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Benefits upon society and environment

Last updated on 28.07.2020

The benefits upon society and the environment

It helps the disabled people, war victims and accident victims to overcome the difficulties that they face in life and helps them to return to their normal life even partly so they continue working and be productive members in society so they can be a help for their families and country. Example for the accident victims.

It helps disabled people to live independently without needing the help of others all the time which makes the disabled people to feel happier especially needing the help of others could be humiliating to some patents so it helps to give them more dignity.

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Since the project has longer life span than other controllers in the market it means it will take a long time before being disposed of in which the analogue stick controllers contain some type of plastic that is not recyclable and it’s harmful to the soil if disposed of in it and its industry is very polluting so this project will help reduce the greenhouse effect on the planet and global warming.

Benefits upon industry economics

  1. It opens new markets which will increase the profit on both long and short terms.
  2. It will decrease the maintenance cost due to its high efficiency.
  3. It will stretch the grantee period which will attract more customers.
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The evaluation of the research project

The research project idea was found to help war victims those who lost limbs and fingers that can’t use ordinary analogue controller the idea works like this The accelerometer detects the direction of movement and sends it as an analogue signal the Arduino analyse this signals in order to figure out in which direction it moved. In the programming of Arduino first, it calibrates the natural position of the wrest in which it will not move and also as a reference point. There is tolerance for the signal if it increases more than a certain range then the signal is acceptable and will be translated to movement. This project is cheap relatively which is a good thing.


The Hand gesture controller is small in size in which the sensor dimensions are 2.5 cm in width and 4 cm in length and 1.5 com in height. Reliable in which it consumes low energy. Uses electronic methods to control not mechanical method this increases the life span. The component are available in the market which makes it easier to maintain the controller in case of an accident. It also solves problems which is the use of a wheelchair for handicaps. It increases the profits on the short and long term, opens new markets and increases the grantee period.


The hand gesture controller has some weaknesses such as it is wired doesn’t use Bluetooth module, complicated programming due to the use of H-bridge and accelerometer module. It did not demand a lot because prostatic limbs are taking a great shear of the market, it also target tiny amount of people.

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  1. Small in size.
  2. Reliable in which it consumes low energy.
  3. Long life span.
  4. The component are available in the market.
  5. Helps raise the sprit for handicaps.
  6. Reducing greenhouse effects on the planet and reduces the global warming and climate changes.
  7. Increases the profit.
  8. Opens new markets.


  • limited sensor movement due to it’s wired;
  • small range of controlling due to it’s wired;
  • complicated programming;
  • targets minority of people.


The hand gesture controller is a reliable project because low power consumption, small in size and practical although it has some withdraws such as completed programming but it’s useful and will serve its purpose which is to help war victims and handicap people. it serves its noble purposes.

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