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Best perfumes for a 50-year-old woman

Can a 50-year-old woman still find a perfect scent perfume which entices and rejuvenates their emotions as well as confidence once more? Yes, lots of companies are investing billions in availing high-quality perfume products to suit this need.

All human beings possess distinct body scent which in most occasions we are unable to perceive for ourselves. However, people around us can. This scent tells a lot more of who we are internal. How it is will actually mean I people will be attracted to you or repelled.

Women, in general, are particular of their outlook and in this case, it is mostly what they wear. Thus, on top of their elegant dresses, they will always wear perfume of their choice to climax their attractiveness and wholesome presentation.

One thing, however, most of them fail to note is that perfumes are never curtailed for nice smell only but to influence the energy around the wearer as well. Particular scents will draw in good moods and attract people to you while others may actually sparkle bad judgment from the people you are interacting with.

Perfumes help give one a unique identity. However, this uniqueness should be that which pleases not only you but the surrounding people and the environment you walk in. It’s only unfortunate that when buying these products women always consider very few factors such as whether it is fruity or floral? How strong is it? Or can they wear it every day? Forgetting to consider whether their husbands, family members or colleagues will like it?

The fact is, there exist lots of perfume types out there suitable for 50-year-old women. The only question remains, which is the best for you and why? This article sheds abundant light on this topic and discusses some of the top best perfumes that will suit a woman of such age. If you need to know which ones you should wear on what occasions then here is the place to learn about them.

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Top 5 best perfumes for a 50-year-old woman

Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume

If you want to smell young again and remind your old age husband of your prime ages when he found you then Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume can really help you in that. Its nice and attractive fragrance stays with you all day long despite tiring days you may have hence you need not to snitch to the washrooms to wear more at any time.

One better fact with this perfume is its natural nature. The greatest proportion of its manufacturing notes includes natural substances among which are mainly mixed fruits, composing of peach, plum, citrus, and apricot, while the middle note (heart note) is of jasmine, sandalwood, muguet, cinnamon and rose. So far looks impressive right?

More into its prop notes includes cedarwood consisting of both vanilla as well as caramel. The entire blend forms sensuousness while still making you feel much younger.

Oriflame Queen of the Night

The age of 50 should not mean a lot to your beauty and good/ nice scent. You can always polish that up with the high-end, Oriflame Queen of the Night. It is among the top recommendable models best for your age – making you feel like you are in your twenties again.

The blend of its naturally acquired notes yields a perfect smell which camouflages all that unpleasant natural body scent for the entire day while attracting people around you. Its top notes compose pepper, cinnamon and bay leaf while heart note honey plus red grapes. It’s base note consists of only vanilla.

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Avon Cherish Franchise Eau de Parfum

If you are just catching up in age, here is another best perfume type for you, Avon Cherish Franchise Eau de Parfum. The product is one of Avon’s company best products meant to tarnish the undesirable natural body scent of old age women to that of a young fresh and polished lady.

The highly outstanding product offers a whole day service keeping its nice and fragrance on you. It is best if you are to work in an office for extended periods of times. Original make of it will always have a strong cherry blossom as its top note, musk, and jasmine as middle note and sandalwood and musk as its base notes.

An office environment needs a decent scent that which would attract your colleagues to you and make everyone coming into your office smell the freshness and calmness around you. Well, this product might just be your better choice.

Yardley English Lavender Perfume

Most women at the age of 50, naturally get attracted so much to the soothing aroma which imparts a feeling of freshness. Often, they are past the age of menopause and all they need is always a soul rejuvenating substances/ materials which keeps them active making them as active as before they reached that age.

This product was an idea based on research on best aroma women of such old age would prefer. It offers such a refreshing scent which lasts on you all day long. It is best for all occasions and any places.

The product’s top notes include rosemary, eucalyptus, bergamot, and lavender while middle notes mainly compose of cedar, clary sage and geranium. It’s base notes are obtainable from oakmoss, musk, and tonka beans.

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Benetton Hot Edt

Are you an outgoing lady who likes partying? Well, here is the best top-up you can have in addition to those elegant dresses you put on. The Benetton Hot Edt is a five star rated product launched in 1997 by Benetton known for the production of top quality body perfumes.

This product comes inhabited in a pretty looking high-quality transparent bottle with a red top and the bears the following notes;

• Top notes: rosewood and lemon

• Middle notes: apricot and iris

• Base notes: oakmoss and vanilla

The blend of all these notes results into a high-end perfume with such an attractive scent that almost everyone in the party will enjoy while still matching with your old age.

It is also one of the best gift product you can gift people you love.


Perfumes are key essentials to most women especially those wishing to be identified with a particular scent. Every one of the cause will always have their own preferred choices. However, you should remember that your scent explains a lot about your personality.

At 50, a woman should maintain her dignity by drawing much sense into what she wears before people. Unpleasantly smelling perfumes may not only harm your health state nor make people judge you but spoil your good moods as well. Therefore, you need to be keen on which product you chose in this category.

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