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Best gaming headsets

A PC game has never been so enjoyable and fully entertaining with the high-quality headphones on. The blend between the audio and visual graphics is just one exclusive experience which makes you stay on your chair for an extended period gaming.

Some PC might be having sound speakers which produce sound as well but can that confine your listening and concentration only to the game? Or do you want to keep your neighbors all awake throughout the night with noises from your speakers? Well, I bet you would resort to headphones now for more channeled sound and hidden from the environment.

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Having realized the high demand of these headphones, the gaming companies have cropped up in their numbers each providing the best quality they have. The difference in their merchandises as expected is so vivid. Each company has its uniqueness and always target a particular market thus you will find varied models whenever you visit a showroom.

This article discusses some of the top gaming headsets you should contemplate purchasing for your play purpose. It will give you a better inclination to what or which product to go for when it comes to gaming headphones.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

The excellence in this design is such a high-end consisting of all the premium features you need for sound in your gaming. The Cloud Revolver S offers fantastic sound from its 7.1-channel surround sound, 3.5mm jack, 50mm drivers, Dolby DSP system.

If you like something more stable, reliable, durable and highly convenient, this brand and model best suits you. All it does is bring to you the intense feeling of really being in the game – you feel like you are inside the screen and driving that vehicle or kicking that ball right into the goal.

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Its price might be a little high but all because of quality. However, that should bar you from experiencing the fun in your gaming with it.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

This is another super brand and model many are rushing to purchase for their gaming. The secret behind its PC gaming’s best kept secret pristine audio and immersive surround sound is amazingly awesome digital to audio converter DAC which makes it a valuable headset when it comes to listening to music let alone the explosive actions from your games.

Its main features comprise of 40mm drivers, DTS Headphone: RGB lighting, X v2.0, DAC, plus the Retractable boom microphone. With a price of between $140 and $250, you can always find it at your nearest retail shop or online. Many love it for bombastic sound and comfortable effects it offers.

Logitech G Pro Headset

In this product is where style, luxury, high-quality performance, and efficiency meet highly refined sound. The top class design is exclusive from its distinctively premium features comprising;

• Passive noise isolation

• Dolby Atmos support

• Pro-G drivers

• Detachable Mic and

With this headphone, you can play your games all day long without feeling uncomfortable in the ears. Its main focus is flourishing sounds other than just the traditional aesthetic which people thought they would be the final best.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset is relatively affordable as with any amount between $63 and $80 you can get the very best quality of it. Remember it is only its original design that offers all these qualities, just be careful not to fall for a duplicate.

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Razer Nari Ultimate

All along, it’s been about listening to the game, however, the Razer Nari Ultimate but offers more than just that. The new model embraces the vibration technology which is well incorporated in its ear cups to create vibrations as well those that make you feel like for sure you are in the game – it creates reality feeling.

The technology involves haptic motors which release the vibrations in ear-friendly frequencies to help actualize the sounds one hears. The greatness in this is that you can always turn it either off or on. When listening to the music via the headphones, the vibrations might not be necessary – one can turn them off.

It comes with a long life battery of 8 hours of use, 50 mm drives and its greatly compatible with lots of devices. Again to purchase Razer Nari Ultimate, you must be ready to cough between $185 and $380 for an original copy.

Astro A20

If you are of class looking for top ranking gaming headsets, then Astro A20 might just be your very best solution. Right from its dark color, hard casing, wireless design, and quality ear caps, the model stands as a high-end design for improved and guaranteed long-term performance.

Its utilizers are celebrating its long life battery, lasting up to 15 hours plus well-refined sound it produces adding more thrill to the playing. With its great compatibility, the product forms a very handy part of the gaming accessories making it a must buy.

From whichever shop you prefer to buy it from, you will always get it at prices of between $70 and $150.

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Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition

Creativity has never gone this far as producing one of the most efficient, comfortable to use, strong and highly compatible headphone as the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition.

The legendary product is the forms the center of high-quality sound for both playing and music listening purpose. Its definitive specifications include 50mm drivers, reinforced steel and aluminum build, flexible and detachable mic.

Its stylish look consisting of excellent fabric makes it one of the most desirable models in the current market. Lots of users admire its great quality in playing all variety of music, jazz, hip hop, soul music and so on. They also talk good of its highly efficient microphone they can always adjust and use for quality recordings.

Many shops will have it sell at $99 to about $120. Ensure to always go for original design.


Gaming headsets are highly valuable and relevant items as far as PC gaming is of concern. They simply bring it a deep level of reality. They all move one from the real world to that of fantasy where they feel ones’ presence inside the screen.

Better ones will do exactly that. Hence one should be cautious when purchasing. Again remember there are those companies known to produce the best of all this item. They are always the best to reach out to if one needs quality headphones.

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