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At any moment something can happen to me that changes my life

Blessed be the year, the point, the day, the season, the place, the month, the hour and in the country in which his charming gaze was linked to mine.

Francisco Petrarca


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In a moment something happens that triggers a tragedy and many lives are affected. Sometimes a second is enough. Surely we all agree with this. We know.

However when I say to someone: Do not worry, maybe, suddenly, something happens and your life changes in a second and everything is fixed.

No, but that’s not the case, things can be fixed, but it always takes time …, he replies. That is, they believe in witches, but not in fairies.

One of two, or we agree that things can change quickly for both bad and good, or we think everything takes time.

We come submerged in the culture of “the difficult”, “the letter with blood enters …”, “everything that is worth it costs …”, “nothing comes to the world without pain …”. We wait all the time for the sky to fall on our heads. But we can not think that things can be fixed in a second. However there is always someone who gets the lottery.

When something bad happens to us, we remember the “exact moment” when it happened. The precise moment when they fired us, or they left us, or we found out they were cheating us, or they told us we were sick. we tell it Almost with a morbid secret.

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But when we meet the “just person”, or they offer us that wonderful job, or they call us on the phone to offer us a great business, we say, “No, wait a bit, do not burn it”. that is, we believe in witches again.

And, on the other hand, we do say: “Please, be realistic …” Once a person very close to me at that time, he said: “Now I have managed to convince (the couple) that we adjust, and now we live miserably, but it is our reality.” I do not agree! I can be poor, but being miserable is a choice.

Many times we live trapped in patterns of anger and frustration. We have problems everywhere. Thinking positively does not occupy a high place in our list of solutions. But, of course, we are “intelligent” and we can not “disguise reality”. And we surround ourselves with people who support that idea (and, of course, those who also go horrible).

We are relieved to say that we are “realistic.” Actually, what we are seeing is incredibly negative. We see things infinitely worse than they are. We use pessimism as a shield to defend ourselves from possible suffering.

We do not want more frustrated expectations. But that shield isolates us not only from pain, but also from pleasure. We do not see possible solutions and we become “bitter old people”.

Being “old” is not a question of age, but of a position in front of life.

Therefore, let’s look for the clues of our happiness. Recall the minutes in which life played at our door. Do not put on earmuffs because when you call (which always calls) we will not listen. Let us wait with faith for the miracle and it will surely arrive.

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