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Back in my high school years,

Back in my high school years”,when I used to hear the word leadership”,my brain will automatically shift toward the concepts of excessive dominance and seduction of an individual that is usually the strongest mentally and socially over a group of people that are referred to as followers”,That visualization made me think that being a leader is all about being the loudest guy in the crowd, and in order to lead people, you need to make them fear and obey you rather than respect and love you”,we as humans all have this desire to be obeyed and respected by others so we can feel socially validated”,I’ve read an article that discussed the greatest fear that all humans face at some point of their lives”,and the surprising fact is that it’s not the fear of death as commonly advertised”,it is actually the fear of public speaking”,and if we just analyze this fear, we will realize that the fear of public speaking is rooted from the fear of being socially refused and becoming an outcast”,which will mean in most cases not belonging to a community”,and this result will mean death for social creatures like us”,that’s what explains the human need of belonging to a community, and as every community it needs a leader that gives order and keep things under control”,despite the fact that we are currently living in a modern civilization and we no longer show these primitive behaviors”,but deep inside us”,this biological need will always live with us”,yet”,what had changed is the way of leading people”,Nowadays”,I believe that leadership is one of the hardest yet most important skill an individual could acquire”,and the reason I used the word skill is because I’m a strong believer that ever skill can be taught and everyone can learn it”,just like I did”,It only takes the will to learn and a strong self-discipline”,in the remaining of this essay I will discuss my personal experience that lead me from being an average high school student to a captain of a local football team in my hometown”,which I consider one of my biggest achievements so far”,not because I lead my team but because I felt like I inspired it.

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In the summer of 2017″,I graduated from high school”,filled with ambition of sculpting my future and becoming the best version of myself “,I was filled with motivation to try new things everyday”,yet the stone that was in my way is my self doubt and lack of confidence especially on social situations”,I decided to work on this aspect of my life first”,I had always been stunned how great leaders has this overly high confidence of going out and speaking in front of hundreds of people and inspire them to do better in life”,yet”,what I have realized is that leadership is all about that”,it’s all about providing not receiving.

I was a very big sport fan”,I used to practice all kind of sports ranging from track running to boxing to football”,but what I’ve realized is that I’m an extrovert and I’m happier in team sports”,that is why I decided to join a football club”,I tested and was admitted”,it was a third division football club but I still believed in it”,I used to tell my teammates that we can win the junior national championship”,they would all laugh at me”,I was always working on improving my level as a player and as a team member”,”,my coach started to notice this high positive vibe that was coming out of me every game”,we weren’t a high level team but I believed with hard work we could be”,and that belief never faded away”,what I’ve remarked is because of that mindset I had”,My teammates started to be inspired and motivated to play better and improve their level”,not because I asked them”,but because I inspired them”,and for me”,that is what true leadership is all about”,Inspire others.

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With this strong mindset of leadership adapted from my experience with the football team”,I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this program”,I also believe that I can make significant contribution in sharing what I learn in this program with my home community”,Thank you for considering my application and I will look forward to your positive response.

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