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Assess how issues related to the use of information affect sports infinity

Assess how issues related to the use of information affect Sports Infinity

There are multiple issues that are related to the use of information and this can negatively or positively affect the Sports infinity and I will be talking about what the issues are and how they will affect Sports Infinity.

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Data Protection Act:

The Data Protection Act is an act that was designed by parliament to protect users and peoples data that is stored on companies computers or any computer, this act stops companies from giving out customers information of data without their permission. Sports Infinity will have to follow these guide lines to not break the act an these are; All information that is kept by Sport Infinity must be fairly and lawfully processed which means that Sports Infinity is only allow to collect customers information that they wish to give out, they aren’t allowed to pressure them to giving them information that they don’t want to give out. The Information kept by Sports Infinity must only be used for the correct purposes and information that isn’t needed should be collected. When Sports Infinity collects the data of their customers it must be accurate and recently collect to make sure that it is up to date. Also Sport Infinity must keep customers information safe from people outside the company so that only them can access the information if they are abiding to the data protection act they are breaking the law and customers could sue.

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Computer Misuse Act:

The Computer Misuse Act is an act that was created by the UK parliament to make sure that users information isn’t access or change their information without their permission. This act is sued to charge hackers and cyber criminals when they break into a system to view or change someone’s information to either benefit them or to steal information. The first principle of this act is Unauthorised access to computer material which means that if some user hacks or gains access into the Sports Infinity’s system without permission they are committing a crime so Sports Infinity will need a good security system to stop these users from hacking into the system. The next principle is to have Unauthorised access with intent to commit or facilitate a crim which means that if a user gains access to Sports Infinities System with intent to commit a crime they will be committing a crime against the Computer Misuse Act. Also unauthorised modification of a computer material is against the act which means that users that don’t have permission to modify users or companies information are committing a crime because they don’t have permission from users or the company to do that. Sports Infinity will need a good security system so that users that don’t have permission to enter the system won’t be able to, also they should have permission set up to allow only certain users that do have permission to edit information this allows users within the company not to be able to edit information as well as users outside the company. For example if a hacker gets into Sports Infinity’s System because they don’t have great security and they change a customer’s information they are committing a crime how if they have good security this will be avoided.

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Code Of Practice:

By Having Code of practice it allows Sports Infinity to manage the facilities that the company gives their employees and to make sure that they are using those facilities in proper order. An example of this can be emails, when a employees sends an email they need to be using that facilities to the proper order and not using it to send inappropriate content within the information because this can be deemed threatening to whoever they send it to and this Is called banned practice, also by sending spam to customers is also harassment and bad practice this could make Sports Infinity look bad, so by having Code Of Practice it allows Sports Infinity to keep the facilities that they are using for create or transfer information in order and to make sure that those facilities aren’t being used incorrectly and to make sure the information they are sending . Also Sports Infinity could limit their employees to a certain amount of emails that they can send for private purposes.

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