is no check and balance on them. Poverty, unhealthy life styles and socio-economic pressures are deteriorating people health. Now a very poor step is that government has allowed them to increase the prices from 9 to 15%. It will further stress the poor of the society and it is worsening their life further.

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This rapid population growth is already overstretched, overburdened and under-performing health care services delivery system, including deliveries by skilled birth attendants. So, there is a need an effective family planning & population control policy as well. So, there is a serious need to develop a well-organized system for continued medical education for all health providers, they should be continuously updated, supervised and should be well equipped with the latest skills to tackle emerging diseases.

Federal and all provincial health ministries should launch awareness campaigns with the help of social support groups & media to educate the people regarding advantages of healthy life style, healthy food, balanced eating habits, family planning, anti-narcotics, importance of vaccinations, importance of healthy activities, importance of daily exercise & sports, importance of play grounds, walking tracks, plantation, pollution control, clean environment, public parks, gyms, sports clubs, disadvantages of: obesity, fast food, beverages, extra salty or sugary products, self-medication, all types of smoking. Moreover, awareness campaigns about seasonal diseases, infection control programs, effective health information system, emergency mobile units, ambulance services, medical Insurance, school vaccination and issuance of health cards to the general public also good ideas, these concepts could be more successful if will be followed by all above mentioned awareness campaigns.

More than five months have passed but the PTI government has not done any favor to the oppressed and lower class of the society regarding health. They have promised many thing like giving free health care facilities and

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar has recently criticized the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claims of brining revolution in the province health sector in the last five years. Top judge questioned on what basis it is said that the province has been “transformed into heaven”. The top judge further remarked, “I got samples from my visit and expired medicines are given over there. Doctors don’t even visit.” Further, the chief justice added, “The provincial government failed to make arrangements for proper disposal of waste.” All these remarks by the most senior judge of Pakistan put a question mark on PTI’s performance. The PTI till now has just claimed to give free health care in Punjab but no steps have been taken all after ruling the state for five months now opposition and the common people have started criticizing the state. The people of Pakistan are just praying that PTI succeeds in doing all these things they promised regarding the heath of people otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

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