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Are you a fan of the nordic style?

Colors and materials for your house

Characterized by the use of light tones and simple lines, the Nordic style is perfect to bring calmness to the home.

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emmme studio January 20, 2018

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In the Nordic style white is the protagonist color. From here, and without forgetting the clear wood as indispensable material, we can choose to add rose quartz tones for a more romantic bedroom and blue stitches for the living room. If we are a bit daring, we will try some of the most trend materials, such as copper; and always, always, we will finish off the decoration of the space with a plant that brings nature closer to our home.

Nordic Bedroom by emmme studio

emmme studio

White. It is the clear protagonist of the Nordic spaces, because in the countries of northern Europe have less daylight hours and this color helps multiply natural light.

How to use it: it works as a base, that is, on walls, ceilings and a good part of the furniture. From the white the rest of the color ranges are introduced.

Images of white and gray kitchens

Nordic Kitchen by ESPAI FLY SHOP


Light wood. The light wood – beech, American ash, pine or birch – is essential in a traditional Nordic space. Beware of mixing wood tones: it is preferable that they are very different from trying to combine two similar ones.

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How to use it: light wood can not only appear on the floor or in a vertical covering, but also in other elements of the home. For example, as we see in this image of a Nordic-style house in Palma de Mallorca, on the kitchen countertop, combining with the legs of the stools.

Nordic Living Room by Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design

Sebastian Bayona Bayeltecnics Design

Black. Black can also help us achieve minimalist spaces. It is a neutral color, timeless and very easy to combine.

How to use it: the trick to not generate cold environments is to mix the black color with the texture of the wood. This dining room would not be the same, if instead of a wooden slat floor outside, there would be a micro cement, for example.

Photos of bedrooms in black and white

Nordic Kitchen by ESPAI FLY SHOP


Gray. The Nordic design in decoration is characterized by monochromatic spaces, hence gray is a good strategy to give depth.

How to use it: dare with a dark gray to give rhythm to a neutral environment. Another option is to introduce this color in the chairs.

Discover how to decorate your entire house with a Nordic style

Nordic Bedroom by Scandinavian Homes

Scandinavian Homes

Rose quartz. It is a tone that has a softness and delicacy highly valued in Nordic environments.

How to use it: works well in romantic and children’s spaces; It gives uniqueness to the bedroom by adding a textile complement of this color, as in the image.

Nordic Living Room by Mrs Boho

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Mrs Boho

Blue. Dark or clear, it is the accent color for the Nordic style. It works in a very similar way to white, reflecting natural light. Blue is characterized by calm, something essential in a Nordic space.

How to use it: in deco accessories, upholstery and textiles in general – pillows, blankets.

Nordic Living Room by Even Steven Agenturer

Even Steven Agenturer

Green. In this type of environments where natural textures predominate, we can not fail to introduce certain touches of green to highlight their connection with nature. Avoid shrill or too flashy tones.

How to use it: in addition to the plants, it also adds green details in textiles and in a vase on the coffee table in the living room.

Discover more inspiration for a Nordic-style lounge in the Houzz Spain photos

Nordic Dining Room by Cloudespacios


Brass and copper. The Nordic style is reinventing itself. The appearance of materials such as copper or brass is increasingly common, as in the case of this series of lamps for the dining table that we see in the image.

How to use it: normally, brass and copper are used in pieces of furniture such as lamps or in small decorative elements. You can combine them with marble, material also very present in the Nordic environments.

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