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Bittersweet memories

“I’m sorry.” It’s all she can say. choked up in her own words she held the messages they’ve exchanged for the past couple if months, Reading their old messages, remembering how they used to be. How everything was just so simple. Their silly little games, silly little fights, silly little conversations for hours and hours but with each other it felt like years and she never wanted it to end. Remembering the first time they met, she was so young so full of hope he accepts her offer. After weeks of not giving up on checking on it, not giving up having hope wanting to even just have a friendship. She waited and whilst trying to better herself. Until the day they finally exchanged hopes and dreams, fears and happiness. Fear of losing each other, Happiness with each other, Nothing else mattered. Each passing day got them inseparable, got them closer, maybe too close… but it didn’t matter, Each passing day gets their bond stronger, Silly fights just made their bond stronger, knowing they cared so much and scared to lose the other, that almost everyone became a threat to them. Together nothing else mattered, Like the world stopped and its just the two of them. A bond she never expected, She hoped to find someone who she can call friend, Instead she found someone who she loved dearly, someone she never want to lose, never want to let go, someone she called her love. A Best friend. Everything is just a memory now. it’s her fault, She was being Selfish, She didn’t noticed it, Lost in her own emotions, said things out of anger, Regrettable things, But it’s all too late She lost him. Hoping to have a second chance..but Everything slowly slipped from her hands, After days of trying her hardest to forget that everything is already gone. Saying she’s fine, acting like it didn’t affect her, Trying to push it out of her memory before it even sinks in One night everything came down, Alone in her room, Her mind travelled deep in her thoughts, Stumbled across the memory of them, Read his message, the sweet message she couldn’t and would never forget. Tears starts streaming down her cheeks as the pain starts rushing in her chest. And as what she was afraid of, Everything sank in, She broke down crying, blaming herself, apologizing in the air. trying to get it together but fails to do so as she kept crying, endless tears coming out. The pain was unbearable, unimaginable. Finally caught her breath and wiped her tears. Took a long deep breath and composed herself. She gathered everything, She took the letters and kept it in a small box in her heart. It will forever be with her. She remembered every giggles, hugs, comfort, love, friendship. it will be in her memories for as long as she’s breathing. To her it will forever be.. A Bittersweet Memories.

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