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Art and community

Art and community in 4.1, 4.8, and 4.10 create enjoyment, benefit and help me to have a positive thought about art and communities. It helps and allows me to experience those worlds which make me feel amazing going through the pictures. Studying the art made me evoke the memories and reading throughout chapter tells us a great deal about the history, myth, ritual an interaction between artists and their environment. In the chapter I examine many ways in which I pursue communities and its object. Art and Building have direct connection and direct impact in shaping a community so, often becoming symbols of a particular place. I went through and look over the several examples of architecture as well as at painting. It’s huge which brings traditional ritual performance. Arts often reflects historical, social and political concern, its can even provoke change so, thinking that on my mind, Recently I went to see things around the gallery, mall and the park, This place is so amazing! And big! I gave myself time to roam around; and wander along and explore. I went to an arts section and I appreciate all of the arts in the art gallery though. Same as the other museums in this area, I was happy and overjoyed with the thing that was in front of my eyes, one good thing was that the entrance fee was free! It was beautiful and incredible art and lovely concept of the artist. The environment was very pleasing and was Wonderful proportions with scale which make me more comfortable to watch gallery. One art caught my eye!! What an incredible painting was that, it feels like it was beautiful paintings in the world, a beautiful blend of classic and modern architecture with a lovely gift shop and nice dining area. Some of the places inside was set up and nicely decorated, so it gives me a lot of good ideas if we are looking to redecorate my home. I have found the people that work there to always be helpful and friendly. I was able to find many great pieces here that brought the room design together perfectly. I’ve also have been looking for old paintings. I found many that were a perfect fit for $40-$50 each! The exhibits and collections perfect and perhaps I want to spend few more hours just to see all of the arts. Everything looks so cool and amazing.

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